Do you support gay marriage?

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  • LittleToe

    I think they should drop the term "marriage" and call all such relationships "civil unions", anyhow. It would be far simpler

    Tetra:Are you forgeting that according to the Christian framework you're a sinner whether you're gay or straight?

  • dorayakii

    I don't believe either myself, other people or governments are in any position to dictate whether two people are allowed to join together in a relationship. Even other gay people's relationships are frankly none of my business. A relationship and sexual intimacy and completely different though, from the legal, and as hillbilly said, the "business" aspect of marriage or civil partnership.

    As for the legal aspect, i am in full support of gay marriages for equal rights, pensions, tax, etc. If say for instance a ex-JW gay man is incapacitated by an accident, his partner will have no right to dictate that he may have blood, and he may die as a result, if his JW family alone have the final say.

    As for prisoners, i agree with slugga. I would have have them lose that particular right, prisons are becoming less and less of a punishment and more of a hotel or holiday camp. I believe though, that marriages are already allowed in prisons here in the UK as long as sufficient notice is given. In this case, it is still "unfair" on heterosexual couples, because the homosexual couple get to cohabit in any case, whether married or not. Nothing really changes.

  • tetrapod.sapien


    Are you forgeting that according to the Christian framework you're a sinner whether you're gay or straight?

    ya, i guess there are jesus-xians, and then there are jehovah-xians.


  • LittleToe

    ROFL - what a great way of putting it!

  • scotsman


    would have have them lose that particular right, prisons are becoming less and less of a punishment and more of a hotel or holiday camp

    lol, you're sounding liberal and daily mail reader in the same post!

    If we allow heterosexual prisoners to have prison marriages then homosexual prisoners must be permitted to marry their partners under EU civil rights legislation. So is it only prisoners marrying prisoners and cohabiting that should be prevented, or should we stop homosexual prisoners having the 'privilege' of cohabiting with their lovers?

  • jstalin

    What is the history of marriage? No one knows where it originated, but it is something that exists is all societies. Marriage existed pre-government, so when we talk about allowing gay marriage, we are talking about the government construct of marriage. Governments today license marriage, rather than just recognizing it. In Michigan, one must get a license from the state in order to get married. It should be the other way around. Marriage started (in the western tradition) as a religious ceremony. Other, non-christian, societies also recognize marriage, so it's not a strictly religious engagement.

    Therefore, government's place should be simply to recognize marriage, regardless of who it is. What right does government have to determine what is and is not acceptable in marriage? What legal or philosophical grounds can anyone rationally present against the right of two consenting adults, regardless of sex, from entering into a binding relationship?

  • dorayakii

    bof... in a way i am a liberal, believing that we are in a free and equal society. However, when criminals are involved, i don't believe that prison is merely a place to keep criminals away from society, it is a place where a certain amount of freedom must be curtailed.

    To be honest, whether gays are allowed to marry in prison, it doesn't matter one iota in my book, because in any case, prison lovers can still get away with cohabiting by hiding their relationship. Its just such a moot point to the extent of being ridiculous.

    Its not really an issue that ive spent many hours pondering over, i've got better things to think about, but i just dont think prisoners should be enjoying themselves in prison. Many prisoners even deliberately commit crimes just to go back to the comfort and security of prison while our tax payers money goes to support their lifestyle, i just think its unfair. I think prisoners should have as many rights as they deserve as human beings... but not silly superfluous ones.

  • LittleToe


    If they'd only kept on stoning people for crimes, instead of locking them up, this just wouldn't be an issue


    It was much easier when you just took your lover home, and in the eyes of the community you were wed. Maybe there should be more rights for those under the same roof, including roomies.

    Maybe the marriage business would lose out, if we went down a more simplistic route, but at least it might reduce some of the fanfare.

  • scotsman


    Its not really an issue that ive spent many hours pondering over

    Funnily enough, neither have I, but a friend that's a lawyer for the Scottish Exec was just telling me yesterday that it's a question they're having to respond to. And it's a little more interesting than the usual gay marriage question that has been eternally hashed out here.


    Stoning was always over a little too quick. The scolds bridle and a hot stake are my preferred punishment. Perhaps the latter could be an alternative to windfarms round your way, keep you toasty!

  • joelbear

    Let's personalize you.

    Mitch and I have been together for 17 years and own a house together which we both paid for, a house full of furniture and we both have 401K's. We are both in good health, but both have health problems that could deteriorate. We could be killed in a car wreck unexpectedly. We do depend on each other's income to sustain our quality of life. We are two quiet men living in the suburbs of Atlanta.

    Should we be able to visit each other in emergency rooms without question and give doctor's direction as to our medical care?

    Should we be able to inherit each other's assets without being taxed to death?

    Should we be able to make financial and health decisions without interruption from people who don't know us and our values?

    We are people. We will have things to deal with. All we want is to be able to deal with life in the same way that others do.

    We are people. You can decide whether you want to make our lives more difficult or not.

    You will not prevent people from being gay, or falling in love and forming relationships. You will simply decide how difficult you want our lives to be.

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