Christmas not Xmas!

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  • daystar

    referring to the poem Hib posted.

    ............................................ *blink, blink*.............................

    WAHAHAAAHAHAAAAAA!!! You have got to be kidding me! Please tell me your entire premise is not based upon that wall hanging. Please, hon!?

  • Finally-Free

    I'm wondering if Jesus ever ate a Christmas ham.


  • undercover
    This abbreviation for Christmas is of Greek origin. The word for Christ in Greek is Xristos. During the 16th century, Europeans began using the first initial of Christ's name, "X" in place of the word Christ in Christmas as a shorthand form of the word. Although the early Christians understood that X stood for Christ's name, later Christians who did not understand the Greek language mistook "Xmas" as a sign of disrespect.

    Okay, hib...willing to admit that you mistook the meaning of "X" in Xmas now?

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    It's 100 freaking degrees outside!!! Why in the hell are we talking about Christmas???

  • GetBusyLiving

    :I'm wondering if Jesus ever ate a Christmas ham.

    I could totally go for a Jesus Ham right now man.


  • Legolas

    Holy crap........I'm so hungry now, that looks sooooooooooooo good!

  • kid-A

    YIKES!!!!! Looks like some brain surgery gone horribly wrong!!!

  • Gretchen956

    OMFG this is the most hilarious thread I have ever read! Everyone knows we pagans had this holiday first! You Xtians stole it from us in order to deceive us into converting to believe in your god. Aside from that even by your own Xtian writings you have had hard evidence to prove you are completely wrong in your assertion. As my hero bugs bunny would say "What a Maroon."


  • Confession

    Oh “Xmas” is from Satan,

    As some so like to say,

    It’s just verbal masturbatin’

    ‘bout a certain random day.

    Some say the X stands for the Cross

    Some say, “No that’s a farce!”

    They’re the self-appointed Godly Boss

    Just what is up their arse?

    Perhaps a corncob’s lodged real tight

    And that’s what makes them pick

    I’d like to help them if I might

    Extract it with a stick!

    Yes Christ did come to set us free

    In Him, not laws we hope.

    To Hibbie I say solemnly, ”Who died and made you Pope?!”

  • hibiscusfire


    I'm wondering if Jesus ever ate a Christmas ham.

    Hey at Christmas we eat ham. So in my faith we can eat ham (pork version).

    Now that is the best!!!!!


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