Do you support gay marriage?

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  • skyman

    I have a neighbor that F**** his sheep should he be allowed to marry his sheep?

  • scotsman
    I encourage you to read "Death of the West", the author knows what he is talking about.

    and he's a tad extreme in his views. All this talk of biological lines and race - is your race worth more than others? does race hold intinsic value?

  • truthseeker

    some good points there Joelbear,

    Pat also says that there are so many Hispanics in Los Angeles, they already outnumber whites. There is supposedly a group who wants LA and the surrounding area to be an independent state, rather like Quebec wants independence from Canada.

  • truthseeker


    Some of Buchanan's views were unpalatable, for example, his view of war and that America is a chosen nation. I disagree with him, you cannot be a real Christian and support war.

    Buchanan was not necessarily emphasizing one race over another, but rather concentrating on a race. It could be said that the African nations are dying out because of AIDS, war, famine etc, and I'm sure there is a book out there for African's.

    No race is worth more than another.

    Buchanan actually admitted that Europeans have more know how than other nations, I can't agree with this.

    I do agree that European nations are dying. Perhaps Buchana lamented the death of white culture???

  • joelbear

    truth, your kids better know how to speak spanish and chinese and possibly hindi and arabic. Those are the four forces moving toward world domination. whites and blacks will be marginalized.

    i never thought i would see the day when the person at mcdonalds in atlanta ga couldn't understand my order given in english. but the world she does change.

    I saw a map of the US with counties marked in red if they had a Hispanic majority population, looked pretty much like an invasion from the south.

    don't get me wrong though, i think its a natural flow and should not be stopped.

    we live in a competitive borderless world now.

    there are some smart gays out there, Pat better get them on his side, LOL.

  • truthseeker

    Skyman, what are you trying to say?!!!

    As manking (or most of it) remove the last vestiges of religion that gives him moral judgement, you will see increasingly bizarre forms or bahavior and self-expression.

    This is just the beginning.

    Man, unbridled, sinful has no limits to what he can do. Even God recognized this when he said about them, "look, they are one people and one language, and this is what they do."

  • truthseeker

    Joelbear, so true.

    What Buchanan also worried about was the "invasion" of the Islamic culture in America, there is no reasonabless with them, it's their way or the highway. I don't think Islamic culture will be the norm in the USA, but it is gaining in other countries.

  • joelbear

    moral judgement has nothing to do with religion.

    my god look at how immoral religion has always been.

    i am no part of religion, yet i am honest, kind, good to others, peaceful. i am very moral.

  • jstalin
    I encourage you to read "Death of the West", the author knows what he is talking about.

    [off topic]I have read and understand Buchanan's views, because I used to share them. But then I realized that Buchanan and isolationists like him want to limit personal freedom in a large number of ways. He hates free trade, he dislikes non-european immigration, and he's threatened by societal change. Not to mention how he would get into every American's bedroom to regulate what goes on, if he could.

    I hate to admit it, but I shared these views when I was younger. However, we're all entitled to change, and I seriously considered what my underlying beliefs are. I asked myself if they were based on logic or emotion. Buchanan's views are based on fear and emotion. My views are based on the very logical case to be made by the theory of natural rights. Buchanan thinks natural rights only apply to white americans and europeans.[/off topic]

  • truthseeker

    JStalin, I cannot dispute this. He does seem motivated by fear, the worry that the White race will die out.

    I do believe, that what he says is partly true, better living standards, access to higher education, more leisure time will not necessarily make more children to keep the "old West alive."

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