never seen so much hatred

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  • stillajwexelder

    Some that hurt the most are females on this site who have been abused by brothers in good standing who are POs etc.

  • ferret

    "a lot of bad talk" not directed at individuals but at wt teaching. With good cause.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff


    I generally do not say bad things about witnesses as individuals. There are a few witnesses whom I do not like, and about them I might say specific things that are not flattering. For the most part, though Jehovah's witnesses now treat me like I am contaminated with nuclear waste, I treat them far better than they treat me.

    I, and I think you will find, most here do not hate Jehovah's witnesses. They have been injured by the organization that claims to represent God, called Jehovah's witnesses.

    I lost 40 years of my life into that black hole. It does make me bitter. I will not say anything bad about you as a witness though. Unless you deserve it.

    Your blanket 'label' is unfair. This board is made up of individuals.


  • greendawn

    Many people here have justifiable grievances against the Watchtower such as broken families or for being thrown out due to disagreeing with some of their ideas and that's with biblical backing.

  • truth about the last days
    truth about the last days

    Dear PMJ. I can understand how you feel about the matter, but you have to understand how hurt some may feel. Some stories of how they have been treated by brothers and the orginazation that I have heard hurts me deeply, and we can imagine how Jehovah feels when there has been an injustice done. For the scriptures do pinpoint that "lawlessness" would apply to the congregations worldwide. See Matt 7: 21-23. But I tell you what, take a look at the picture in the WT that we are studying for this week and have a good look at the picture of the furnace that we had last weeks study. And tell me what do you see. When you get back at this site, let me know what you see from the picture and I will let you know what I see. Others can join in if they want. (Nov 15 2005 WT page 23) Christian Love, Keith

  • blondie

    Actually, the WTS says it is correct to hate apostates. The WTS by its actions has apostasized from the scriptures, making rules that are not based on the Bible, making prophecies that have not come true. Their actions show that they hate God and his principles. So we hate the organization but realize that many individual JWs are blinded and misled.

    PMJ, you need to read some people's posts and their experiences and examples of the WT lies.


  • caligirl

    I've been reading a very interesting book called Twisted Scriptures. PMJ, I would highly recommend this book to you. Since you say that you can see both sides of the arguement you refer to in this thread, I truly think that you would be open to looking at this book. It is not written by a former witness, so it should be perfectly OK for you to look at. And welcome to the site.

    To address what you were saying, there are many people here with vairied experiences. Please don't dismiss what they have to say without looking at the reasons they have for saying it.

  • PMJ

    well dave what i ment about understanding both sides is i can see seculer history backs 586bce.but i do beleave personaly that the jews were captive in babylon for 70years.those scriptures are very important forget what historians say about 586bce and what people say about 607bce the key to finding whats right and whats wrong lies in those scriptures.if you dont use eather dates to get a view on the scriptures and just read them with a open mind.i think any one would find it hard to come to any other conclusion other than the jews being captive in babylon 70 years.and u asked me about the blood isue.let me ask you do you think the bible allwos you to take another persons blood into your body?

  • mrsjones5
    forget what historians say about 586bce and what people say about 607bce

    Oh hell, let's just throw out 1914 then.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi PMJ, and welcome to the board. Like many on here, I am an ex iw. However, I do not deliberately try to make the witnesses look bad, I have no need to, they do a pretty good job of that themselves. Their extreme policy on blood has cost many lives, their 10 years as an NGO in the United Nations caused outrage with many previously faithful brothers and sisters, and their method of handling child abuse within the congregations has, quite deservedly, brought them widespread condemnation. Their doctrinal flip - flops and failed prophecies, ie 1975, haven't enhanced their reputation as an organisation based on truth either, and their shunning policy, aimed at anyone who leaves them, is inhuman.


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