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  • Quentin

    Shunned Father words cannot express my sorrow for your lose... my thoughts are with you and your family...

  • Joyzabel

    Shunned Father, my heart goes out to you. I cannot imagine losing one of my children to the fake blood policy of the WT. It was bad enough losing my father and father-in-law to the blood issue.

    Please people, DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS. This thread is for Shunned Father. Please ignore the ignorant people who want to hog the thread. Ignore bad behavior.

  • rebel8

    defd, if you want to debate the scriptural basis of the blood doctrine, I suggest starting your own thread in the blood folder. There are also JWs in a group dedicated to dealing with the blood issue. They have a web site:

    to all: just wanted to point out this thread:

    Back on topic, OP, I offered some help on the first page of this thread. Would it help if we all started distributing flyers in our areas? There are so many of us who have really strong feelings on the blood issue and would like to help, even if we can't go to Brooklyn Crooklyn with you.

    I almost died many times during childhood as a result of my JW mother's refusal of basic medical care. It is a serious issue that deserves attention. There are people dying senselessly right now.

  • observador

    Keeping the thread on top...

    I appeal to anyone who can support this effort, to do so.


  • GetBusyLiving

    Defd: it's real. Think about it man.


  • fairchild
    Please people, DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS. This thread is for Shunned Father

    VERY good advice!

    Hi shunned father,

    I am so very sorry for your loss. This is horrible.

    I just wanted to mention that I live about 6 hours north of NYC, meaning I live about right in between Toronto and NYC (more or less). Should anyone be driving down from Canada to attend this event, I would like to offer my home in case people need a place to sleep overnight. I am serious about this.

  • Rabbit

    Shunned Father, I am a shunned father, too.

    Lawrence, The GB's Bloody Policy murdered my Mother, too.

    You have my complete support & understanding, I doubt if I can make it from Texas to NY, but I will try to do something. aren't much of a man, I won't waste anymore words on you.


    Never Surrender !

  • sharona12

    Arsenic poisoning is common in alternative cancer therapies. The use of Laetrile and its various knockoffs and home made look alikes is the responsible culprit. The use of Laetrile and/or one of its relatives could kill someone already very ill from other cancer therapies or at deaths door from lack of blood. The combination of lack of blood ,other cancer treatment AND the use of Laetrile would almost certainly be deadly.

  • Evanescence

    (((((((((((((Shunned Father))))))))))))))))

    So sorry to hear your loss.

    I know this may not be much help but I will say it anyways.

    Your daughter is in heaven right now, she is looking down on you, I don't think she wants you to be sad, be strong for her Shunned Father

    I sure hope this protest goes well for you. One thing that would help is getting people aware of this, so if it does go on t.v then that would be great! I will look out for it!

    Defd, my co-ordinator has taught my year level something valuable, that is to have common sense and common courtasy. If what your doing does not fit the desription then don't do it. if you want to protest more make a new thread on "blood transfusions" or whatever title would suit.

    In peace,


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Shunned Father, my heart goes out to you. I'm not able to be there in body but certainly will be in spirit.

    Is there anything those of us who can't get there can do? I thought maybe a seriously co-ordinated letter sending campaign? Everyone could send a letter so that they get delivered all on the same day (or within a set period, say one week). Either to Brooklyn or our own national HQ's? Just an idea...


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