Why I'll never see 'Brokeback Mountain'

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  • Jeffro
    I see nothing to fear or hate. Just as if I disliked liver I would see nothing to fear or hate about liver. Its just liver, its just there. It didnt ask to become liver and does not need you to like it to exist. You dont need liver to think it likes you either for you to exist. live and let live I say.

    A nice analogy, but with a serious flaw. Chances are you don't mind having a liver inside you...

  • hamsterbait

    I cannot be bothered watching two (prolly heterosexual men) flashing their backsides and pretending to be make love.

    Sex scenes in general are boring and do nothing to advance the story.

    As for doomed love, it happens. Go out and find yourself a worthwhile relationship. If they can't commit, DUMP 'EM!!


  • littlerockguy


    Would you be willing to turn your back on a close family member (such as a son/daughter, grandson or granddaughter) if you found out they were gay?

    Would your phobia of gays be so strong that you would refuse lifesaving treatment in an ER if you found out the only doctor working in the ER that evening is a "faggot" or "queer"?

    People don't become gay from watching movies. Okay, so the film doesn't depict the hetero family like the sterile 50s sitcoms where June Cleaver vacuumed the pristene living room wearing a chiffon dress, peals and heels; nevertheless I saw a lot of reality in that film, obvious and subtle truths. I didn't see it as an attack on straight society but there has always got to be people damning anything that comes out in pop culture dealing with homosexuality.

  • lucifer

    I saw it the other night, I think the actual movie itself sucked, the only parts that were interesting were the sex scenes and I was just laughing through them. But jake and heath are hot!lol

  • kid-A

    Phobias are the result of conditioning. Liver may "gross" somebody else because they tried it once, did not like it, and developed a psychological aversion to it.

    People that are "grossed" out by homosexuality are such for two possible reasons, 1) They themselves have tried it and didnt like it or are struggling with their own homosexual tendencies, or 2) They have been conditioned by societal hatred of gays to automatically be repulsed by the thought of homosexuality.

    Either way, hatred is the root cause, hatred of oneself or "learned hatred".

  • IP_SEC
    jake and heath

    Is that their names? Damn fags taking up all of the good manly names.

  • jaffacake


    The film doesn't really appeal to me either, but now you've got me mildly interested in it.

    Your post puzzles me as I can't understand what's going on in your mind.

    These days I have no phobias whatsoever, because I made a decision not to have any fears, nor phobias, nor bigotry, nor superstition. I ts that simple to undo your conditioning if you're strong enough, go on friend, I dare you.

    Fearless Jaffa

  • misspeaches

    We are entitled to have our own opinions yaddayadda.

    Personally I don't understand why you would have such an issue with homosexual men. But there you go. However I would hate to see people be spoken about harshly and in a derogatory manner just because of their lifestyle choice. Just sayin...

  • slugga

    I can remember when the GB laid into E.T in an issue of Awake. The killjoys obviously felt the need to condemn a good wholesome family film Like E.T because he was getting far more publicity than Jehovah was.

    I can imagine the GB suffering nocturnal incontinence over this film! LOL

  • misspeaches
    I can remember when the GB laid into E.T in an issue of Awake.

    seriously? This would explain why mum threw our E.T. toys away... damn it!

    I can imagine the GB suffering nocturnal incontinence over this film!

    Ha ha... However as I understand it a few of the bethel heavies would be quite keen to see the movie... hmmm?

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