Why I'll never see 'Brokeback Mountain'

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  • jojochan

    I would see it just for that one line," I WISH I'D LEARN HOW TO QUIT YOU!!!" (to be read with country voice only)


  • Chimene

    The only reason it grosses me out it is because my ex had an uncle that was gay. I came over one day, and he was in the next room with a guy, doing their business. I used the restroom next to that bedroom, and heard stuff that literally grossed me out. Am I scared of being physically nausiated? Absolutely, can't help that feeling

  • Mary
    Slugga said: I can remember when the GB laid into E.T in an issue of Awake. The killjoys obviously felt the need to condemn a good wholesome family film Like E.T because he was getting far more publicity than Jehovah was.

    I remember that! That was soooooooo stupid. They were comparing E.T. to Jesus and clucking their tongues and wagging their collective heads in disapproval. I don't know any Witness that paid the slightest attention to them.......everybody went and saw the movie anyway. By the way, I don't think they were pissed off that E.T. was getting more publicity than Jehovah, he was getting more adulation from the Dubs than the Governing Body. That was their real issue.

  • slugga
    I can remember when the GB laid into E.T in an issue of Awake. seriously?

    This would explain why mum threw our E.T. toys away... damn it!

    Yep they laid into on three counts

    Foul Language, Eliot called his brother "Penis breath" (...and we all know a good christian would never have Penis Breath)

    E.T's resurrenction, only jehoover can resurrect the dead, little wrinkly aliens can't


    Watching fantasy films can lead to an interest in the occult and you could end up becoming possessed like the CO's wife ah they also said something along the lines of "you shouldn't be wasting time thinking about alien life forms when you could be dwelling on jehoover.

  • lonelysheep

    Too bad...I think homophobes would still like the story of it.

  • The Leological One
    The Leological One

    Phobias are the result of conditioning. Liver may "gross" somebody else because they tried it once, did not like it, and developed a psychological aversion to it.

    People that are "grossed" out by homosexuality are such for two possible reasons, 1) They themselves have tried it and didnt like it or are struggling with their own homosexual tendencies, or 2) They have been conditioned by societal hatred of gays to automatically be repulsed by the thought of homosexuality.

    Either way, hatred is the root cause, hatred of oneself or "learned hatred".

    Sorry, but that's a total load. Going by your analogy I guess the homosexuals I've talked to who've said they abhorred the idea of having sex with someone of the opposite gender all must have based their opinions on either trying it themselves and hating it or via some evil social conditioning, hatred being the root cause, then~? Come on~! You don't think there's any chance you might be replying in a conditioned sense, yourself~? I intend no offense, but IMO your analogy pretty much makes it seem as if everyone ought to agree that homosexuality is appealing or else they have major issues, and that seems pretty shallow and judgemental to me.

    I agree with an earlier poster's comments in stating that something grossing someone out doesn't automatically equate to fearing and/or hating something. Even as a child I've seen certain foods that have just looked gross to me, and I didn't have to eat such foods or be conditioned by some type of hatred to have an opinion.

    BTW, I had a lesbian roommate for 2 1/2 years and consider her to be the best roommate I ever had, and I don't personally hate or fear homosexuals even though the thought of sex with the same gender is indeed gross, IMO.

  • beksbks

    Yadda, are you also afraid of black people? How about Scandanavians? Blondes? Folks with brown eyes?

  • Tidefan

    Why didnt they name this movie "Bareback Mountain"?

  • TresHappy

    I won't see it because I refuse to see anything anyone else sees.

    But I did go see "Walk the Line..."

  • doofdaddy

    I agree with an earlier poster that love stories leave me yawning. As for a love story about two farm boys.....

    Can't Hollywood think of something a little more interesting?

    Imagine the writers meeting to discuss a new script.

    "I reckon we need to write a story about two gay cowboys."

    2nd writer. "Yeah good idea. It will get the fundys jumping. Great publicity"

    1st writer "The actors have to be straight though!!! "

    2nd writer " Of course, no gay actor would touch this rubbish anyhow"

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