My thoughts on men who Body Build

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  • funkyderek


    Body-building is an activity people take up voluntarily, unlike being black/disabled/gay etc..

    This statement alone defines your ignorance. No matter your so-called life experience.

    Does that mean you disagree with the statement?

    Personally, I don't think bodybuilders are more agressive than anyone else. Some of them may be at first, but after they get into a fight and realise that perfectly sculpted abs don't count for much, they'll probably think again.

  • SixofNine

    They just vant, to pump you up.

    Is that so wrong?

  • sonnyboy

    Part of winning a fight is having fear. Fear helps release adrenaline, which amplifies our motor skills as well as our sense of hearing and sight. If enough is released, it's almost as if everything around you goes in slow motion. I remember getting into a fight in the 7th grade with a kid twice my size. I was scared sh!tless. Before he could even land a punch, I dotted both his eyes and he stood there looking stunned. It was as if everything froze around me and I couldn't miss.

    It sounds to me like your boys don't have enough fear to release the needed amounts of adrenaline to win a fight. I haven't been in another fight since then, and I go bar hopping almost every weekend. I find that trouble usually doesn't find a person unless they're looking for it.

  • 144001
    Oh deary deary dear, we are a little sensitive aren't we? Abaddon

    Oh deary deary dear, Abaddon, we are a little insensitive to the feelings of others, aren't we? Rather than admit the fact that you've brainlessly bashed an entire group of people, including, without limitation, KLS' sons, who are the subject of this thread, you continue to spout foolishness like a pompous idiot.

    You're not a ... body-builder are you? Or is this just "pay-back time" for some perceived slight, Abaddon

    The presumptions you make have no basis, which says little for your intelligence. In my youth, I was a bodybuilder, and although I no longer train for bodybuilding, I still lift weights several times a week. I am extremely fit, but my focus now is on competitive endurance events. Instead of admitting to the offensive nature of your post and apologizing to those you've offended, you choose to characterize my honest rebuttal of your comments as "payback." Your pompousness apparently has no boundaries.

    Maybe you just don't get the analogy as you're so keen to take offence? Abaddon

    The analogy is horse poop, as was your entire post. I see nothing in your rebuttal that changes the nature of your analogy. Once crap, still crap.

    Here's a little help as you seem to need it; someone whose entire life revolves around their dick will be as balanced as someone whose entire life revolves around their pectoral muscles. Many such body-builders abuse their bodies. Many are so monomaniacal it becomes their prime focus in life. Abaddon

    Your analogy was that bodybuilding was "masturbation without orgasm." How does the above explain that? Maybe you should exhale before you post another stupid analogy.

    Having worked in clubs I have known quite a few regulars, both clientèle and door-staff, who took their body-building seriously. -- Abaddon

    Surprise, surprise, Abaddon, but working in a club is hardly a sufficient basis for you to receive the authoritative respect you apparently believe you are deserving of on this subject. You've generalized about an entire segment of the earth's population based on your limited experience as a person who worked around a few bodybuilders. Even someone of your intellect should be able to comprehend the stupidity of your assumption that you are an authority on the subject. You don't know sh%t about bodybuilding and this fact is obvious.

    Stereotyping bodybuilders in this manner is analogous to the stereotyping of minorities engaged in by racist groups --144001
    Please don't embarrass yourself anymore than you need to. Body-building is an activity people take up voluntarily, unlike being black/disabled/gay etc.. But this nicely establishes your intent in replying to me; nothing really to do with what I said, just an opportunity to slur me (with poorly thought-out analogies that probably offend some of the people you were refering to by comparing a life-long condition with a hobby).

    Oh, I see, you distinguish your brainless and entirely invalid stereotyping of an entire segment of the earth's population by the fact that being a bodybuilder is not an immutable characteristic. This distinction is irrelevant; just like a racist, you've stereotyped an entire population of people you know very little about. As for your second attempt to defend your stupidity by deludedly implying that my post was somehow a personal vendetta against you, are you ever able to admit being wrong, as you clearly are here, Abaddon?

    But what I actually said or meant matters little as you're just looking for a reason to attack... ;To quote a well-known body-builder, unfortunately I am sure you'll 'Be back' with more of the same...

    What you actually said, Abaddon, is what I responded to. Your delusional beliefs that I'm out to get you are irrelevant. You've entirely failed to rebut the substance of my post. Just like many Jehovah's Witnesses I've dealt with, you've avoided the substance of this debate and utilized the "you're out to get me" defense.

    For your information, Abaddon, others here who have not posted responses to your stupidity were also offended. I received several PMs from others who were offended by your post and thanked me for standing up to your foolishness. Does it make you feel good to stereotype others in such a negative fashion? Are you so insensitive to the feelings of others that you can't comprehend the offense you've caused?

    Call it "payback," or whatever makes you feel better about yourself, Abaddon, but I can't respect anyone who stereotypes an entire population based on their experience with a couple of individuals within that population. I see no difference between your reasoning and that of a bigot.

  • ellderwho

    Alright Derek: drop and give me 50

    Seriously I got into training because of my back from a car accident, herniated disc L4. Also at my gym are older folks 70ish, wheelchair bound, the list goes make a blanket statement such as:

    "Body-building is an activity people take up voluntarily"
    reveals a limited veiw of fitness centers/gyms whatever.

    edited to add:

    I find that trouble usually doesn't find a person unless they're looking for it.

    Well said.

  • ithinkisee

    Heh ... just last night my wife was getting out of the shower and I told her "Don't take this as a negative ... it's a compliment ... but I bet if you had time to work out you could have a washboard stomach."

    She has curvy hips and a flat tummy .... after giving birth to two kids.

    Making me feel all tingly "down there" just thinking about it.

    Maybe I can cut out of work early and head home .... lol ... as long as she hasn't decided I'm apostate yet.


  • kls

    Thank you all and especially to 144001 and others who do understand

  • Abaddon


    This statement alone defines your ignorance. No matter your so-called life experience.

    Is it Christmas already? Did you just tell me that being black, gay or disabled is something people take up voluntarily? And that body-building is pre-determined?

    Big Dog

    Bodybuilding is about sculpting the body, creating a work of art with the body as the canvas.

    Dieting is about sculpting the body, creating a work of art with the body as the canvas. As with body-building, for all that many people manage to do it without damage to their health, others harm themselves, or get stuck on an impossible treadmill where an unrealistic ideation of what they should look like robs their life of joy. But I suppose teenage girls with body-image problems are far safer to criticise than bodybuilders...

    As for aggression; doesn't it strike you as odd that a non-contact sport that involves looking in a mirror and posing on a stage has a reputation for violence and aggression out of competiton amongst its practisioners, more so than contact sports where the players are required to make hard physical contact with other players by the very rules?

    It is an incredibly gruelling and demanding endevour, both physically and mentally.

    So is motherhood...

    Maybe my stereotype is built up from bad experiences, but quite seriously I haven't used hyperbole or made a thing up. The dozen or so people, from co-workers or regulars at workplaces to people I studied with, who have been body builders (at least two competed), have all fitted the mould I describe - apart from the sole female body builder I've been acquainted with who was nice and worked in a bank. And it's not like I don't like freaks (like extreme tattoo or piercing fans, but most of those embrace the term) who alter their body shape.

    As has been pretty obvious from the examples I gave ('muscle-bound' is described negatively, 'lean, with hard compact muscles' described favourably) I have been and am still refering to people who can no longer shop in normal shops, people who stand out of a crowd like sore thumbs, not someone who goes to the gym twice, three times, a week and looks after themselves. I'm talking about people who self describe as body-builders before anything else (not that you need to ask them). If you look up "body-building" you'll see examples of what I refer to, not examples of normal gym users.

    But I obviously have put some noses out of joint, so hopefully making it clear I am refering to aggressive twats who think muscles make them something and monomaniacs who look like Gor-novel illustrations, not your normal bloke keeping in or getting back in shape will pour oil on troubled waters. Please accept my apologies for noses placed out of joint by not being more clear.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    the govenor of california body builds, or used to, and he won the election.

    hmm? hmmm?

    TS (of the frightened of the gym class)

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog
    is about sculpting the body

    Abbadon, ah, no, sorry, dieting is about stripping bodyfat from the body, it has absolutely nothing to do with sculpting the body. By enlarging targeted muscles a person can change the visual aspect of their body, ie. by building the side deltoids they can make their shoulders wider and thus make their waist appear smaller. Only by changing the size of the muscles do we actually sculpt the body.

    As for aggression; doesn't it strike you as odd that a non-contact sport that involves looking in a mirror and posing on a stage has a reputation for violence and aggression

    First it doesn't have a reputation for violence and agression, but even though it is a non-contact sport, I will tell you when you are looking at a 500 pound squat for reps it takes a serious amount of aggression to put yourself underneath that sort of weight and grind out the reps Serious weight training, not Denise Austin video workouts, but heavy weight training requires a huge amount of the same sort of natural aggression that can be found in contact sports, except that aggression is taken out on the weights.

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