Why I'll never see 'Brokeback Mountain'

by yaddayadda 98 Replies latest jw friends

  • yaddayadda

    Yep, I'm 'homophobic' and damn proud of it!


  • RodentBoy

    I probably won't watch it because I hate soppy romances, no matter what the genders of those involved. As to being a homophobe, I don't really find any reason to be proud of it.

  • RunningMan

    It's been scientifically proven that all homophobes are actually closet homosexuals themselves. The reason that they object so strongly is because of fear and denial that they actually are what they have been programmed to hate.

  • IP_SEC


    What exactly are you afraid of? A homo coming on to you and you find that you like it? That they might trick you in to bending over and then cornhole you when you least expect it?

    Come on what are you really afraid of?

  • Chimene
    Uhg, turns my stomache. I won't watch it, yuck!
  • stillajwexelder

    I am addicted to the Televison series The L Word on Showtime - but that is love between women. I hope I am not homophobic - wont go and see Brokeback in Theater in case I get caught by some local dub - will probably wait until it comes out on Pay-per-View

  • kid-A

    Glad to see you are finally coming out of the closet! Psychologists have known for years that the majority of blatant homophobes are themselves latently homosexual. Seeing such a movie would of course bring up all your own insecurities regarding your homosexual inclinations. The only question is, how long can you continue to live in self-denial?

  • Finally-Free

    I don't like liver. It grosses me out. I wonder if that makes me a liverphobe?

    I never considered myself fearful of it though.


  • Chimene
    I don't like liver. It grosses me out. I wonder if that makes me a liverphobe?

    My point exactly, gross

  • IP_SEC
    I don't like liver. It grosses me out.

    yadda is a self proclaimed homophobe. Something not being to your taste is much different than being afraid of it. I like girls. I would never have sex with a man. Not my cup o tea. I'm not a homophobe=fear of homosexuals.

    I see nothing to fear or hate. Just as if I disliked liver I would see nothing to fear or hate about liver. Its just liver, its just there. It didnt ask to become liver and does not need you to like it to exist. You dont need liver to think it likes you either for you to exist. live and let live I say.

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