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  • stillajwexelder

    I am sure I have told yopu all but will repeat - it was one of the major deciding factors in my decision to resign as an elder - the child abuse handling -it sickened me

  • jeanniebeanz


    Nice to see you again.

    You said...

    rather then being based on an ignorance of the workings of the WTS actually reflects the icy hearts of those who lead the WTS.

    This is why I don't even try with people like "Scholar" anymore. You need a heart to understand the pain that these abused people went through. "Scholar" has had to turn off both heart and brain in order to live with his faith. Both his and his master's hearts have been iced over for decades.

    I doubt it is possible for a thaw at this point.


  • greendawn

    There are times when I suspect that there must be pedophiles high up in the hierarchy of this org, for them to be so reluctant and unwilling to eradicate the problem. Another issue that reveals the real face of this org.

  • outoftheorg

    Reading Scholar's post reminded me of my confrontations with the Elders during the time my daughter and her sister first brought up that she had been molested by her pedophile jw elder uncle.

    Talking to the elders was either speaking to one who had not a clue, as to what ought to be or can be done, as regards reporting it to the wbts and then dealing with their "just drop it" response.

    Then on the other hand the elders in charge of dealing with the complaints and contacts with the wbts would speak to me just as Scholar is doing on this forum.

    That sickening sweet smile, that condesending attitude, that "we are above you in this organization and you will do as we ask or face our anger and the power of the wbts".

    That sickening " we are in charge and you are only followers that must bend to our superior knowledge and stature" we know you can't understand the depth of Gods actions, just follow our demands and

    "SHUT THE HELL UP". Don't speak to other jw's about this, JEH will take care of this in his due time.

    Actually Scholar does not know what to do. He and his mind are lost to the wbts and they own the poor retched soul. A man too weak to even consider getting justice for his own family member.

    A man so weak and disturbed that his response to this group is laughable and pathetic.


  • Pistoff

    scholar wrote:

    "Indeed the Society has a policy which is designed to handle these problems in the appropriate way and it is not for you or me to try to dictate these policies and procedures."

    YOU are a rank, unrequited, shameful LIAR, LIAR, LIAR.

    The society, aka the Corporation, has a POLICY. Think about that statement; it is not a position, or a moral stand; a POLICY. Corporations have policies. Scholar, you worship a CORPORATION.

    And how about this:

    WE MOST CERTAINLY are the ones to dictate this policy. The men in Brooklyn are so morally bankrupt they cannot see that this is a criminal policy, to require 2 WITNESSES TO CHILD ABUSE.


  • avishai

    Hey, scholar, do you have kids?

  • Pistoff


    "Apostates have an agenda and that is to destroy, corrupt God's Organization by means of deceit, trickery and controversies. They have no light or truth and cannot point the way to a better life or religion to those stumbled by them. They have sought and to continue to seek all sorts of ways of means to discredit sacred things whether it be the blood issue, chronology, child abuse, UN membership, past doctinal errrors, etc

    In scholar's eyes, the sin of apostasy, the honest decision to no longer believe what the Corporation says, is more serious than CHILD RAPE.

    This speaks volumes to me scholar; you make me sick.

  • Pistoff


    Have you seen Dateline, Panorama, etc?

    How do YOU KNOW that they are not true? Can you disprove them? Are ALL of the victims lying?

    Do you think there should be 2 witnesses to child sexual abuse?

    Do you have young children????


    WAKE UP.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    He actually thinks that his God will bless him for his dismissive disregard of those, whom if the Bible is to be believed are wrapped in the tears of Christ.

    Good to see you again HS. It's been a long time.

    Do you really think he thinks that way? Or do you think he, and others like him, are so vocal in their response it is as a means to quiet their own doubts. I've always taken the one who pontificates blindly, angrily dismissing any and all questions as one who is, at his core, terribly afraid. Members of a high control organization, whether Jehovah's Witnesses, medieval Catholic, Moonies, et al. who so quickly dismiss any question, and disallow all talk are really people who are trying to quiet the inner demon. They must silence the one who questions, who wonders, who doubts.

    But that cannot be, that must not be allowed for this person knows deep inside that they are not strong; they lack the faith that they hear others proclaim they have. They are brittle lacking the ability to control their fear and so allow their fear to control them. They know the only real thing keeping them in the faith is momentum of repititon; over and over they repeat the same phrases, attend the same services as if by rote they can purge that secret part of them even they will not acknowledge.

    And so it is that when they hear another question, and raise doubts they respond mechanically, albeit harshly and with icy coldness. They are using the only tools they have. Fear prevents them from reasoning. Fear is cold and paralyzing.

    That's what I see from people like this Witness. I do mean this in no condescending way, but I can't help but feel pity. It's his choice of course, but still it does make me sad. Waste always does that to me.

    They have no conscience and their prime directive is the use of individuals within its sphere of influence to achieve its grand purpose. Public opinion serves to monitor the actions of organizations, who merely adjust themselves to suit the circumstances and then seek to ensure their survival

    I absolutely agree, especially on the sociopathic nature of organizations/businesses/institutions et al. Although I think the grand purpose of any organization is survival first. Like any sociopath, when faced with death the organization will literally do anything to survive, such as change its message, dispose of inconvenient people, silence difficult problems and so on. To paraphrase Bill Cosby, who spoke this about parents: "They're not interested in justice, they just want quiet!"

  • hillary_step

    Hello Big Tex,

    Good to see you to.

    Do you really think he thinks that way? Or do you think he, and others like him, are so vocal in their response it is as a means to quiet their own doubts.

    Well, analysing Scholar is probably about as useful as analysing Scholar's pet carpet-lice, but I will continue in my assessment of him in the hope that by some sort of emotional catharsis I can hold on to my dinner.

    I would once have agreed with you Big Tex. I well remember two years ago when I was able to gain a public admission from Scholar that the WTS was going beyond its authority to require the shunning of those who questioned its 1914-607BCE chronology. I thought that underneath the platitudes and slogans there was some sort of beating heart. I have noticed however in these more recent exchanges a much harder, a more vitriolic and less yielding person. I think that he has toughened himself up and taken to heart His Masters Voice, hence the scratched record that makes up many of his posts.

    My guess is that he has recently been re-appointed as an elder. I can smell a re-appointed elder a mile away. They are like clapped out groupies at a Tom Jones concert frantically looking for a pair of clean panties to throw on stage.

    Best regards - HS

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