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  • FreeinFlorida

    I just stumbled on this from another site advertising we check this site out..

    In reading it all....I didn't realize they changed the 1914 thing! I guess it is good to be out of the loop so long that I have had time to recover from that place. When is the end supposed to come now...or is it the generation that saw 1914's offspring that will see Armageddon and we are waiting for the last child of the last known survivor who saw 1914? But that is another discussion!

    I suppose when the crap they predict doesn't come true, they just change it to suit themselves and we followed like pigs with noserings!

    Hopefully some more smart ones, disillusioned ones, hurt ones, disfellowshipped ones, dumb ones, blind ones....any one gets out of that place and finds freedom.

    Looking forward to this with great anticipation!!!

  • daniel-p

    "For it to reach JWs it has to be something that doesn't rely on the Internet for verification. Dream scenario would have to be something they can't avoid seeing or reading independantly - something newsworthy in the non-JW world."

    Yes, I agree. Preferably it would be headlines news on TV and Newspapers, not the Internet. The R&F need to hear it from different sources.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    KLS due to the growing suspense, I have now finished my last nail, and will now take you up on your offer, where can we meet?


  • stillajwexelder

    Welcome to the board by the way FreeinFlorida

  • Jourles

    OK, let's break this down....

    something bigger is on the horizon than Dateline, BBC, CBC, Sunday (Australia), and all other TV programs which exposed the sexual child abuse cover-up

    Does this mean another television program? Which tv news program is larger than Dateline or the others? Or a large newspaper which is carried around the world? New York Times maybe? Howard Stern via Sirius?

    I can hardly wait to tell you and those at Watchtower headquarters (if they are reading this) the news.

    So is it only going to be Barb that spills the beans? Or will she be on tv herself? Hard to figure this one out...

    big ammunition to fight WT injustice with

    What injustices does the WTS carry out? Disfellowshipping is the top one. Killing jw's through the blood doctrine is right there next to it.

    So far I've not heard any information that would mean what I'm expecting to happen won't, so I can hardly wait until next week.

    This sounds as if Barb is relying on some media outlet to provide this news. As we went through with Dateline, I believe it was delayed a week or two from the initial expected air date. So far, it sounds as if this news will hit the TV airwaves.

    thousands of letters in protest to our former "Mother," yes, I believe it will be a Time magazine cover story. It's up to us, guys and gals to make this happen.

    OK, so it's not coming out as a magazine story. Protest what exactly? Those injustices? Former mother only means those who have been df'd from the org are primarily affected by this news. DA's don't count - they did that themselves.

    But I might be misleading you.

    Highly unlikely.

    if I was still a JW and found out about this, I really believe I would immediately walk away from the WT and never look back. I sincerely hope that thousands upon thousands do just that when they read for themselves how they have been bamboozled, duped and hoodwinked!

    For some reason, the WTS practice of df'ing doesn't seem to fit with this statement. For a staunch JW to walk away, it would almost take an angel from Jehovah himself to tell them that the WTS was wrong. Does this news have something to do with the WTS admitting they are not God's true Organization? Why else would a jw feel duped?

    This information won't bring WT down immediately, but we, by our activism can cause it to lose all credibility in the eyes of the world and among their members. Just think what that will do to their arrogance.

    The only arrogance that the WTS has to worry about is with their claim of being God's only chosen organization. Remove that claim, they are nothing.

    I will be demanding an apology from the WT and if I know you all, you will do the same.

    If the WTS flat out lied about their claim of divinity, then I would want an apology also. But if they df'd me wrongly, I guess I would want an apology too. But then again, df'ing doesn't fit here either. Courts around the world could care less about how they punish former members

    I knew the moment I saw it what it will do to the organization, but my background is a bit different than most of you.

    Was this information passed on from someone in Bethel currently? Or was this information taken from Bethel just prior to Barb leaving? If Barb had it for the last several years, why did she just now present it? It seems that she just recently came across it. Is there a GB member that is trying to do the right thing and bring the org down? This could be very major news indeed. Imagine a gb member opening all of the gb meeting files to the public along with everything else.

    Oh well, I'll let everyone else take a stab at it.

  • Cognitive_Dissident

    All right, you've got my full attention!

    My overactive imagination is just running with all the possibilities. I'm already thinking of everyone I know who is out and opposed to the WTBTS who doesn't post here, and who I'm going to inform of the coming news.

    And I'm going over possible ways to approach all those I know who are either out and trying to get back, or are in and probably want to get out.

    Thanks for the heads up, Barb!


  • daniel-p

    Barbara specifically said "lied," so I'm putting my money on some type of money scandal. I think it would be quite a blow to the average JW if they found out for sure that the WTS covered up some mismanagement of funds.

  • avengers

    Will this finally become reality?


  • Jourles
    WTS covered up some mismanagement of funds

    Ahh, but they are a non-profit. No one knows where the money goes. They could easily pull out the ol' "accounting error" that all of the other big corps do. You can spin money. Unless they funded some known terrorist group...

  • Cognitive_Dissident

    If, hopefully, this news will have the impact that Barb thinks it will, I think we should all start thinking of how we can help and support all those whose lives will no doubt be falling apart in the weeks to come.

    If the WTB&TS indeed is unequivocally exposed as the lying organization that we know them to be, there will be thousands who will be going through the same painful process that we all are familiar with. We are in the unique position to cushion the harsh effects of that event. Let's all try to help whoever we can in coming to terms with the nature of The Organization.


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