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    What do you think about it, PMJ?

    Honesty, you honestly think PMJ can handle all of that at once? ROFL

  • Honesty
    so you have your self talking with the governing body on casste tape?you said they deanide it at first did they eventualy say they did ahve dealings with them?and when we say dealings what kind of dealings are we talking about?

    The Watchtower Society was affiliated with the United Nations as a Non Governmental Organisation just like the Muslims and some other religious groups were/are affiliated with them. The Watchtower Society denied it at first until the proof was published on the internet and then they said it was just to gain access to the UN library. Now they are reported to be saying to Bethelites that it was to spy on the UN. There are letters and other evidence on that you can see for yourself.

  • Honesty
    Honesty, you honestly think PMJ can handle all of that at once? ROFL

    It is a lot at one time, zagor. I got all of it handed to me in about 2 hours the first time around and I'm not any crazier than before.

    He deserves to have the truth about them even if he decides to stay a JW. That is his choice to make. PMJ said he is here to find out what people are saying. He sure can't ask anything at the KH because we all know how that has turned out so many times with so many people who had questions.

  • zagor
    Now they are reported to be saying to Bethelites that it was to spy on the UN.

    You've gotta be kidding me, LMAO. Didn't know about that one, hahahah, imagine a sect spying on a major world body, ROFLalt

  • Hellrider
    Now they are reported to be saying to Bethelites that it was to spy on the UN

    Spiritual warfare on another level...they`ve got a mole on the "inside"...(no wait, not a mole, the whole organisation actually...)

  • AuldSoul


    when u qouted the isaiah book refering to the 70 years what was your point it doesnt actuly say it doesnt refer to the captivty to the jews it just say the king of babylon had prominence at that time.can i ask did u ask the gorninbody about your conseren?

    I assume you were referring to me. Did I write the Society myself? No. Not on this issue. After receiving a very cursory dismissal of any wrongdoing on their part regarding the 10 year long Associate membership they admit they maintained with the United Nations Department of Public Information, I really didn't think I wanted to read a letter where they point me back to the Appendix of the "Let your Kingdom come" book.

    Their next reply went to the Body of Elders. I was not even allowed to read it. But, back to the point, if the 70 years applied to Babylon (and clearly in the text of Jeremiah, it does) why does the WTS say it applied to Israel or Judah? If the 70 years necessitated destruction of the Temple, why does Jeremiah 27 specifically say it did NOT need to mean their destruction?

    These are the questions none of the people who visited me could answer. From your posts, I'm guessing you don't even know what I'm talking about. I doubt you would be able to answer my question. This is important, though. It is critically important, because 1914 being the year of Christ's return as King is based off 607 BC being the year the Temple was destroyed.

    So, if you care to find out you are welcome to. I know the answer you will get, and judging from your posts I'm sure you will be fully satisfied with the answers given by those who have seated themselves in the seat of the Greater Moses, Jesus Christ. They even produced a film comparing themselves to Moses, when the Bible clearly shows that Jesus fills those shoes in the greater fulfillment, not the Governing Body. They presumed to choose themselves as God's spokesmen, to speak falsely in his name prophecies that failed to come true, and STILL they dare anyone to speak against them. Under the Mosaic law their punishment would have been:

    Deuteronomy 18:20-22 — “‘However, the prophet who presumes to speak in my name a word that I have not commanded him to speak or who speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet must die. And in case you should say in your heart: “How shall we know the word that Jehovah has not spoken?” when the prophet speaks in the name of Jehovah and the word does not occur or come true, that is the word that Jehovah did not speak. With presumptuousness the prophet spoke it. You must not get frightened at him.’

    There are some mistakes even the Catholic Church avoids. This religion was founded on false prophecy and has maintained their status of 100% failure rating on prophesying for over 100 years. Why would I expect them to be right about 607 BC as the year for the temple's destruction, despite ANY secular support for that viewpoint AT ALL? Why would they be chosen by Christ?


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    Is PMJ still around??

  • Forscher

    I notice in the letter the WTBTS sent you that they now accuse the UN of lying. Isn't that typical!


  • Sunspot

    Hello PMJ and welcome!

    I know exactly how you are feeling, because almost seven years ago I happened to go onto another board similar to this one and I was shocked at how disrespectful the people were and made fun of what and who I worshipped. I began to debate and defend the WT organization, but as the months passed by......I found that what they were saying (and proving to me by documented evidence) WAS true, and I had been tricked into following nothing but LIES. It hurt. A lot. I had spent 30 years defending a pretend and phony religion.

    The WTS is very clever in how it words things, and is very convincing especially when your heart has already been captured by them. It's hard to believe that they are as despicable as you will see told here....but you will ALSO be shown scriptures and well-documented proof that the WTS is NOT who they say they are....or who you think they are.

    I am terribly sorry that you don't even know whether or not you are saved, simply because the WTS doesn't teach this belief and leaves you up in the air about this major Christian teaching, while you are urged and commanded to "do more" for the ORGANIZATION.... and not for your personal relationship with your Lord and Savior.

    my self ive been a jehovahs wittness since 1997.and some things are hard to acept.but i truly do love jehovah and not matter what comes in life ill stick to him best i can.

    This may sound admirable, but the "truth" IS....that while the WTS enjoys "using the name Jehovah" and claim to be spokesmen FOR him.....they are actually quite far removed from the God of the bible and climb up into the seat of Jesus by telling you that without THEM, that you will not be blessed BY him. The fact that they CHOOSE NOT to even celebrate Jesus victory over death by resurrection----says it all. Christ's purpose to save US ALL because of his foretold death AND resurrection gets a large yawn and is treated as any other day in Watchtowerland......and is disgraceful and UNchristian.

    The Faithful and Discreet Slave has PROVEN ITSELF to anything BUT faithful OR discreet......something that you will never hear about as an obedient and loyal JW. THIS is exactly the way they want keep their sheep in the dark to what is REALLY going on.....and "feeding them" any nonsense they can come up with under the pretense of "new light".

    Just remember...these ARE JESUS SHEEP that they are lying to and keeping from him by way of their slick ways and weasel-words......but the WTS is being exposed for the frauds we know them to BE......and more importantly...GOD knows them to be. Please look at the scriptures that my friends here have (and will) provide and give what is said some real deep and heartfelt thought. Your life DOES depend on whether you want to go ON serving very deceitful and mistaken men to whom NO SALVATION BELONGS.... or to take notice of the trap that you have most unfortunately fallen into.

    Having come here and posted your feelings may very well be a blessing for you and your new wife, to stop and re-evaluate just what your future will hold.



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