WTS vs Quotes: Requiem for a Research Web Site

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  • seattleniceguy

    Hey Quotes,
    Congratulations on being through with what must have been a stressful chapter in your life.
    Now it's time for the rest of us to pick up the torch... he he he...he he he...Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • dilaceratus

    This is a genuine shame, not only for your considerable editorial and compilation work, but for all legitimate intellectual pursuits.

    Any member who supports or defends a group that suppresses-- publicly!-- its own history is someone so morally bankrupt as to be beneath contempt.

  • cyber-sista

    Wow, hard to believe that it would come to this point. I wonder if the Org is asking the congos to get rid of all their older publications now?

    That website helped me so much in my research and helped me so much in my breaking away from the grips of the Org--so sad to see it go, but the information is out there now and lives on....

    Thanks for all your hard work

    Great song choice Quotes.


  • YoursChelbie

    Thanks so much for giving us an update. ((((Quotes))))

    Is that just a Canadian matter that they have a copyright on the name "Jehovah's Witnesses"?

    Those two words are directly taken from a Bible verse ---anyone should be free to use any part of the Bible as a Domain name. What if someone sets up a website called "Why I left the Jehovah's Witnesses" or "WHY I Left the Watchtower" is that going to be shut down too?


  • ringo5

    Thank you Quotes. Your site was one of the first ones that I visited in my time of personal crisis. It helped me learn the real truth (i.e. the lies) from their own writings and this had a very powerful effect on me and my eventual fade.

    I just read the settlement and if I wasn't totally convinced the Watchtower B & S weren't just a publishing company before, I am now, more than ever. Just paragraph 10 alone, itemizing potential profits and/or losses shows where their real concern is. I also liked that you had to agree that you could do irreparable harm to the WTS by not shutting down your site, trashing your CD Roms and any other version of that life saving information. Hope that at least gave you some satisfaction....

    All the best to you and yours in the future and put me on the list for the "tell all" book.


  • hideme

    Quotes I am verry sorry to hear this.

    And I am very glad I saved every page of your website to my computer the first day I learned WTBTS wanting you to close the site.

  • yesidid

    How can we get media coverage for this?


    Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

    the low tactics of the WBTS

  • JeffT

    Quotes, you have a PM.

    I really appreciated your site, and I think what they did is just plain wrong.

  • Quotes

    I forgot to mention. Ken Little signed the Settlement Agreement on December 19 -- on my birthday.

    Do you think Ken meant this to be a sort of birthday present?

    ... No, I didn't think so either.

  • zagor

    IF anyone here has a copy of the site please PM because I want to have one now.

    Peter, I admire your courage, bravery and honesty I thank you for the insight that has changed my life forever.

    Thank you man!

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