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  • rebel8

    Online Petition to Protest Quotes Lawsuit: http://www.jwinfo.50megs.com/custom4.html

  • AuldSoul

    Signed it, rebel8.

    I recommend posting it on fark and other places, along with the story in brief.


  • rebel8

    I think there is a btr chance of getting the story on Fark if there was a funny angle to the story. I haven't been able to think of a witty way to present the story. Maybe someone else can think of something. Anyone can submit a story to Fark for free. The last time we got it on there it's my understanding there were dozens of submissions of the same story (original story when the lawsuit was filed). My guess is they got so many requests to post the story they finally gave in....so request away!

  • jgnat

    I think Quotes' original Requiem is plenty funny enough. Why not post that?

  • rebel8

    On Fark you can submit ONLY a headline and 1 link. Go for it! Eduardo, Thank you for that info. It was helpful. To all you ex-jw webmasters out there, here is a link to the internet free speech campaign: http://www.eff.org/br/ Free internet free speech icons are there for your use. Internet use, free speech and cults--helpful info and links: http://www.factnet.org/Free_Speech.html

  • wannaexit


    You are a giant in my eyes. You have truly left a mark with your website.

    I am glad you shook the big house in Georgetown.

    All the best to you and your wife.


  • sf

    Ah yes, the flocks funds, hard at work!

    Peter, your site is still on my yahoo profile. I need to go and put up the mirror. Your site was paramount in my internet work back in the day of heavy apostate activism.

    NOTHING about this makes any sense to me. It's funny, I say that about anything involving this organization nowadays.

    I'm about to fire off emails of the settlement, and this link, to various sources whom I have been emailing over the years. I will try to stress to them the importance of WTBTS hypocrisy on the amendment issues and how they fleece their flock.

    {{{{ Warm hugs and wishes }}}}


  • truth about the last days
    truth about the last days

    Hi. I am new here. I think that you did the right thing, having your wifes welfare at to think of. And yours too. There are other sites on the web that will have the same info as yours. The power of money allways wins at the end.We all say that there is no justice in this world. They may have won this time, but it is Jehovah or Yahwah that will win at the end. The "man of lawlessness" has now been revealed as the Governing Body, whereas the "Faithful and descreet slave" are the innocent ones. You wont be alone, as there are many websites like yours for the Governing Body to battle with. Now, i will leave with you all something new. Has anyone seen the picture of WT NOV 15 2005 p23, you will see a dragon in fire and a mirror against the "top chimminy pot of fire" will see a wild beast having sex with another wild beast. Shortly i will be visiting congregation to congregation to expose the Governing Body as the "man of Lawlessness" 2Thess 2:34 and to let them know to still keep going to the meetings as the "faithful servent" is giving them the proper food at "the right time".My heart is with all of Jehovahs or Yahwah servents W.C.L Keith

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I too regret the passing of Quotes. I have found it very helpful in my journey out of the wtbs, and am very thankful for it's existence. I look forward to reading the information on some of the mirror sites that are appearing.

    The borg may have won the battle, but they're gonna lose the war

  • IronClaw

    Hi Quotes, I am new to this site. I just wanted to say like most people that I enjoyed your site very much. It was truly helpful for me. I am in the middle of leaving the WTS. Haven't had my little kangaroo court session yet, but I believe it can't be far off. Already mirror sites are popping up, so this is fantastic for us to still due research. Like you said they may have crushed ONE roach, but many more roaches are popping up already. May Jesus truly bless you for all that you have done. Wish I had a chance to buy your CD rom of your site. If anyone has access to some let me know PLEASE!!!!!!!

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