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  • Shazard

    From apocripha sirah book... "Fight for truth and God will fight along with you". Man... you did not loose. You exposed WT, and yes... mirrors which you do not know about and which you do not control are going to emerge. Your work is not lost.

  • DannyHaszard

    Quotes on the wire post a comment Canada A to Z 2005 review
    p2pnet.net, Canada - 10 minutes ago
    ... J is for a threatened lawsuit by the Jehovah' s Witnesses' Watch Tower Society against a Toronto-based website owner who posted excerpts of religious texts ...

  • Gozz

    IronClaw:you could easily download a copy of material previously on the Quotes site at: http://www.savefile.com/files2.php?fid=5314878

    and then you'll have it on a CD for whenever you need it.

    The Watch Tower Society has sown the wind...


  • Gill

    I'm so PROUD of you Quotes!

    You proved how afraid the Watchtower really is of the Internet and Free Information.

    Because of the example you have set, more and more people will set up sites exposing the Watchtower. It was fun to see them quaking in their boots and now we know for sure that they have something to HIDE and no where to run. We Know for sure that they will fall sooner or later.

    Well done!!!!!

    As for you WTBTS....the writing is on the wall for you now. It's only a matter of time before one of you forgets to lock one of you magnificent legal doos and your fate comes to meet you.

    I'm just sitting here quietly at my computer KNOWING FOR A FACT THAT YOU TIME IS ALMOST UP!!!!


  • jt stumbler
    jt stumbler

    Well done Quotes! Well done!

  • IronClaw

    Thanks to All for welcoming me. I certainly hope this case can get some real publicity. I would love to see it on some big time News show. I'd love to see someone from the Press try to get an interveiw with the WTS on Why they had to shut down this site? Why they are embarrassed by what THEY have written in the past? What ever happened to freedom of speech? What about all the freedoms THEY say THEY have won in court cases over the years? etc. etc. etc. If people could only see how HYPOCRITICAL the WTS is by doing this.I think if this can get out, Many Many more people on the fence right now will leave. I hope they do.

  • Nemesis

    Quotes now hosted in China too!

    I hope this is not a repeat of information, but this recent version of Quotes, is hosted and registered in China, so it might be a bit harder for the Watch Tower to closedown.


    It also gives instructions on downloading the whole lot to your hardrive (about 42MB) here:


    One thing that made me laugh is the WHOIS site named owner is registered as “C.T. Russell and Ass”.



  • kwintestal

    Nemesis, in the "whois" did you notice that the Organization name is Botchtower ? LMAO!


  • gumby
    One thing that made me laugh is the WHOIS site named owner is registered as “C.T. Russell and Ass”.



    Nemisis, I wasn't aware Quotes was available through the link you provided.....thanks bro. Your above comment gave me a laugh too.


  • Pole

    :: Quotes now hosted in China too!

    Will the rule of law prevail again? ;-).


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