Do you support gay marriage?

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  • Sheepish

    Very interesting points being made..can' reply...

    Children are not a requirement for marriage, but the institution used to be a nurturing enironment a place of protection, shelter & provision for little ones (there have always been evil people & exceptions to this.) and should be for women as well.

    As for the DMV giving a gay couple the "eye" for a joint ownership etc: you can't legislate how people feel-you might be able to "legislate" the smirk off the their faces, but wouldn't you rather know who they really are & how they regard you?

    I don't suport gay marriage on scriptural grounds. If I decide to play God and make the rules, that opens vistas of possibilites that probably won't agree with the next guy who wants to play God & make up his/or/her own rules. I agree with jstalin-not governments place to determine marriage.Biblically, Adam & Eve were the prototype for marriage (Jesus backs this up).

    Auld Soul-well said!

    Whereas marriage to an animal is not all that likely (peta would probably intervene!) What is likely is the progression towards adult/child "marriage". Specifically man/boy, since it seems women are not usually sexually attracted to little girls. There are groups for the promotion of man/boy relationships. Human sexuality is a fragile thing. When certain things are introduced in an innocent young child's life-it changes them, & I believe damages them for life. Whether they are molested by a male or female.VERY often that is the basis for a person deciding to "love" or trust themselves to only someone of the same sex.

    Gay marriage won't "turn" anyone gay. But it will add to the normalizing of deviant behavior. I think I can say without too much arguement, that males have a strong sexual drive that, if given full rein, produces all sorts of, what we would call, anti-social sexual behavior.(apparently even apple pie hold some kind of allure! ) It is only society that keeps it in some kind of check (I would add religious belief as well-because where do the rules ultimately come from?) But then as you know, without actual charactor, society falls apart anyway...thus hetrosexual marriage is joke now.

    I am not a fan of Pat Pew-cannon (sic) but joelbear, what you call the "caucation christian west" has made the society you have the freedom to live with another man in.(bad sentence structure!) It has produced and/or built on the rights and protections for women and children, diverse religious belief, abolition of slavery and democracy. Much of the just part of this was pursued by Christian people. I think we are about to experience what life will be like with a different world view as one worldism takes over. I don't think Gay marriage will even be an issue, & (LOL) I am sure you can find someone happy to "throw rice at you"! (You're very funny!)

    Abbadon- "Life, Liberty & the 'purfuit' of happiness" have already been corrupted & co-opted for all of us.Chipped away at one at a time. This frog is boiled. What the democrats failed to do to us, the republicans are working hard at accomplishing.

    Kinsey had a distorted subject base with which he made his "findings." I think he was the biggest joke perpetrated on science since evolution.

    I was startled to hear a gay person admitt that homosexuality is such a small section of society. Usually you hear 20% being bandied about...5% hey?...& apparently very vocal!

    Gretchen, why do you think non-religious people have such a strong emotional aversion to homosexuality? Just cause that's the way they were brought up?

    Sorry for gassing on...

  • katiekitten


    (but id really like to be a bridesmaid...)

  • Sheepish

    ps. I'd like to know why, here, among such a diverse group, it looks like we agree that people should leave their stuff to whomever they want to, and those in the familys of gays won't allow it?

  • joelbear

    the only real number we have on how many gay people there are in america is the census of 2000. it counted 600,000 gay couples. thats 1.2 million gays that actually were counted. it amounted to about 1% of the couples in the country. so, i figure not all gay couples reported themselves, a lot of gay couples do not cohabitate so they would not count as households, plus of course it doesn't count the single gay people, also it doesn't count gay people that are married to the opposite sex and in the closet.

    i just want to get cake smooshed in my face.

  • CountryGuy
    As for the DMV giving a gay couple the "eye" for a joint ownership etc: you can't legislate how people feel-you might be able to "legislate" the smirk off the their faces, but wouldn't you rather know who they really are & how they regard you?

    I just want to clarify that my little story with dealing with the idiots at the DMV was meant only to give people another perspective of a different "United States" that some of us have to live in. I don't want to force anyone to believe the way that I do, I do however wish to be left alone to live my life the way that I see fit.

    If people are taught that homosexuality is wrong, no amount of legislation will change that. The only thing that changes peoples minds on subjects like this is personal involvement. My parents are a prime example. When Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act in the mid 90s, my father couldn't say enough about how it was a good move for the country, blah, blah, blah. Then three years later, I came out and had a commitment ceremony with my partner. Even though my folks could have, they did not attend the ceremony. Honestly, I didn't expect them to. However, after meeting my partner and getting to know us, my parents have changed their mind. My father calls my partner his favorite son-in-law. My partner's father calls me the same. Yesterday, my mother introduced us to one of her co-workers as "my son and his partner." Did this happen overnight? No. Did I force my parents to accept my relationship? No. What happened? My parents got to see our relationship, our respect for each other, first hand. My parents' opinion was changed by my actions, not my words.

    Would I rather know who they are? You know, that's a good point... and one that made me think. I guess I'd like to live in a world where I don't see the disgust on someone's face for what they THINK they know about me. I could live in a world where people go about their own business and judge their neighbors by how well their yard is maintained, not by the sex of the person in their bed. Unfortunately, I don't live in that world. I just have to do what I can to make my world a better place to live, now.

  • oldflame

    No ! God created Adam and Eve "NOT" Adam and Steve Sorry if that pisses some of you off but thats the way I feel....

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Maybe the original sin was that since God created Adam in his own image that he slept with Eve. Adam engaged in the first perversion of God's plan. Each with their kind. Adam ate of the fruit of Eve's Lunchbox Apple instead of waiting for God to make Steve as his sexual equal. After all we know Jesus was perfect and yet didn't spend time getting married, he spent time hanging out with his male lovers at the local casbah. Peter and Jesus cut a mean thread at the local "Men's Only" bar. Makes more sense than a naked woman eating a piece of fruit.

  • Spartacus

    No but I think civil unions are fine. Marriage can only be male and female. Call it something else and shoot for civil unions and stay out of heteral sexuals definitions, make your own type of union for gays. jmho

  • funkyderek


    No ! God created Adam and Eve "NOT" Adam and Steve Sorry if that pisses some of you off but thats the way I feel....

    It doesn't piss me off so much as exasperate me. It's bad enough that someone would base their morality on a ridiculous origins myth, but to base it on a silly slogan like that just makes me embarrassed for you. Wouldn't it be more productive to examine the realities of human nature and come to an informed decision based on that, rather than bleating out tired fundamentalist mantras?

  • joelbear

    the creation story is a myth, so i kind of think of the idea of adam and eve as quaint, but rather foolish.

    i don't think of Mitch and my relationship as a marriage. it is a loving partnership between two men, i think we need a new word

    how bout menawoona and women's partnerships could be womenawoona.

    the word marriage, like the word christian has been marred by all kinds of negative activity that basically make the words watered down to the point of meaninglessness. marriages don't last lifetimes anymore. christians in general practice very few of Christ's teachings.

    i cringe at the pictures of homosexuals copying heterosexual traditions. i would rather have our own traditions, we are different.

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