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    keep cool

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    Inbyathread / Ozzie..............profit?..non-profit?.......Great point.

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    Hi You will never prevend the truth about your satanic religion. http://watchtower-quotes.ath.cx/ keep cool

    What is your problem Phoibos?

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    kls, I think phoibos is a supportive nutbar, along the lines of our pet Danny_Hazzard.

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    kls, I think phoibos is a supportive nutbar, along the lines of our pet Danny_Hazzard.

    Thats what i was hoping but wasn't sure. A tad more info may help from Phoibos.

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    Your site has been of huge help to me, in so many ways. Listened to your interviews on the Net the other day.

    I honor you, my friend. The WTS says volumes in fighting a site that just quotes their own literature. That, to me, was so damning.

    When your greatest fear is someone quoting what you've said, you are in serious shit.

    You have done your work, and done it well.


  • Gerard

    Phoibos is awsome!


    The information snowball is rollin'....

  • mcsemike

    I'm sorry about the quotes site going down. I am a network engineer and would appreciate it if anyone knows a source for what he had on the site. My email is [email protected] If any of you remember, my daughter was raped at 9 years old by a pedophile "brother" known to them. I have a degree in psychology and am writing a book on the effects of the WT's policies on people, specializing in child abuse and family breakdown. (My wife left me just because I quit the WT and is now divorcing me.) I'm afraid this is the last straw. I will be going public soon and am already arranging media coverage. I post on Silent Lambs as M.A.N. This lawsuit WILL be in my book. I have suggested in the past how we all can help destroy the WT for good. Now it's time to do so. When it becomes a crime to publish on the Internet the same material that the WT was trying to ram down the public's throats for decades, then I've had enough. It's now war to the death and I intend to finish those bastards off if it's the last thing I do. I know people with experience in picketing kingdom halls and Silent Lambs and other forums contain information on how to contact local media and get stories like this published. I'm sure the WT does NOT want the world to know what they did and that all the web site was doing was to repeat their own words right back at them. I will not judge anyone concerning whether he should have fought more or not. I'm proud of the site and always was. I'm just trying to get a list of the topics that used to be there and then the WT's quotes under each topic. If anyone made such a file, please contact me. The WT may have billions of dollars, but they won't have it for long after the lawsuits start. And if JW's quit this lunatic asylum, the WT loses donation income. Email everyone you know. Tell your families. Tell your neighbors. Call the local newspaper and tell the person who writes the "religion" column each week or on Sunday. We outnumber them 1,000 to one. They can't win if we fight them efficiently and never give up. I know those wussies in Bethel are gloating that they won and that this if proof God is on their side. If it will help anyone to find the ambition to take whatever action they deem necessary, then remember any harm the WT has done to you or your loved ones. It's time that the WT was wiped off the earth. Good luck to all and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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    To Merry Magdalene: Great post, I loved it. No group of people on this earth have published more BS about how to act and then gone and done exactly what they belittled others for doing than the WT. Those hypocritical dirtbags will pay some day. Six million people are NOT going to insult six BILLION people by acting like we are all too stupid to see through this nonsense. BETHEL, WAKE UP: If you don't start playing fair, you will be destroyed. You've threatened all of mankind with death for over one hundred years, now it's your turn to feel the heat.

    To Dansk: Can I correct one sentence in your post? He didn't scare the PANTS off them, he scared the PANTIES off them. You see, there are no MEN at Bethel. Real men admit their mistakes. Real men don't lie about their past and their current conduct and then crucify others for doing the same thing or for telling the WT "hey, you do the same thing". Real men don't rape children, hide child rape, or punish people for reporting it or for trying to help the victims. The WT is from Satan and Jehovah God is NOT guiding them. The WT is NOT God's organization. You don't like to hear the truth, GB? TOO BAD!!! What are you going to do, sue me??

    To Randy: Great point. WT, you don't scare us. My family is gone, there is nothing more you can do to hurt me. But I can do much to hurt you. As Randy said, "We're not afraid of you."

    To the WT: Just keep pulling the tail of that sleeping tiger like you keep doing. Someday it's going to wake up and rip your head off. Oh, I guess I should say "Merry Christmas" since you think you just received such a great gift. Beware, some gifts explode in your face. And to end, as many have said: Go f*** yourselves. You are all a waste of good air. You don't deserve to live. I'm sorry the planes didn't miss the twin towers and hit YOU!!!!

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    I'm sorry the planes didn't miss the twin towers and hit YOU!!!!

    LOL.... So true...


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