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  • Sunspot

    ** It *never* fails to amaze me how many JWs don't know about Jesus not being their Mediator and will swear up and down that he is - then immediately accept the WT without even blinking when I show them in the WT literature. This is my favourite thing to ask JWs about because it's so outrageous and so obviously untrue.

    I remember when that WT came out and we studied it. I can't tell you how let down and disappointed I was. It was very disturbing to me that I had believed that Jesus had died and was buried with *all* our sins, all of mankind and that all we need do was to accept him as our Savior and mediator to "benefit" from his sacrifice.

    Finding out that Jesus placed one group of people before another somehow didn't square up with everything I had learned about him.....but yet, I TRUSTED the WTS to dispense only TRUTH! How terribly mistaken I was.


  • Sunspot

    ** Also, jws DO think they are the only ones who will survive at Armageddon because i have asked today - and yes they do believe that. everyone else will apparently die. but if anyone isnt a witness and die before armageddon, then they could be resurrected.

    This is a major area where JWs are taught to "weasel-word" around responding to this as a direct question. I recall telling others that "only God can read hearts, so it is ultimately up to him" and other such replies. Of COURSE we believed that only JWs would receive the prize---or why else would we spend our lives BEING JWs, and submitting to the whims and fancies of some old men in NY that were claiming to speak for God?


    "Yahweh" or "Jehovah"?

    NAMES are important. Harvard University researchers found that not only were people influenced by the first names others had but the names that parents gave their children affected them either favorably or unfavorably.

    How about all those stories that JWs love to talk about where someone was fertively praying and the JWs came to their door and started a study?? Do you suppose that they were praying to "Jehovah" or to "God"? Did the prayer reach the "God" of your choice so that a study was started? Think about that.

    Also, where in the bible do you see Jesus using the name Jehovah???? IF it was THE only acceptable term---why didn't he use it in the MODEL prayer?


  • holly

    Something doesnt ring true here. it may just be my suspicious mind, but does anyone else feel something is amiss?

    First Yvonne 'stumbles across' this forum. She went through the process of registering. I find it hard to believe she didnt read any of the site content before she registered. As soon as the first page came up and i read some of the post titles, i knew what id entered into, let alone when i actually read some of them in more detail.

    If she is studying and regularly going to kh, she must have been told about these kind of sites. i was told several times by several people.

    The day after she registers, witnessdefence registers. Someone who fiercly defends Jw's but isnt one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have you ever defended a cause you havent been involved in.

    Could Yvonne and witnessdefence be one and the same person, just having a laugh. very strange.

    anyway, had my study today. got to go to work now, but will update you when i get time.

    bi for now


  • Leolaia

    Yvonne and WitlessDefence have different IPs.

  • holly

    oh my computor knowledge is not hot.

    but still very strange .......... something just doesnt add up. maybe its the person yvonne studies with! just a thought

  • kls

    Holly anything is possible and many times we are duped with Trolls but just in case or until we know different we try to help as many as we can .

  • Seeking Knowledge
    Seeking Knowledge

    WTF?? I just read this whole thing....if you're not a JW why the hell would you want to argue for something you don't have any clue about?? That would be like me trying to convince ya'll were wrong.'s entertainment anyway!


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    I came into this thread a little late....

    just my 2 cents to you all for making my day....big chuckles

    Nice to see our old JW friends still "fighting the fine fight of the faith" chuckle, chuckle

    ...and that Jehovah and his brethren are alive and well in Brooklyn Heights....blah blah blah

    YAWN....there really are more important things happening in the world guys.....why waste your time trying to convince those who choose " blind ignorance" over any rational thought. It is always good to hear an intelligent verbal joust but all of us posting on this forum know the "B" teams arguements before we start...

  • glitter

    I remember when that WT came out and we studied it. I can't tell you how let down and disappointed I was.

    I didn't have a clue that this was the case when I was a JW. I'd like to believe it would have set alarm bells ringing - it did when I read it on the Quotes site and checked it in the literature. Like I didn't realise the Faithful and Discreet Slave was actually *people* until I was about 13/14 when I was at the meeting when the Sheep and Goats change came out... that struck me as wrong - both that people were telling us what God said and also that they *changed* something. But I suppose I forgot about it or just reasoned to myself that it *must* be true over the next few meetings.

  • Alwayshere

    A simple way to prove Watchtower Society wrong is to start at 539[which Society accepts for the fall of Babylon] and starting with the last four Kings which are Neb. who ruled 43 years, Evil-merdach ruled 2 years, Neriglissar 4 years, and Nabonidus 17 years. Society agrees with History on these years.Nabonidus ruled 17 years down to 539 add 17 to 539=556, add 4 =560 add 2 =562 add 43 =605. History says Neb. first year was 605. 2 Kings:25:8 says Neb. desolated Jerusalem in his nineteenth year.605 down to his nineteenth is 587. Every encyclopedia and History book says 587.So easy for those who love the truth more than an organization.

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