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  • DannyHaszard

    Ahhhhhhh Hail to the apostate heroes!

    When i was purged in 1992 there was NOTHING

    Now we R-zooming on the information superhighway and i got a Corvette-Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

  • nicolaou

    Good for you man! I love it when you're happy. When you feel good it means the Watchtower doesn't.

    Hope you get all the payback you crave against those cult monsters who hurt you so much.

    Respect to you. (and lot's of beer)

  • FreeinFlorida

    Perhaps when the doo doo hits the fan, every one of us good apostates can make sure it hits the local papers as well to get the topic on our little front pages and jerk them around some more.

    Can't wait to see what it is. I haven't drooled over much in a long time!!!

  • Dansk

    Instead of all the surmising, why don't we just wait to see what Barbara is to reveal!

    Barbara, as you've seen (and already knew) you have captured everyone's attention here. When I opened this thread I immediately called my wife over to read yours and other's posts. My family is torn apart through Watchtower and so anything with such a captivating title as heads this thread is bound to get my attention. I have never doubted your sincerity and desire for justice - we sing from the same hymn sheet. So many people have their hopes built up now for Watchtower to receive a bloody nose - and I'm no different. I often pray for God to expose the organisation for what it truly is, thereby allowing many millions to be set free. Unfortunately, so many just don't want to be set free. It's hard to comprehend at times - ego trip, fear, position, loss of friends, etc. That's why your expose needs to be as BIG as you infer - and I know you have immense integrity, so don't doubt it for a moment.

    My wife and I are here with bated breath. All blessings and good wishes to you in your endeavours to have this heinous cult exposed.

    To everyone else I ask again, PLEASE, no more surmising. Just let Barbara reveal all!


  • wombat

    Hey Dansk....You didn't explain why there should be no more surmising. Why not?

    Sorry, I guess I don't like being told to do something without a reason.

    Lotta people venting and getting excited here. If you have a good reason why not I'll accept it.

  • Dansk

    Hi Wombat,

    Lotta people venting and getting excited here. If you have a good reason why not I'll accept it.

    I see no purpose to surmising because the results could be completely contrary to what one is expecting. I have absolutely no doubt that Barbara's expose will be something we all feel happy about. If you've read my thread 'TORN APART' you'll understand that I have good reason for wanting Watchtower destroyed and not just exposed. I just don't want people to be hurt feeling that the expose wasn't what they expected (let's face it, other exposes haven't been - and I don't just mean connected to the Borg). I feel we need to wait - get excited and vent by all means (venting can be good as it helps people open up), but there is so much speculating now and I do know people will be hanging on to Barbara's every word. Perhaps I'm being overly pragmatic. I certainly don't wish to offend! I guess, with all the pain my wife and I suffered through Watchtower splitting up my family (as countless others have suffered), I am sensitive to my hopefulness of really good damning news against Watchtower not amounting to much. That's where I'm coming from. I pray the expose is so massive that Watchtower will have nowhere to hide and be so damaging that millions will leave - my two daughters especially! Edited to add Nic's comment:

    I want this to be all that it promises but I can't help feeling that all this anticipation is not good.

    Also, read Quote's post about how Watchtower has gotten away with exposes in the past

    Best wishes,


  • nicolaou

    Time to get on board.

    Barbera, I own the domain There's just a holding page there at present but if you wish I could dedicate the site to upcoming developments. You could point all news outlets, press agencies and other interested parties to a single website for accurate and up to date information. I could assign you as a Manager, you won't need any technical ability. You could update pages and create newsflashes as simply as you post here at JWD.

    I would be there to help you at all times if you need me.

    The site could be up and running with a very professional portal approach by the end of today. I could incorporate a newsletter function, and invite comments from the public to a general dicussion area. Whatever you need on your website - name it!

    If you'd like me to get the site ready for a release on a specific date with all the information on it that is also fine. I believe that many here, including Simon, will testify that I can keep my mouth shut and be trusted.

    JWD is for us! I'm not sure the public in general would be able to navigate around the myriads of posts to find just the information they will want. This needs to be presented to them in a cool, rational and professional manner. It's just an offer, the choice is yours.

    All the very best,


  • wednesday

    The WTS has ruined my life. and the lives of so many , all us little peons, the rank and file. I will never be able to repair what they have done to it. I hope it is money, only b/c money crimes come with swift punishment. the other stuff takes a while.

    hello Dansk. I hope you are feeling ok.


  • dmouse
    You didn't explain why there should be no more surmising

    Caution, I would guess.

    Hype often results in anti-climax.

  • nicolaou

    I'd echo Ian's concerns, but I'm sure he'd also agree with me when I say that though we could temper our anticipation we must be prepared. Contain yourselves - save all your excitement and energy for the action that is to come.

    Ian, hope this provides something good for you mate.

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