Why I'll never see 'Brokeback Mountain'

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  • juni

    I, too, remember the ban of E.T. He was likened to Christ in the scene where he is giving life or the other way around to the little boy. A lot of the fairy tales were a no no too.

    I'll tell you what ladies. Being with a guy who is homosexual can be fun because you don't have to worry about him hitting on you. Just have a fun time. And I worked w/different lesbians. Very nice ladies. There's bad in individuals in all societies. I'm done with the days of judging. I believe in using your intuition and common sense which usually never fails you. You have to be careful too. Not all people, no matter what their choices are, are deserving of your trust and kindness. There are a lot of users and abusers out there.


  • Saoirse
    I saw it the other night, I think the actual movie itself sucked,

    I heard the same thing from 3 other people so I don't think I'll be wasting my money on it.

  • doodle-v

    Relax. It's a movie. You don't want to go see it then don't. Period. It is rather interesting that you feel it necessary to dedicate a post to loudly proclaim why you won't see it.

    I heard the same thing from 3 other people so I don't think I'll be wasting my money on it.

    I don't understand why people would refuse to read a book, watch a movie, or go see a play for that matter simply because some other people said they didn't like it. I'd always want to find out for myself. Sometimes I've agreed, other times I've been pleasantly suprised.

    Just my .02


  • DanTheMan

    That is an early contender for the 2006 JWD sucky link award. There's 3 wasted minutes I'll never get back.

  • doodle-v
  • codeblue

    After seeing all the publicity on the movie...........I would LOVE to see it...

    Oprah had all the actors and actresses on this week.........I think it would be worth seeing.

  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond

    I watched it not long ago, and I guess I saw something "deeper" than some posters here. It's not only about two gay cowboys lusting over each other. It's also about searching for yourself and being comfortable with you are. These are two Men (one who wasn't gay to begin with), who fell in love with another HUMAN BEING. They saw deeper into each other...beneath the shell of a body.

    I'm not a Lesbian, but I certainly wouldn't judge those who are. I believe some are born as a homosexual, and others become homosexual because of experienced traumas in their life....being it abuse or neglect. I have met some very nice, non-judgmental and loving people who are homosexual.

  • TallTexan
    I think the actual movie itself sucked

    Yeah, that's what I've heard. That's why all the academy nominations, etc are obvious propaganda from a Hollywood that pushes it's liberal agendas via 'entertainment'. I've heard from people who did go see it that if it were a hetero love story, it would be a bomb because it was so boring. The ONLY reason it has received any accolades is because of the subject matter - not any inherent quality of the film.

    That's the problem I have with the film. Not necessarily the subject matter, but the fact that it is being so avidly pushed by those with an agenda when it is a marginal quality film. I'm not a homophobe, I just don't like the tactics Hollywood uses to spout its views.

  • Quandary

    Your loss!! Ang Lee is one of the "maestros" in cinema today, probably one of the BEST directors in cinema history. To offer opinions without having seen the movie is just pure nonsense! This movie is not a "gay" movie, it brings to life a beautiful human love story about two people who happen to discover they are gay, portrayed by a very talented cast, with minimal emphasis on sex. Some people have mentioned how it grosses them out to think about two men or two women having sex, well this movie is not graphic by any stretch of the imagination, actually the scenes of "intimate" contact are very tastefully carried out, but of course, it's ANG LEE directing! So if your mind goes into the gutter while watching the movie, it's your own fault.


  • Dan-O

    Hmmm ... I saw The Cowboys (John Wayne, Bruce Dern, Roscoe Lee Brown, Robert Carradine) and The Cowboy Way (Woody Harrelson, Kiefer Sutherland, Dylan McDermott, Ernie Hudson) ... but this is one cowboy movie that just doesn't fit my mold. I'll certainly pass on spending money at the box office to see it. I might catch it if/when it hits HBO. Maybe I'm a homophobe, too.

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