never seen so much hatred

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  • mrsjones5

    oh we're supposing to be convincing someone of something?

  • ballistic

    MrsJones, you should really stick to what you're best at, the fluff, rather than trying on the theological threads, just look how you've completely ruined this thread. *I did try in a PM but you failed to reply

  • Honesty
    yea i have my new world translation with me and it says in the begining the word was and the was with GOD and the word was a god

    Ok, great. So tell me how many true Gods are in the universe?

  • mrsjones5

    ah poor baby...come back when you get better at trying to slam aint gonna spoil my mood

  • AlmostAtheist

    Hey Guy,

    Took off for a bit, family to attend to! :-)

    >> plus i have eather a little son or daugther to lok forward to come july.

    Congrats! :-)

    This sort of thing (having children) puts the whole blood issue into stark relief, doesn't it? I mean, if God really wants us to sacrifice our children over blood, then he does. And if we respect God's will, then we obey. But many people on this board and elsewhere know the JW blood policy, but don't believe it's God's true will.

    What scriptural reasons do you personally have for rejecting blood?


  • cheezy

    And I've always thought that the English had such great senses of humour! I didn't expect - THE SPANISH INQUISITION!

  • Legolas

    Balls...It's Friday night what shall we drink too?

    I think we need to have some fun! We can start another thread if you want!

  • mrsjones5


  • PMJ

    what are u talking about when u say fluff??

  • ballistic

    ok, I'll wait and see what amazing revelations Mrsjones has for this new comer.... waiting

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