19 years associated, including 15 years baptised. My wife and I started studying around 1985 out of concern for our children's future more than anything else. I look back now and see how we were clearly lied to. Our motivies were pure but the society hoodwinked us. I would dearly love to see the society utterly and completely destroyed so that families all over the world can be reunited and thousands of other people can be saved from the heinous cult hold that once enmeshed my wife and I. Happily, my wife, two sons, one daughter and I are completely free of Watchtower now but it still has a strong hold over my older daughter, who is currently shunning us. We shall not be emotionally blackmailed and it is up to our daughter to come back to us as we shall never set foot in a kingdom hall again. There is a wonderful life outside of the organisation, where love and friendship is not conditional. Spiritual enlightenment comes from within oneself and not from any religious teaching.