Why I'll never see 'Brokeback Mountain'

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  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond

    I'm 100 % with Quandry!

  • Quandary

    I concur with your comments too Lost Diamond!


  • Rabbit

    Nobody has to go see this movie, jeez...remember...you're not a brain numb dub anymore ??

    But, I gotta say...most X Witnesses are usually pretty good about "living and let live.' Most of us (after a while) have begun to understand the the extreme danger of forcing our morals on others.

    As X JW's, most of us should be extremely careful about just 'accepting' what other people say about stuff. One size does not fit all...

    "Somebody told me this movie sucked"

    "Somebody said it's gay propaganda"

    "Somebody said it's the gay agenda''

    So, just who are this 'Somebody' ? Do they have an agenda, a prejudice or propaganda ? To me it sounds like they have an ------> opinion ! Do you still just accept 'stuff' people tell you like you did as a JW ?

    "A prominent surgeon says blood transfusions are dangerous"

    "A certain really, really smart Bible scholar says the Watchtower translation committee is the bomb"

    "Sleep on the right side or flat on your back, with the head toward the north
    so as to get benefit of the earth's magnetic currents."
    ~ The Golden Age 11/12/29 p. 107

    That's Watchtower thinking. If you don't want to see the movie...fine. But, please, please...don't come here acting like a Movie Critic -- when you haven't seen it.

    Btw, my wife and I did see it. We both thought it was a great movie, that explored (out in the open for the first time) the very real hurt & pain these 2 men caused their wives, children, families and of course themselves. The hurt was caused by the characters 'not being true to themselves.' This was in no way glossed over or sanitized.

    The complicated part is the 'why', why did all this happen. Was it just as devastating as heterosexual adultery & resulting divorces ? Was it worse ? If society was accepting of gay relationships...would gay people still marry (against their nature) someone of the opposite sex and cause those problems ? What do you think they would do ?

    Think what you want, but, please try and keep your mind open to the possibility that you might be wrong, too.


  • TallTexan
    But, I gotta say...most X Witnesses are usually pretty good about "living and let live.' Most of us (after a while) have begun to understand the the extreme danger of forcing our morals on others.

    True. However, if someone says, as yaddayadda said when he started the thread, that they didn't care for it's subject matter, THAT person is not allowed to 'live and let live'. He's suddenly 'secretly gay', a bigot, etc because he doesn't care for homosexuality. Is that not forcing someone else to conform to your beliefs? Why should he be subject to ridicule simply because of his views, whereas the people supporting the film view one as 'narrow-minded' or a closet homosexual if that person doesn't agree with them.

    Most X-JW's should also understand the inherent wrong with establishing a double standard.

  • PaNiCAtTaCk

    Well, Im an internet movie pirate and I downloaded it and tried to watch it. Of course I knew what it was about in advance. Im not homophobic, but I turned it off not long after the sex scene. It grossed me out, plain and simple. If two guys want to be together, then more power to em. I just dont want to watch it because it makes my stomach turn. It seems to me that society is turning against everyone that doesnt like the idea of same sex relationships. All of a sudden, your labeled as being homophobic or full of hate ect. and I dont think thats right. I was open minded enough to try and watch it but it simply wasnt for me.

  • greendawn

    I don't agree with homosexuality despite what the liberally minded modern society has to say. I don't hate or wish to belittle or harm homosexuals but I can not accept that their lifestyle is natural, and I am certainly not a closet homosexual.

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Yet imagine yourselves in the minority if gay people were the majority. Most of my gay friends think straight sex is nasty and gross. What if they chose not to want to "deal" with your lifestyle since it's gross?

    There are alot of things that gross me out about the opposite sex even though I'm not gay. Yeast infection!?! Ick!
    I'm sure women aren't too jazzed up about the thought of jock itch.

    What ya'll are saying is that because you find a yeast infection gross you can't accept a woman for who she is. It's gross and evil. See how silly you look?

    This is just ONE study that has been done. Another more in-depth study was done here in Michigan, but I'll have to ask my gay buddy where the link is again.....

    A study that appears to reveal a major cause of homophobia was completed at the University of Georgia in 1996. It involved 64 white men between the ages of 18 and 31, none of whom had engaged in homosexual acts during their lifetime. Their sexual fantasies involved only women. 35 of them were rated homophobic; 29 non-homophobic.

    For the purpose of this study, "homophobia" was defined as a negative emotional reaction (e.g., fear, anxiety, anger, discomfort) to male homosexuality. It was measured by a questionnaire called the Index of Homophobia. Each was shown three types of X rated videotapes: heterosexual, homosexual female and homosexual male. A device measured the circumference of their penis as a gauge of sexual arousal.

    The two groups exhibited similar arousal when they viewed 4 minute samples taken from one heterosexual and one homosexual female movie. But they responded differently to the male homosexual clip:

    Homophobic men: Insignificant 20%, Moderate 26%, Definite 54%
    Total aroused: 80%

    Non-homophobic men: Insignificant 66%, Moderate 10%, Definite 24%
    Total aroused: 34%

    Although the plethysmograph doesn't lie, the homophobic subjects did, denying to the researchers (and perhaps themselves) that they were aroused. The researchers concluded that these data are consistent with the belief that most homophobic men have repressed homosexual desires.

    So you homophobes that have "issues" with homosexuality, guess what? It's YOUR problem.

  • Abaddon

    That's okay then. Most people watching it will enjoy the movie more without a homophobe sat next to them.

  • slugga

    Somewhere in a parallel universe where society and the media are about 30 years behind ours theres a board very much like this one and on that board is a post called "Why I'll never see 'Roots' " Signed off by someone "proud to be a Klans man"...

  • tetrapod.sapien

    LOL slugga! amen!


    glad you posted this smiley:

    we don't have one here at JWD, but i need one for a lot of the posts on this board. thanks for that. he he...


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