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  • wombat

    Could horrible life's theory regarding the 2 new GB members be the 3rd component that Barbara referred to?? Hell, I'm studying Barbara's posts more than I ever did any Watchtower.

  • steve2

    Whatever it is, Barbara's employing a good old Watchtower trick to get our attention:

  • jwfacts

    Hi Wombat,

    I doubt it is to do with the new GB. I know one of them personally, and just a couple of weeks ago he gave a talk saying how wonderful it is being on the GB, and what an inspiration all the old ones are and how much he admires their depth of knowledge and energy. I had been hoping he'd see through it all but it look like that is not to be the case.

  • Quotes

    My guesses, the only things big enough to be as big as Barb is suggesting:

    (1) WTS is eliminating the Blood transfusion prohibition. They have been working on it for years, working toward it for years, slowly and quietly reducing the restrictions, allowing more fractions, with internal memos stating that the "new understanding" is correct, but it can't be revealed in order to avoid "confusing" the brethren. Meanwhile, even though they know the policy is channging, they still enforce the old policy, and people died simply because the new policy had not yet been fully and completely announced. Internal memos debating whether they should let ShunnedFather's daughter die, and ultimately deciding that it is OK to sacrifice her, because it is way too soon to release the new policy.


    (2) Something *BIG* with money, something criminally big, something big enough to get the attention of the I.R.S., something with clear and irrefutable proof.


    (3) The Worldly rulers, having destroyed Babylon the Great, are now turning their attention toward God's Organization. Armageddon is finally here. Fear Not!

    OK, just kidding about the last one! :)

  • steve2

    Whatever it is, Barbara's showing her "good" JW-training by employing an old trusted Watchtower trick: Tantalise the rank and file with a bit of speculation:

    • Before they adopted the nomeclature "Jehovah's Witnesses" in 1931, banners were dropped around the main assembly arena with big bold "JW"s written on them. Some Bible Students wondered if it meant "Just Wait"!
    • And who can forget the shamelessly tantalising official speculation about 1975? All denied afterwards, of course.

    Unlike the Watchtower, though, Barbara had better not be leading us on a wild goose chase!

  • daniel-p

    I think it's highly unlikely its some sort of embezzlement, just mismanagement. I mean, where could the old codgers put all that money anyway? They don't even have time to enjoy it - it's not they are living in oppulence somewhere, they are living in Brooklyn Bethel, and even though there are some nice penthouses in some of the hotels they own, it's nothing overly lavish.

    This is what raised a red flag for me: directing everyone to give their money to the world-wide work fund in order for the Society to appropriate funds accordingly. I conducted a service meeting part about a month ago where this came up. Someone made the comment about how you could write on the check "for Katrina fund" or something like that and I corrected them (in a round-a-bout way, of course) that the Society had recently mentioned we should put our money into the WWW fund for them to allocate however they felt was most beneficial. It bothered the hell out of me of course, but when you've been giving talks for a while you learn to just bullshit your way through no matter how weird it sounds.

    I'm not saying this is the scandal, but things like this have been stacking up for the past couple of months. When I was conducting that meeting part I could see several eyebrows raise and I knew they thought it sounded weird, too. If there where to be some major financial scandal you can be sure a lot of people would leave or start fading.

  • fjtoth
  • daniel-p

    Hey Defd, what do you think it is?

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    I think they are doing away with liver Tuesdays at the Bethel cafeterias.

  • JeffT

    As much as I'd like them to get caught out on blood (my father is a well known doctor and it caused a lot of family grief when I became I dub) I don't think that would grab the kinds of headlines we seem to be talking about here. Even a big law suit over it would still just look like a squabble between some religious crazies. Big lawsuits are a dime a dozen in the real world.

    The one that would get everybody's attention would be a money issue. It wouldn't hurt of some sex got tossed in to spice up the story. I think that only a money scandel would produce the big news were talking about here.

    I bet the money is going somewhere interesting.

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