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  • Billygoat
    Andie you still havent answered my ?

    Have you PERSONALLY seen the facts? Do you KNOW this to be TRUE?


    Please see ALL of the threads SHUNNED FATHER has posted since his coming to this board. Google him. You will find article after article about his situation from hundreds of different news sources. Have I met Lawrence Hughes? No. Have I attended the court cases? No. Does it mean because I haven't seen or heard him personally that it doesn't exist? No.

    But if in your mind, that's the case, then how do you refute the existence of God? Let me use your words...Have you personally seen the facts (of God)? Do you KNOW this (God) to be true?

    Your method of thinking is flawed my friend. You can't choose to use logic in some instances and not in others in order to win an arguement.


  • defd

    Now words are being put into my mouth here. I never said i needed to know him personally or be there. ALL i said was it sounds to unbelievable to me. Did I jump the gun, probably. Maybe I should have checked it out first. I told Y'all why i Didnt buy it. Too many people come on here and tell lies just to discredit JWS and you know it. Give me a www. site on his story and i promise i will read it. If a lose occured i do feel for him. I am not like you think. Just give me a site to look up billy!

  • rebel8

    (remains silent on defd's comments because billygoat is already doing such a thorough job)

    Larry, I am willing to put up a press release about your story on my web site if you like. I'll give you a full page. Is there a written summary of your story with references that I could copy and paste into my page for you? (I could google it all but I thought it would be better to give you an opportunity to choose what is said. It could contain a statement from you if you like.) Then people can print it off and distribute it in print. Would that help? Email me if you're interested.

    (Just don't give me graphics unless you're willing to take the chance they won't work. At the moment my graphics have disappeared and the host is not being much of a help.)

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Too mant peiople come on here and tell lies just to discredit JWS and you know it

    Have you PERSONALLY seen the facts? Do you KNOW this to be TRUE?

    Please provide me with the lies told about Jehovah's Witnesses on this site, as well as proof the statements are lies.

  • Billygoat
    Too mant peiople come on here and tell lies just to discredit JWS and you know it.

    No I don't know that. Yes, there are some, but trust me...the majority of the stories you see here are true. When they aren't true, it's fairly obvious...many members here have "troll sensory" and it comes out in the open if someone isn't for real.

    Give me a www. site on his story and i promise i will read it. If a lose occured i do feel for him. I am not like you think. Just give me a site to look up billy!


    I will say it one more time and that's it. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. All you have to do is put his name in Google. You'll get hundreds of hits. Honestly, how hard is that??? From what I can tell, you are exactly what I think. LOL


  • love2Bworldly

    Shunned Father--very sorry for your loss. I would be glad to participate in the rally but can't make it. Let me know if you plan any more in the future. I wish you much success, the BS society is evil.

    And I wish to offer an apology Shunned Father to any #!*%$#@! apologists who post here and take the limelight off you and onto them, they are so desperate for attention. They must not be getting the attention they need from the Idiots I mean Elders.

  • Valis

    How's Canadian TV for you Dfed?

    Good enough proof? I don't see why anyone wouldn't believe...I mean they have even bragged about the dead kids in the Awake..

    The cover of the May 22, 1994 Awake! magazine showing photos of 26 children, with the caption: "Youths Who Put God First." Inside the magazine glorifies Witness children who died supporting WTS policy.

  • defd

    OK billy I WILL. Did you do your own research? How did you first hear of it?

  • Billygoat


    I hope you find the truth as you read these articles. There are hundreds of them. As for me? I've been on this board since 2001. I've read all of SHUNNED FATHER'S posts since I've been on board. There have been countless discussions on this board about his situation over the last several years. There have been countless newsarticles written by dozens of authors. There have been news programs. I and hundreds of other people in this community have been following his story for ages. This is not a new thing that he just made up for entertainment purposes.


    PS: You can always run your mouse over a person's moniker and see their past posts and past topics. If you'd like to read the personal history of what he's gone through, just click on his moniker and then clock on Topics.

  • stevenyc


    Here's a thread for you.

    Both media and martyrdom played roles in the death of Bethany Hughes. The 17-year-old Jehovah’s Witness was admitted to Calgary’s Alberta Children’s Hospital in February, 2002, with acute myeloid leukemia. Hughes’s doctors estimated her chance of survival was 65 per cent, provided she accepted an immediate blood transfusion and chemotherapy. Without treatment, she would die. Her father, Lawrence Hughes, felt intense religious conflict and sought advice from the Society, doctors and the Bible. Despite his efforts to discuss his concerns and treatment options, he was ignored and angrily shouted down by family and the many Elders who flooded the oncology ward. Two days after Bethany was admitted to the hospital, Hughes signed permission for the blood transfusions to begin and was immediately shunned by everybody he knew.

    “She was in constant pain,” Hughes remembers. “She couldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom. After the transfusion, she was almost back to normal!” The doctors gave her mere days to live, but the treatment gave her a chance. Over the next few months, Hughes watched his own daughter physically resist treatment as the Society fought to maintain their control. The blood transfusions were working, and with her cancer in remission, Bethany was discharged from the hospital on July 6, 2002, but Hughes never saw his daughter again. When Bethany relapsed, she was hidden in Edmonton and became an outpatient at the Cross Cancer Institute. On the Society’s recommendation, a course of non-blood, palliative care treatments for an entirely different disease began her rapid decline and by the end of August, she was confined to a wheelchair, blind and in pain. Bethany was rushed to the hospital on September 5, and she died the next day.

    This idiocy has to stop.

    I'll be there in October.


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