Christmas not Xmas!

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  • Confession

    Easter is another topic I'm talking about Christmas and X'ing Christ out of it....

    It's entirely ON topic, Hibiscus. You have noted your exception to using "Xmas" in place of "Christmas" because of your opinion that it is a Satanic removing of Christ's name from Christmas.
    Christmas is celebrating Jesus' birth. Easter is celebrating His sacrifice so in any case why put the X there at Christmas time?

    You have here shown no problem with using the name "Easter" with reference to a holiday about "His sacrifice." But you yourself must know where the name Easter comes from, don't you?

    The English word Easter is derived from the names "Eostre" - "Eastre" - "Astarte" or Ashtaroth. Astarte was introduced into the British Isles by the Druids and is just another name for Beltis or Ishtar of the Chaldeans and Babylonians.

    So since using "Xmas" as a mere abbreviation for Christmas is so Satanic to you, how on EARTH can you justify using the entirely pagan word "Easter" for a holiday meant to celebrate "His sacrifice?" At least the X is regarded by many (although not you) to represent the cross. The word Easter is clearly and obviously pagan.

  • Princess

    What are y'all doing for Turkey Day this year?

  • willyloman

    Hibbie apparently plans to ignore the reference materials that were posted showing that the origin of "Xmas" is from "X for Christ." What do you call some one who, faced with hard evidence, continues to argue as though nothing had changed?

  • nilfun

    Thank you, Fe2O3Girl

  • avishai
  • Odrade

    Fine, fine Princess! How's your legs after all the sports? Turkey day, hmmm? Eatin' turkey I suppose. Seems silly to cook a turkey for two though...

    HB, in all seriousness, (if you are serious,) Nobody knows for sure exactly what form of cross Christ was hung on. There is only record of what types of crosses (and there were several forms) were in vogue with the Romans at the time. It's possible that Christ was hung on an X rather than a +, since the Romans were using both for their crucifixions. There even a very tiny possibility (very tiny, though unlikely) that he was hung on a stake, as the WT asserts.

    So stop making a fool out of yourself by insisting you know exactly how it was with this X and + stuff. Unless you have a time-travelin' machine you're not telling us about, you don't know. So this argument is an exercise in futility. Grasping at straws to assert your pious devotion as a Christian. Needles in haystacks, straws in eyes, mountains-molehills...Of course, I know there is a brand of X-tians out there who revel in futile arguments... Are you one of these?

  • avishai

    See, Easter is just a Derivation of the word Ishtar, astarte, ashtoreth, etc.

    You messed with "X"-jw's on this subject. Probably not such a hot idea. Holiday origins are one thing we DO know about, even though we never celebrated them growing up.

  • hibiscusfire

    Fe2: In the early days of printing when typesetting was done by hand and was very tedious and expensive, abbreviations were common. The church began to use the abbreviation C for the word "Christ" in religious publications. From there, the abbreviation moved into general use in newspapers and other publications, and "Xmas" became an accepted way of printing "Christmas."

    That is soooooo weak girl!!!

    Imagine tedious to type 6 letters but "mas" as 3 is ok. - most important word...Christ.

    There was a reason to do that...Satan succeeded in fooling you.


  • daystar

    Hib, bless your heart. I'll meet you when you get there.

  • Confession
    What do you call some one who, faced with hard evidence, continues to argue as though nothing had changed?

    Willy, the best word I can think of is "closed-minded."

    I think this may be Saturday Night Live's Dana Carvey signing on as "The Church Lady." The smug arrogance, the refusal to present her thoughts--not as opinions--but as "what is right" is the sign of a hard-headed Guardian. People such as Hibiscusfire, J.F. Rutherford and the average Pharisee of Jesus' day have exactly the type of mindset that results in religious authoritarianism.

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