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  • Apostanator

    It would be nice to see a Watchtower expose' on the cover of Time magazine. Now that's what I call preachin and teachin !!

  • wombat

    I'll go with daniel-p...........Follow the money.

    Maybe horrible life is on it when he suggests that the 2 new GB members have blown the whistle.

    What could the third component be??????????

  • glitter

    I'll place my bet on *long-standing* embezzlement of funds by high-up JWs. With close involvement with dodgy worldly businessmen as a bonus. The sort of thing the media and the law would be all over like a rash; and devastating to heartfelt, ordinary, honest-to-a-fault JWs.

  • Jourles
    What will we win?

    How about the same bet I proposed? I'll take you up on the money scandal thing. In fact, I could spin it in my sleep...

    "It was an accounting error, that's all. Jehoba still loves us."

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Jourles, it is not a pleasent site. I don't even want to look. So lets pick another prize, because believe me, mine aren't!!

  • Jourles

    OK, for fun, should we start a pool? I'm willing to throw in some cash via Paypal. Or how about liquor? If I win, you send me a bottle of wine. If you win, I send you a bottle of your poison.

    The people who already know about this are not eligible of course.

  • glitter

    I love the new GB members whistleblowing part! We're due a bit of dissent in the GB again, surely! :D

  • geevee

    So if it's money, can we get ours back?

  • wombat

    No, it can't be embezzelment. I'm pretty sure that hadn't been mentioned prior to Barbara's comment #103 but I would love to be corrected.'s money somehow, somewhere.

  • Rabbit

    I am still very bitter over the way my Mom died. The HLC and my dub siblings lied to my father, who is not a JW, about the fractions she could take as she lay dying. Specifically, she could have taken hemoglobin, which would have provided the oxygen she needed. That lack of oxygen was her specific cause of death.

    97% of a red blood cell is...hemoglobin, the other 3%... it's basically the outer membrane. The Watchtower won't allow the whole cell to be transfused though. That's insanity.

    Even tho' my dub siblings and the HLC knew JW's could take hemoglobin, THEY told my Dad she "would want No Blood Products whatsoever". When I asked later, they told me they "didn't want to confuse my 'non-believer' father...he wouldn't understand how some Witnesses could do something, that others could not." They said, "It's really important that he sees the JW's as being...unified...all believing the same way."

    You can see why I hope it's something to do with the blood issue.

    Whatever it is has to be something that will emotionally hit JW's in the face -- so hard that after they ask the Elders about it. Then the WT puts its spin on it and tries to do damage control by shutting down discussion. People's question won't be answered satisfactorily...I think they will turn to the Evil Internet -- anything to try and get answers. They'll talk to other JW's friends first, then they will "Google" Jehovah's Witnesses.Surprise, surprise...

    There will always be folks that will stay with the WT -- no matter what. But, the thinking ones, the hurt and wounded ones (which must be almost 100%) and all the ones who have ever shunned loved ones or been shunned or have lost or know someone who lost a loved a death sentence at the hands of the GB's doctrines are potentially in their "Last Days" -- as a Witness.

    And this...just before they study the new WT about "Apostasy."


    Rabbit (of the 'pay-back's a bitch' class)

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