My thoughts on men who Body Build

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  • Oroborus21


    I didn't see anyone else address this but are you fully aware of what substances that they may be ingesting as part of their body building. Obviously things like steroids can result in increased agression. Even so called "natural supplements" can have detrimental affects and some are laced with steroid like chemicals that may produce the same effects along with increases in testosterone levels.

    However, it sounds like your sons aren't necessarilly being the agressor but rather just stepping into situations in order to help out others or perhaps not backing away from confrontations. These issues have nothing to do with body building per se but it might tangentially contribute to a feeling of overconfidence and perhaps a penchant for "taking on situations" without much consideration since intense body building requires attacking the weights and "psyching oneself up" and this kind of mindset can bleed into other areas of life - not always bad.

    The thing you need to stress with your sons is learning when there is a time to stand up and not back down, to be agressive or handle a situation, to come to the aid of others, and when one should walk away or extract themselves from a situation even if it means seeming cowardly or losing face. One thing that you need to teach them is that even a strong muscle makes little resistance to a sharp knife and no matter how buff they are they can lose their life at the end of a gun. Thus the whole bar-fighting thing needs to be cut out and avoided unless their own lives are in danger or they can "safely" intervene. Most bars have bouncers and persons PAID to break up fights so they should not be doing that unless it is like their friend or something and only to the extent to stop the violence not add to it.


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    It doesn't take much of an IQ to get into a fight. When I was younger I never got into too many fight unless I was cornered, then that other person had better watch out. Better to walk away from trouble because all it would take is some wacko with a knife or a gun and it is all over.


  • G Money
    G Money

    I am considered big (muscular), 6 feet (1.85m) 215 pounds (95 kilos). I'm also older (30's). I never look for trouble. I try to smile alot and not go to places people look for trouble. I do have friends I work out with that always seem to knock somebody out each weekend but feel that they look for it.

    These days people do not fight fair. Many carry knives or arms. I'm big but not gargantuan and feel that those with the most problems are large or small. I'm neither and smile and try to be friendly. I think that is the key.

    Many are aggressive but many are not. I admit that many bad ones are much more respectful towards me, if I may accidentally bump them in a bar / club. Many times they have this bad look on their face but if I say sorry, they smile and say, its ok.

    Those who look for trouble, usually find it. I don't look for it and try to smile and make friends. No troubles so far, knock on wood!!!

  • shera

    I have seen and known some smaller fellas who could knock down "mighty"large guys. When trained,size doesn't mean much.

  • Golf

    Since I was into sports, I started weightlifting at the tender of 13, no harm done as long as you listen to the instructor/s.

    Judo was interesting because it involved competition and it teaches you self-control. I never exploited these exercises, I learned dicipline. Whenever you flex your muscles, 'expect' to be put in place.

    My trade required toughness and this training helped me to fit right in. I had a brother that was a professional boxer and we sparred around many times.

    Bodybuilders are just show-offs, egotistical. I've spent many hours in a gym viewing bodybuilders while I was weightlifting. They could have it, not my cup of tea.


  • core

    Any one any views on Steroids taken to bulk muscles - I am concerned over a relative who is taking Steroids and wonder - is it dangerous, is there anything we can do to help - are they addictive - do they cause anger outbursts (read that somewhere) - any ideas most welcome as I can see a relationship of this person and the partner in trouble over this -

  • PaulJ

    I used to do 'a bit' but never got into fights or anything. It was more intensive weight training than actually wanting to bulk up on muscle. If you are 'big' then you attract attention esp in pubs/bars. People think you must be 'hard' and feel they need to prove themselves.

    As suggested- either learn a martial art or stop hanging round rough bars!!!

  • Terry

    What many parents don't grasp is that young men need a rite of passage to convince themselves and the tribe that they are SOMEBODY to respect in their own right.

    Primitive society provides kids a test. In Australia they have a WALKABOUT for survival.

    The Mormons have a 2 year missionary program.

    Unless and until a young man can show the world (and himself) that he is SIGNIFICANT he will resort to attention-getting antics that can prove harmful and self-defeating.

    American Society is quite stupid in this regard.

    The rituals of the past are often highly important.

    When I was 13 I started bodybuilding and worked out TOO often at three times per day.

    I love LAWRENCE of ARABIA (the film) about somebody who didn't fit in who showed everybody what a tenacious genius he was.

    But, my "defining moment" came when I was 20. I allowed myself to be martyred for Jehovah. (ha ha ha) I went into Federal Prison over the Miltary Draft issue (called the Neutrality issue back then) and came out with respect and little else.

    Your two boys cannot become men until they PROVE themselves in some significant way.

    They suffer a fragile self-esteem right now.


  • Abaddon

    Body building = Masturbation without orgasm

    Self defence has nothing to do with body building. Ever seen a free weight dodge a punch? Or a nautilus do King-Fu? Some guys like the feel it gives them, the status it gives them with some other guys and women, and the self-confidence looking like a muscle-bound jerk give you. Poor them says me.

    The best looking bodies are those of people with good diet and an active lifestyle. Funnily enough they are also the healthiest bodies to have. Take a blacksmith or farrier for example; if they eat well they will be lean, with hard compact muscles, and quite ridiculously strong. They might not have the 'cut' of a body builder, but they have a more useful healthy body.

  • GetBusyLiving

    Ahh come on, give the poor meathead's a break you guys.


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