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by Yvonne A 129 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Odrade

    In this case, the moniker "witless" truly IS appropriate. Witless, did you even read the article you just posted? When read-- in context-- it PROVES beyond all doubt that the WTS regards the mediator as operating only directly on behalf of the 144,000. The rest of the so-called Great Crowd are only peripheral beneficiaries of the "New Covenant."

    Read... AND THINK... before you post.

  • steve2


    Just a respectful word of caution: I notice that you have scanned a 1979 Watchtower magazine article . You really need to check that this article is still supported by the Watchtower because more than 25 years have elapsed since it was published. The point you wish to "prove" by quoting from it may well have been superseded by another one.

  • czarofmischief

    Durrrr, okay, massuh Witness Defender, thankee kindly fur showing this po' Spirchil Gentile the Light...

    the old light, you twerp. That article was published in 1979, just BEFORE FWF made his insane, egotistical leap into damnation!

    It's all documented in Crisis of Conscience, and you KNOW it!


  • IP_SEC

    Yes man do you know what a mediator is?????

    That article verifies the point completely. It still doesnt say that christ is the mediator for all men, just the 144k. Mediation is for the new covenant.

    There is a big differance in benifiting from the new covenant and being a party to it.

    Your not for real, are you? No one is that dense, not even me and im pretty dense.

  • Odrade

    Um, guys, this IS the article that defined the Mediator's role as operating only on behalf of the 144,000. He's proving OUR contention, he's just too "witless" to realize it.

  • steve2

    hey guys write nicely - set an example. Sometimes ideas do take time and clear thinking to register. I can't see how derogatory labels are helpful in this instance.

  • Aude_Sapere
    Did you get your college degree from the Awake! magazine?

    Funny!! Good One.

  • NewLight2

    Witness Defender,

    Howdy! You do remember me from the orig WO board, don't you?

    Your Friend.

  • witnessdefence

    JFYI I am not here to play some stupid game with y'all.There is no win or lose.I have learned something by reading the article.Mostly I have learned that there is more than a little quote to consider when ragging on someone elses beliefs.Especially Witnesses.

  • witnessdefence

    Where does "Do unto others just as they do unto you" appear in the bible?I missed it.

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