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  • Odrade

    I love it when witnesses come on here and are ignorant of the nuances of their own beliefs. WitlessDefense, unless you are anointed, Jesus is NOT your direct mediator according to the so-called anointed hypocrites that run the WTBTS. He is only THEIR mediator, and they graciously intercede for you by extension, NOT directly. Look it up. In the Watchtower.

  • willyloman
    Most people who have become Witnesses and have left have done so because they don't want to give up their heathanistic ways.

    Dear witless:

    I can't speak for "most people," as you apparently can, but I can tell you many have left because they had an attack of conscience and could no longer misrepresent God. I was an elder for more than 20 years, one of those elders you sat and listened to at the circuit assembly and district convention, who visited your congregation and gave a talk that made you feel good all over and proud to be a member of this elite corps of preachers, a select cadre of freedom fighters who had a direct pipeline to God and exclusive understanding of "the truth."

    In my years in the inner sanctum I learned more about JWs than you can imagine. I learned that hypocrisy runs rampant at the highest levels, that the lofty ideals spouted by the organization are mere words to which lip service is paid. "This people honors me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me," said the prophet, quoting Jehovah God himself.

    When I walked, I took everybody with me -- my entire extended family. We are neither heathens, nor hedonistic, but pretty well balanced "normal" folk.

    You, my dear witless friend, haven't a clue why "most people" leave the organization. But stick around here, read awhile, open up your mind and pay attention, and you will soon discover truths you never contemplated. What you do with that information will depend entirely on how much courage you have, and honor.

  • witnessdefence

    Since YOU'RE the one making the accusation then why don't YOU show ME.I'll bet you're like a lot of antis in that you believe that the burden of proof is with the accused don't you?Witnesses get that a lot.People like you spreading rumors and then telling them that it's up to them to prove that they're not true.Oh,and Witnesses DO NOT believe that ONLY Witnesses will be saved out.Another lie.

    BTW,I'm not a Witness either.I know that anti-Witnesses hate that as it takes away from your whole "brainwashed by the Watchtower" theory but that's how it is.

  • witnessdefence

    Inner sanctum?I doubt it.Another tall tale based on bull.

  • candidlynuts
    Witnesses DO NOT believe that ONLY Witnesses will be saved out.

    i was a jw for almost 40 yrs.. um yeah they DO believe everyone but themselves will be destroyed at armageddon. no matter how the wtbs pretties it up for outside consumption once your in thats the teaching.

  • Odrade

    BTW Witless, "they don't want to leave their heathenistic ways????" I am an extremely moral person. Just so you know. I don't cheat, lie, steal, I pay my taxes on time and in full. I don't weasel on my hours to my employer or "borrow" things from his shop. I am totally faithful to my husband. I don't smoke, drink to excess, drive while tipsy. I always tip unless the service is atrocious. I don't do drugs.

    I don't judge my fellowman for their alternative lifestyle choices, as long as it does not do damage to others. I do not shun my family members.

    In addition, every one of those bad things I mentioned that I do not do , was done to me, sometimes repeatedly, by witnesses in good standing while I was an active JW. And I was expected to "let the matter drop," and continue acting as loving brothers and sisters with them. NOW that I am FREE from the WTS, if someone lies about me, steals from me, or cheats me, I have full right and ability to never ever have anything to do with them again. Thereby protecting my own health and well-being from the deceit and hatefulness from those who would do me harm... even these active JWs.


  • IP_SEC

    Hi Yvonne,

    I have no intention of ever acting in a heathenistic way. I can tell you this, we take people in at their lowest most hopless time, when no one else seems to care we do. Then we when they get back to that same low/hopless point, we kick em right out.

    I am leaving because I can no longer teach what is obviously wrong. We are about to study the Daniel book again. How can I oversee a study that teaches utter nonsense about when Jerusalem was destroyed? How can I point people to the Governing Body as the Faithful and Discreet slave when I know they arent? How can I continue to tell people to do everything the Watchtower says when I know its a game of russian roulette, since so often food at the proper time has been poison?

    So, no sex parties for me. I dont want to get involved in any hedon or heathenistic ways. Its a matter of conscience for me to leave.


  • Sunspot

    **Most people who have become Witnesses and have left have done so because they don't want to give up their heathanistic ways.

    You're absolutely right! HOW can any decent, sincere JW even think about leaving Jeovah!

    This was I thought too, before I came to a board like this one. I, too, came on and tried to defend my beliefs and fought a hard fight. I lost. The more I looked at the many sites offered, that were proof and not opinions, I had a lot of praying and soul-searching to do. I battled within myself for six months, and finally wrote my DA letter.

    I never went "looking" for a way out of the WTS, in fact, quite the opposite. It was very tough seeing what I thought was THE only religion approved by God himself---crumble before my eyes. 30 years of doing my utmost to be a model JW with an unbelieving husband---and for WHAT?

    You are NOT "pleasing Jehovah" you are pleasing the WTS. LOOK at all the man-made rules you submit to, and you'll see, if you are honest with yourself. God does not have an earthly organization---the WTS does. God reads hearts-the WTS measures your heart (spirituality) on how many hours you turn in every month. The WTS has arrogantly set itself up as mediator between you and God and denied the Christ his own position.

    I could go on, but you get the idea. The WTS has thier own version of who God is and what he expects, and I don't worship the Watchtowergod any longer.


  • steve2


    What a real shame and disappointment that you're most potent message to Yvonne was one based on negativity and judgementalism. How dare you lazily assume you know why people have left the Witnesses! The old accusation of immorality is as tiresome as it is inaccurate.

  • steve2


    What a genuine shame and disappointment that your most potent message to Yvonne was one of negativity and judgement. It is ironic that this forum permits you to air your concerns, whereas many people on this forum were never allowed a legitimate forum in the Watchtower Society to air their concerns. Worst of all, how dare you lazily assume you know why people have left!

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