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  • chasson

    Another miror Here:



  • candidlynuts

    quotes i've not been here in awhile and just came across all of this.

    your decision was one that you had no options on and i know you can sleep peacefully at night knowing you helped a lot of people.

    main thing i got from your site when i first started reading about the wtbs was how the wtbs themselves changed the wording in some articles from the print version to the cd version. if they cant even stick to their original publishings for historical purposes what does that say about their honesty and integrity?

    i sought out information to alleviate my doubts, to show myself that yes i was as stupid , useless and faithless as they made me feel, your site along with others helped me see that the flaws were not within me but within the wtbs's unreasonable expectations and demands on people.

    with their own words, you helped save me.

    thank you.


  • phoibos_2
  • avishai


  • Lapuce

    I just downloaded the zip file, I guess that I'll have lots of reading material.....

  • AFX

    Hi !

    If someone got an backup of this site. please send me an pm!!!

    AND, if there are hackers here. Please send me a pm too.

    *educational purpose* ;)

    Peace out! And keep fighting watchtower!.



  • AFX

    And onother thing. You can use httptrack too take backups of sites all the time. Soo if they put it down, you can make a mirror easy.

    Stand up, get up, dont give up the fight. Or something like that.

    Thanks for this site!

  • Essan

    Quotes was / is such a crucially important and powerful site and I presume it still survives, in some form, on the net. Please don't post any links here as I don't want to create a trail so that another mirror can be shut down by the Society. I'm sure I'll be able to to find it.

    However, reassurance that mirrors do still exist would be much appreciated.

  • Violia

    I was just googling and it appears they have gotten all the mirror sites as all the links are dead.

    Is this site now gone forever?

  • AnnOMaly

    There are still a couple of mirrors still active that I know about.

    Sent you a PM, Violia.

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