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  • horrible life
    horrible life

    If, just if, this is the case Jeff, (I agree) Lets guess where the money is going.

  • happy man
    happy man

    I have not been here fore o long time, but I must kommet this.

    1 B:A have work a lot widh abuse cases, so it could bee in that area.Proff 100% that a GB member done it.

    2 Money i s also a very hide area,if someone cane proff that we have billions of money in diffrent fonds, I think this is a bigg scandal, this is unlikley, beacuse it is difficult to expose, as you now bank hide what ther custumers do , aspecially if they are very rich.

    So I wote fore the first point, mostley beacuse I know that they been dishonest in this.

    The only explanaition I have, why they have so hard ruels when it comes to punish sexoffenders, is that a bigg one in the topp protect himself, widh this rules.

    I was fallen from heaven when I understand that the elder(very nere and loved relative, as I myself have hide fore a long time) I give inn fore using a girl under 15, only have to stepp down, and now explanaition, to what he done, he have protecktion , even other elders say he stepp down fore he was old and tierd, one elder told mee, we can not protest to this, it was as he say decided on the highest level in the org. So if it is things like this it will answer a lot of qestions.

    I am widh you here Barbara, And I have suffer the same as you, been hunted fore newing to much,, still in fighting this bad boys from the insie.


    It would surprise me if it was over the blood issue...they are already spreading it around that if you do it in a moment of weakness, it's not a dfing offense. So they are basically telling people to use that excuse if needed.

    The one thing that gets everyone's attention is MONEY. My bet is on misappropriation of funds, and maybe their theocratic warfare lying isn't going over so good with governments. You can get by with pretty much anything under the sun, but don't mess with the money!!!

    I will be anxiously awaiting to hear and can't wait to start spreading the good news!!!


  • What-A-Coincidence

    Anderson Quotes...a trail to the Big News...

    • I kept this big secret for months now
    • Watchtower lied, hence this expose
    • You will be shocked at what WT did when you find out
    • If we activists produce thousands and thousands of letters in protest
    • don't worry about WT figuring out
    • I sincerely hope that thousands upon thousands do just that when they read for themselves how they have been bamboozled, duped and hoodwinked
    • This information won't bring WT down immediately
    • I will be demanding an apology
    • find out just how deceiving the WT has been
    • When the Big News comes out, there will be many, many questions
    • if you put two separate posts together, you almost have the Big News except that one component is lacking
    • Very few people have actually seen what's coming
    • there are the hordes of experts who are part of the group who gave their blessing to the Big News who never before had any dealings with JWs or XJWs
    • We owe the Big News to a WOMAN! And it's not me. I wish it was. I wish I had the good sense to ferret this out, but I didn't
    • Hopefully, early next week you will hear her name for the first time

    I wonder who are the "hordes of experts who are part of the group".

    My guess is that it is $ related since she mentions "don't worry about WT figuring out" and "very few people have actually seen what's coming."

  • wombat

    there are the hordes of experts who are part of the group who gave their blessing to the Big News who never before had any dealings with JWs or XJWs

    Gotta be lawyers

  • wednesday

    I'd bet good money it has to do with money in some form. People can commit murder and not go to jail, but you write a bad check, owe IRS money, mishandle " Katrina funds" , this is what will get them, money.Of course that is just a WAG (wild arse guess)

    can't wait for the news broadcast, taking money from homelsss people, and old people. using it to build new KH"s that is so bad

  • MidwichCuckoo

    I thought the NGO thing was Big News when I heard about it - but the Rank and File are still ignorant of it. BIG NEWS has to REACH the Rank and File for any real effect.

  • nicolaou

    Okay, about a bajillion pages back I tried to sound some caution but having re-read this entire thread and taken the time to digest what Barbera has written I cannot help but get a tad excited. Perhaps avishai summed it up best;

    But these kinda news things bring out the SMART ones. OK? The ones that can benefit the most anyway. Or the hurt ones, who will finally get help on the outside.

    Danny Hazzard knows the news and is lining up his press releases for maximum effect I'm sure - that guy is so cool. If it's as big as all the hype then I am more than willing to eat a truckload of humble pie. It's just in my nature to be sceptical, I can't help it but to be honest I think scepticism is a good thing - especially after decades as a Jehovah's Witness.

    All that being said, I think my calm and measured reappraisal of this thread would be - Whoo hoo!

    [still trying to keep his feet on the ground]

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    here's my 2 cents. whats the 1 thing dubs do that no other religion holds to DFing. what if they retract there hard line stane on DFing and shunning, thats something that will make people demand an apology. And the reason for the retraction...a GB's close reletive got DFd but for whatever reason$$$ he still needs to keep in contact.

  • Golf

    Barbara, give this women a big hug for me. By the way, I have a sister named Barbara.


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