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  • undercover
    I did a lot of comparing before I started studying with the witnesses and I believe that Jehovah is god and that anything that contradicts the bible or his will is disallowed for our benefit.

    You compared Witnesses with what exactly?

    The JWs have lots of nice, well-meaning people in their religion, no doubt about it. They are sincere and want to serve God as faithfully as possible.

    You said, "...anything that contradicts the bible or his will is disallowed for our benefit." What if something that is taught by the JWs contradicts the Bible? Would you then accept that maybe the JWs are mistaken along with the other religions that you have investigated?

    I realised the truth, wrote to the society and haven't looked back since.We must all choose our own path.I choose this as mine, please don't try to discourage me..

    I won't discourage you from becoming a JW. What I would encourage you to do however, is to examine any religion as closely as possible to make sure that it is the right religion. Examining it closely would include to see what both sides say about a matter. You're getting the JW side of the story, but have you bothered to get any other side?

    The JWs teach that you should question your old religion when you study with them, but are you allowed to question and dissent later after becoming a JW? What if you saw something the JWs taught that didn't set will with you? Don't wait until after you are baptised to find out that dissention is not allowed. Question things now. You may like their answers and if you do, fine, join them and be happy. But if anything at all bothers you about what they believe research it now and get to the bottom of it before you commit to something that you can't get of. Because once you are in, you can't just walk away if you change your mind. If you don't believe that, research on disfellowshipping and disassociating. You may be surprised.

  • Satanus

    I did a lot of comparing

    The problem that you will run into, as you go deeper into the wt world, is that they will attempt to stop you comparing things. At some point after you get baptised, they will expect you to take everything the wt says without question, putting total faith in the wt org.


  • xjw_b12

    Yvonne. Welcome and Don't let us frighten you away. You've heard from 2 posters on this thread, who like yourself, were considering dedicating their life to God/Jehovah.

    On close observation though you will find yourself dieicating your self to an organization / business / religion of men, who insert themselves between you and the God you wish to worship.

    I suggest you take a look at Rebellious Spirits threads, as she muses out loud as to her predicament.

    Take Care....

    "Religion is the worship and service of the Devil and his associate demons .... Religion is the chief means that puts fear into the minds of the people and leads them into the Devil's snare .... Truly then, as stated, 'religion is a snare and a racket,' employed to collect money from them under false representations." Joseph Rutherford Watchtower, Jan. 15 1940, Page 29

  • steve2
    please don't try to discourage me..

    This is not about discouraging you but actually encouraging you to do your homework. I've noticed a double standard among the witnesses: They often speak in very negative ways about what other people believe but become very defensive and closed-minded when they're invited to examine their own beliefs.

    Yvonne, you cannot wish that something is true just because it suits your present emotional need. It has to stand up to scrutiny and not employ mind-control tactics to avoid thinking about it. All of us - me as well as you - need to take personal responsibility for doing our homework.


  • kls

    .We must all choose our own path.I choose this as mine, please don't try to discourage me..

    I used to feel like you and i am sorry you will have to see what the wt really is for yourself . I didn't have the Internet or anyone else to go to for questions but the longer i was in i could see for myself what the wt really is.

    Remember the scripture of False Prophets?

    Be sure you keep your mind open ( WT ) and let no one close it because once you close your mind you will be trapped. I know and many here know what mental damage we carry to this day and you will some day also.

  • Brummie

    Hi Yvonne, just a little thought, not trying to discourage you or anything but..The Insight into the Scriptures (Aid book) admit that the name Jehovah is a mistranslation/mispronounciation of the tetragrammaton, Gods name is YHWH, when you can ponounce that you have cracked it. Y/Jahweh seems to be closer, but if you get anxious about it, you could just do what Jesus did and call him "Father".


  • glitter

    Ask yourself, and consult your Bible - who is your Mediator between you and Jehovah?

    Your heart and your Bible will tell you it is Jesus:

    1st Timothy 2:5: "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus."

    It *is* Jesus!!!

    Many Jehovah's Witness do not know, or do not remember, that the Faithful and Discreet Slave say they are the Mediator.

    Jesus Christ, is not the Mediator between Jehovah God and all mankind. He is the Mediator between his heavenly Father, Jehovah God, and the nation of spiritual Israel, which is limited to only 144,000 members.
    Worldwide Security Under the "Prince of Peace" (1986) pp.10-11

    More on the Mediator.

    Where does it say that in your Bible? Why would they put themselves in between you and Jesus and say this?

  • Simon

    Hi Yvonne

    You will probably find (and may have noticed) that most of the people on this site have either been Jehovahs Witnesses or have a lot of experience of their beliefs and practices ...

    ... and have decided to leave.

    It may be that you are very happy with them and it fills something in your life, in which case I wish you luck. Many people have found that it causes a lot of heartache though and was "not what was described on the tin".

    The best thing you can do IMO is research and check everything. Question what people tell you (us included) and what people have to gain from it. This may sound callous but we really don't care if you join or leave in that it doesn't really affect us as such ... but we remember our own experiences and perhaps helping someone else to avoid what we went through gives it some meaning or purpose.

    Don't think though that whoever is trying to 'convert' you is doing it for wrong intentions - they likely are doing what they think is right for what they think is the best reason. Unfortunately though, the organisation has a dark side to it that tends to take advantage of peoples good will and intentions.

    You may be a "lost soul to be saved" to someone but to the people behind them you are just another potential recruit and source of income. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

  • jgnat

    Okay, Yvonne, I am taking you at your word. Since you started your spiritual journey, has it improved your prayer life? Check out this link where others of like mind form "prayer circles". I see there is an interesting article about our Heavenly Father.

    I would be interested in what you think of that site.

  • witnessdefence

    Hello Yvonne.Please be very careful of what the people on this group have to say.Most of their info is either ignorantly flawed or downright deceptively lies.Most people who have become Witnesses and have left have done so because they don't want to give up their heathanistic ways.They would much rather con themselves(and others)into believing that there is some sort of biblical justification for acting any way that they want just so long as they are 'saved" and/or "have faith".Never mind the fact that few of them even know what either of those terms mean or have any idea what is required in order to be able to say you are or have them.Also,you must be very critical of many of the so called "informative" websites that the people here link to.Most of these sites are written by people who claim to have been Witnesses but clearly have never been.You would not believe how many flat out lies that anti-Witnesses get caught in.Plus,you must be very careful of the web sites that post old mag articles from the past,many of which are taken completely out of context and then twisted to make them seem as if they are meaning one thing when the opposite is true.For instance in one responce to this very post someone(glitter) accused Witnesses of believing that Jesus is not the mediator between man and God.This is a lie!!!!! Either glitter is totally ignorant or they are simpley lying to you.All Witnesses know very well that Jesus is the direct moderator between mankind and God.That is why you must ask for things and pray to the father in Jesus' name.Witnesses know this very well.Always have.

    Do yourself a favor Yvonne and don't ever give up your studies and if you get a chance come on over to Yahoo,sign up and visit these two grooups to start with:

    Be careful as the second group is unmoderated and can be a bit heated at times.The first one I'm sure is moderated and hatefulness isn't allowed.

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