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  • DRS

    The decision to not fight has nothing to do with the recent court case in B.C. does it in which the defendants loss?

  • Pwned

    i'm sure this has probably been brought up before and its a little late anyway but isnt this the type of case that the ACLU would be interested in, I know they have helped the defendants in the file sharing cases.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Dear Mr Quotes -

    I doff my hat in respect to you.

    As I began my struggle to deal with finding out the 'truth about the truth' your site was indeed God-sent. I had already read Franz' books. They were 'sobering'. Your site was one I found shortly after that. It further confirmed to us the foolish nature of the religion to which we had devoted decades. It confirmed many reports and rumors that we heard online about the Watchtower. It was tremendously helpful in getting us entirley out of the organization. I will miss it as a resource.

    I hope - and this is appeal to someone, somewhere to take up this sword. Clearly Quotes hit a raw Watchtower nerve. They acted not out of any legitimate reason - but out of fear. We desperately need someone to come up to the plate - someone who has the ability to put this same information up on a website in some way that the Watchtower cannot touch for a long while. That Watchower nerve is still raw.

    I wish I had the technical ability to do so - but I am not the guy to do this.

    Once again - my hat is off to you Mr Quotes - May God bless you.


  • ozziepost

    Clause 10 reads: ".....Watch Tower hereby releases M_________ from all claims for damages, profits, losses and legal fees....."

    Huh? Watch Tower has profits and losses????? Really!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    My bf said why doesn't someone who has no assets take on the site? This is precisely what I thought yesterday. I don't own anything in the world apart from my laptop and a few clothes so if they tried to take me to court I couldn't afford a lawyer and would have to represent myself. I don't think I'm eloquent enough to do this but what do you think about the idea in theory? They wouldn;t be able to take anything from me as I don't have anything so theoreticaly we could go al the way ... or maybe I could find a lawyer with time to represent me/ex jws free of charge . It would be worth it to see this make headlines just to expose JW hypocrisy and to demonstrate just how shallow their comments about freedom of speech and expression and worship for all are as well as highlighting several other scandalous and rotten issues that could help many JWs escape from their tyranny.

    Crumpet - I like the thought. But if they came after someone with no assetts, couldn't they still ruin their life? I mean wouldn't a successfull attack result in a debt load that could not be handled? That seems alot of long term risk - for what may end up a short term benefit. I don't know much about these things, but it seems as if the risk/reward may not be favorable for this. Just My Opinion.


  • inbyathread

    ak-jeft and crumpet

    The settlement stated something to the effect that the WTS can go to Peters heirs (his children) if he so much as sneezes wrong. This case ended without law. Had the case gone to court (and the WTS knows this) they would have lost. The law was not on their side. Money was on their side. This was SETTLED BEFORE going to court.

    The WT settled a law suit against them a few years back regarding an automobile accident. The WT settled by paying mega-bucks. This was to ensure that the legal avenue against them would not be used as a precedent in future lawsuits.

    WT vs Mosier was settled so that future websites won't pop up using WT material in a fair use manner.

  • Zapper_1

    Who else but the Watchtower cult would be afraid of its own statements?

  • Goldminer


    Just want to say you did a great job with your website,it was greatly appreciated.The only ones who look bad in all of this is the WTS.You can walk away with your head up high.


  • inbyathread

    Ozziepost - Great Eyes you have. Never saw it myself.

    OK Lawyers out there. The settlement is a legal document and signed thus by a representative of the WTBTS.

    Since the document does use the word "profit" and the society says they are a 'non-profit' organization, can this be used against them?

  • mouthy

    Quotes!!!!!! Hey My DEAR, DEAR Brother.... You were smart to drop it & settle. They have so much power.... After all it is run by Satan... He could do all the miricles God could do... I believe it is NOT done in a corner. The day will come when THE Great Judge who I believe in will" lower the boom"
    You helped SOOOOOOOO Many!!!! They had to stop you---but dont worry some one else is picking up the baton & will run with another site>>>> sticks tounge out to the "brothers" in Bethel who read this site ......& raise first finger on left had to my "friend Glen Howe.....

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