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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Let's get the thread back on track - and my part in letting defd hi-jack it away from the issue at hand.

    Shunned Father is clearly upset about the loss of his daughter. It is attributed to the WTS, and to some extent at least they have blood on their hands, if for no other reason than the teachings that they espouse. If anyone lost a child to such a situation there would be the tendancy to overreact. I would do so I am sure. I am not saying that there is any overreaction here - just that even if there is overreaction on the part of one who lost a child, it would be normal for that to happen. And we should support him all we can. Both here and at the protest if we can attend.

    Sorry, SF, for your painful loss. I hope the protest goes well, and that many here are abel to support it. Thoughts and prayers are with you.


  • jaffacake


    Acts 15:29 ABSTAIN FROM BLOOD. Thats enough for me.

    If that is what the Bible really teaches, then why is that not current Watchtower policy?

    Everybody, including the WTS, now knows this policy doctrine was in error. Please, read this essay, and I'm sorry if you think it wuld be running ahead of Jehovah. I truly believe this will be close to official watchtower teaching eventually, but not until the the FDS says....GO:

  • jaffacake

    Dear all

    This is a better link than the one I just posted, although you can page forward or backwards fron that page.

    I urge Defd or any JW, or interested person, to read this essay, before being so sure about what scriptures say and mean on the blood issue. This is so important. Life is sacred and precious:

  • MegaDude

    JWs deceptively quote Acts 15:28, 29 but not Acts 15:20, 21, which makes clear the Gentiles are to abstain from blood so as not to stumble potential Jewish converts to Christianity.

  • M.J.

    So sorry, Lawrence that this happened to you. I can not even imagine the rightful sorrow and rage. I wish I could make the rally but you will definitely be in my prayers.

  • jaffacake
    JWs deceptively quote Acts 15:28, 29 but not Acts 15:20, 21, which makes clear the Gentiles are to abstain from blood so as not to stumble potential Jewish converts to Christianity.

    Nor do they go on to read the very next sentence after their Acts 15 quote which explains WHY the compromise on eating blood was proposed whilst the issue was threatening to damage the spread of the gospel.

    Apologies to Lawrence for getting into this on your thread about your daughter, I'll start a new thread. If I was within a few hundred miles, I would be there friend!

  • orangefatcat

    First of all, Lawrence I have sent you an email.

    and secondly I am sick inside reading this guys shit. defd. Your some kind of nut. I don't like arrogant rude individuals like you. You are arguementative and think you have all the answers. If your a witness why are you here? Why are you being a jerk? Bebu made some great statements as did many others. Open your eyes or shut up. Better still ship out.

    Here is a man who has lost a precious gift his beautiful daughter and you turn this forum into some kind of circus just to statify yourself and your own egotistical ways. You are pathetic. People like you, make me feel happy to be out of the organization. Your judgemental and crude. You owe this dear man an apology as well many others on this thread.

    God I hope your not an elder because you need to learn to listen before you open your mouth.

    I said I seldom if ever get angry about something that is posted , but you diffinately are one who deserves a slap in the head for your stupidity. Sure you can have an opinion, but when your opinions hurt others than your a loser pal. So do us all a favour fly away.

    Brought up better than you


  • itsallgoodnow

    First of all...I agree that the blood policy helped lead to this terrible tragedy and the WTS shares some blame...but I am confused on some things. I have not kept up with this case very close I admit, but some things raised questions just from what Shunned Father said and what the articles said.

    First Shunned Father says:

    Two leading Oncologists both agree that my daughter Bethany might be alive today if she had not been fed Arsenic. As you may recall, the WTS arranged to take my sick daughter into hiding for two months and payed a doctor to prescribe Arsenic. The doctor ant the WTS lawyers convinced Bethany that the Arsenic treatment could cure her.

    Was she fed arsenic or did the alternative treatment she was given contain arsenic in it? There's a difference there. Some foods have trace amounts of arsenic. Chemotherapy is a form of radiation. In normal circumstances one would want to stay away from radiation. It could be a similar situation with the arsenic treatment. The statement above seems to want to lead one to believe that some witch doctor practice was being used.

    Hiding the daughter from her father is unpardonable. But did the WTS whisk her away or did her mother? Yes, the mother was definitely under the influence of the WTS, but if she took her and hid her, can you prove that the WTS had anything to do with that? Maybe they did, but can it be proved in a court of law that they had this kind of influence on the situation or will it be presented as if it was the mothers decision alone? Remember, most people do not know how cult religions work. It will be hard to get them to envision life as a JW and understand how one's thinking and decision making is influenced by the indoctrinations of the church.

    The medical records show that the doctor could have saved my daughters life at any time , right up to the last day, if he had given her blood.

    According to the one article listed, she was given 38 transfusions. Maybe it was too late by then, but that doesn't jive with what was stated above.

    The WTS is an evil empire and they are easy to hate by ex-JWs and I feel for those that lost a family member when the blood policy is strictly adhered too, but sometimes grief can make us overreact and strike blindly out at the easiest target. The WTS is an easy target to lash out against, and they deserve some heat for the blood policy, but there is no guarantee that she would have lived even if blood had been transfused early on. Murder is a strong word and if you accuse them of that you have to make sure you can back that up.

    I know I'll probably catch some heat for this post, but I stand by it. Even though I hate the WTS, I also believe in understanding the facts on a case before jumping on anyone's bandwagon in trying to defame the WTS.

    Interesting post, I feel these questions should be asked in this situation. I am also very sorry for Lawrence's loss.

  • Sunspot

    I didn't get to the end of the posts yet but I was so furious that I had to write this;

    defd said:Too many people come on here and tell lies just to discredit JWS and you know it.

    No, I don't know it. You believe only the pie-in-the-sky Watchtower LaLaLand tripe, and the hateful things that the Witchtower claims are "all lies" if it comes from anyone other than a obedient JW. We see it all the time.

    I suspect you're very young, but I'd say that you have never looked into all the DELIBERATE LIES that your own org has told, and taught as TRUTH, only to have to revise these "truths" a few years later.

    OBEDIENT JWs have died, lost their families, gave up full scholarships, shunned their loved ones, etc for RULES made by MEN...that were changed and then so innocently called "newlight" from the bible. Sometimes these RULES were even switched back again..just to show you how absurd the Witchtower really IS! They can't even make up their own minds what the bible REALLY teaches, but they sure as hell push their beliefs off as truth from the only religion that God approves of. Give me a break!!!

    When a man comes here to post something as gutwrenching as we have seen here....and some young misguided pipsqueak comes on and says "I don't BUY IT", it made my blood boil! You are JUST as arrogant as your leaders have taught you to be.

    defd said:is it OK for a parent TEACHING their child it is OK to go and fight in a War and then ship him off at the age of 18 just to die. Lets sue some of those parents!

    When did the topic of this thread change? OH! Someone must be trying to divert the import of the original post!!! THIS is a common tactic when a JW posts.....but I didn't see where the subject of who goes to war and why.....even HINTED at in this thread. Maybe you should grow up and respond accordingly-------ESPECIALLY IN A TOPIC AS SENSITIVE AS THIS ONE IS!!!!!!!

    Do you think I'm upset???????? You better believe it!


  • Sunspot

    My anger overcame my manners to Lawrence. I am s sorry about your tragic loss.....I have followed your plight from the onset and it truly breaks my heart. Although I am in the same state as this protest, I am not able to travel from up here by Lake Ontario. I will be with you in spirit, my brother, and God bless you and your efforts.

    with love,


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