This may be my last post…so goodbye and thanks

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  • Mum

    Dave, I hope and pray that this will not be your last post. If your mental powers are waning, you must have an IQ of 300 or more because you are always so articulate, and, best of all, funny - HILARIOUS!

    I exchanged a few e-mails with you a couple of years ago. I didn't realize you had so much to go through to type them. I will volunteer to be your typist if you want to continue posting. Just let me know.

    Missing you already,


  • ozziepost


    Kind thoughts coming your way from downunder.

    May you be able to think well of what was good. The manner of a man is what he's left behind. As many have revealed, that's so true in your case.

    Au revoir and God bless.


  • freedomlover

    Dave - it's been said by others here but you don't even realize how much your story affected me and my decisions. You have incredible power in your posts and I always seek out your comments to look over. You are one amazing guy to me. Thank you for taking the time to type up your threads.

    You will be missed here. You sound so brave through all this. How are you boys doing with all of this?

    I would love to see anymore recent artwork you've done.

    much love and respect to you - freedomlover

  • purplesofa

    Dear Dave,

    Without meeting you, from reading your Bethel story, it is obvious that you are very special. Your ability to express yourself and laugh at yourself......(the story of dancing) is fantastic. I enjoyed reading the story and watching your thinking and reasoning process work.

    Also, that you kept the girl you met, as a friend over these twenty years ............shows your great character.

    I look forward to your future posts.

    Hope you are not in pain.


  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Sorry to hear that MS has gotten a grip on you. I hope you are getting the best medical care possible.

    I printed out your story on your trip to Bethel. It hangs on my wall right now. While I only had a short trip to Bethel your letter really summed up the pieces / parts I saw for myself, yet could not write into such eloquent words myself. I plan on using it in the future with my family.

    Thank you. May you achieve enlightenment and inner peace or whatever spiritual axioms you believe in. My thoughts go out to you and your family.

  • startingover

    Wow Dave, this is shocking! I have always remembered you from your story of your 2 week consulting trip. I am so sorry to hear of your situation.

    I agree with all the comments before me, but FL's really took the words out of my mouth:

    You have incredible power in your posts and I always seek out your comments to look over. You are one amazing guy to me. Thank you for taking the time to type up your threads.
    I hope things don't go as you suspect they will, but if they do I know it's been one hell of a ride for you. When a person has come to the conclusion this life is all there is, that's about all we can ask for. Whatever happens, I hope the best for you.
  • jeanniebeanz

    .......I'm crying......prolly will be for days......

  • bebu

    Wow, Dave. That hurts to read. I wasn't aware of your MS situation, and I can't guess how frustrating it must be to see everything slowly quit. It's a great testimony that you endured so long, doing so much with so little. And you have left a legacy here, in spite of struggling with MS.

    You're in my thoughts and (yep) prayers through all of what comes. May God bless you.


  • Big Dog
    Big Dog


    Words fail me. I detest the frailties we humans are subject to, especially the ones as insidious as MS.

    Take good care of yourself, my thoughts are with you.


  • sir82

    Y'all don't know me from Adam, but I always enjoyed your posts.

    A member of one of my previous congregations had MS...I am sorry for what you are going through.

    For what it's worth, you helped at least one person see the truth about the truth more clearly.

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