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  • dorayakii

    Brilliant allegory Leolaia... you get a "G" on illustrations, next time you're working on gesturing...

    So the moral of the story is, that if Mary Magdelene just told the disciples the bloody "BIG NEWS" when they asked her, they wouldn't have all gone off speculating in their different ways.

    Hehe, i'm just kidding Mary Magda... oops, i mean, Barbara, i know you must have a good reason for not spilling the beans yet.

    Barbara: I just learned about the release of the "Big News" and was told that what I've been calling "Big News" won't be released today or tomorrow but hopefully sometime this week. So please don't say the 15th. If anyone is saying the 15th it is because we were told months ago that it would be mid-December when the Big News would be released. As soon as I know the day, you will know. Please be assured I'm not playing with your emotions.

    I hope not

    katiekitten: Ive just had a horrible thought - what if this news is eclipsed by some other huge piece of freak news (like the Tsunami), or like the second Asian earthquake that has just been announced on the BBC?

    It sometimes happens.

    I really hope it doesnt happen to our news.

    Again, I hope not

    Seeker4: I had to laugh about a huge news story pre-empting this announcement.

    You must remember that this is news about Jehovah's Witnesses - the birth of a two-headed calf in Ufukistan would pre-empt it. JWs are not of much interest to anyone except JWs and ex-JWs.

    Once again, I hope not... although the birth of the two-headed calf in Ufukistan would be quite interesting. A new species of animal, found in a new country no one even imagined existed... i want to to move there, the name sounds intriguing ...

    ...but seriously though, if the news really is "will hardly be earth-shattering" as you said, then why all the hype and appetite whetting and secrecy and mystery surrounding this "Big News" which was first reported "months ago" according to Barbara? It all still seems a bit dodgy to me, even though you've all said its not a hoax. How can you keep the lid on something as big as what you've described, for "months" in this Internet age?... I'm not convinced.

  • DevonMcBride

    Has anyone sent a letter to the WT telling them that big news about them is on the way and to keep an eye on this link?

  • gumby
    Has anyone sent a letter to the WT telling them that big news about them is on the way and to keep an eye on this link?

    Their eyes are ALWAYS here.


  • Seeker4

    Hey Dorayakii,

    Glad you got the humor there. Ufukistan is a country often referred to in my office. And it's neighbor, East Ufukistan.

    My point is that, to the world in general, NO news about Jehovah's Witnesses is "earthshattering." If the WTS collapsed tomorrow, it wouldn't make the cover of Time. The JWs are just not that important, despite what they tell themselves about being the center of Bible prophecy. That's partly what makes the Witnesses so pathetic - the difference between what they tell themselves about being the "center of the world," and how they are really seen - or more accurately - not seen.

    Having said that, there is an aspect to this story that certainly could make the world stand up and take notice, and we'll have to see how that works out, because the impact of this could affect far more religions than just Jehovah's Witnesses. If it does, then we'll start to get some serious attention.

    Now, among JWs and ex-JWs, this will be quite a story from the get-go. It will rock the JW world, for sure.

    This was not reported months ago - it is the result of months of work and months ago the results were expected to be released this week. A day or two hardly makes any difference. And none of this was done on websites or discussion boards, so it's premature release on-line was not an issue. It'll all make sense when this goes public.

    In the meantime, as has been suggested by many here, set back and relax, digest the information when it comes out, and then decide how to use it. I'm sure there'll be some serious discussions about that here on this board.

    And kattiekitten, nice to have you on top in dorayakii's post!


  • Ténébreux

    This better not be like that trick they play at the assemblies where they hint for three days that there will be an important announcement of earth-shattering significance at the end, and then it turns out they're just releasing a new pamphlet.

  • knothead34

    how does everyone know that the WT watches this website? very interesting

  • AndersonsInfo

    Hey, some of you guys, please don't make me into an ogre. When you find out this week what this news is and from where it's coming from you'll understand why the secrecy. First of all, the author of the "Big News" wanted the Watchtower to be surprised. ;)
    Second, and most importantly, the publishers of my so-called "Big News" do not allow information to go out to the public before the publishing date. Watchtower was the same way. Nobody in Bethel who knew about a soon-to-be released publication or article was permitted to jump the gun, so to speak.
    You know I could have just kept quiet until publishing date and then the news would have spread oh so slowly across the world. But this way, we have a jumpstart thinking and planning what we might do with an expose' about Watchtower's lies.
    I'll give you a little hint. Think about the lies in my "Given Ones" expose.
    Remember, together we will make a difference.

  • What-A-Coincidence
  • Finally-Free

    Maybe we should take up a collection and send a few crates of Depends to the governing body.


  • FlyingHighNow

    Bodies in Bethel Basement.

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