Urgent! Need help - I told my parents.

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  • FreeWilly

    Oh please AFIN, do you expect me to buy that?

  • stopthepain

    God,A friend in need,,cmon,you were the victim of the dreaded witness kid comeback.Yuo left the org,having been sheltered ,lied to ,manipulated.You then went out into the big bad world of HUMANITY,probly as naive as I was,got your balls handed to you a few times,and in an emotional state,decided,"the truth is the only place for me,no one will hurt me there,the world has nothing to offer except badness"and in that emoptional state ,you reverted back to years of brainwashing.You might need that crutch,but not everyone does,whether someone wants to worship god on thier own is THIER choice,and you certainly don't need that lying false judgeMENTAL org in your life.

  • kaykay_mp
    You then went out into the big bad world of HUMANITY,probly as naive as I was,got your balls handed to you a few times

    Yep, I agree. Been there, done that, got the shot glasses.



  • 144001


    "A Friend in Need" is no friend of yours, but he/she does appear to be a friend of the Watchtower cult. If that cult told him/her to stop communicating with you, he/she would obey the cult command without any thought. A person like that is no friend to anyone, as their friendship is subject to the cult's commands. Go out and make real friends who aren't mentally enslaved by the cult that is the Watchtower.

    Congratulations on your awakening! It brings back memories of my own teenage years, and I'm very lucky to have been smart enough to get out of the cult when I was 14 years old. That was over 20 years ago, and the only regret I have is that I didn't escape earlier.

  • NewLight2

    "INFORMATION CONTROL .. my foot! If anyone here had nothing to fear .. they'd whole heartedly suggest filip deal with this situation with his parents .. not strangers on the net." --afin
    Ummm . . .I think what we have suggested is that filip do some INDEPENDENT STUDY on his own. You know, the kind that he does in school while writing his term research paper! We are suggesting that he read a few history books from the library . . .like maybe an encyclopedia on the date 586/587 BCE vs the 607 BCE date for the fall of Babylon.
    oh, while he is at it, he could compare the actual quote in the New Catholic Encyclopedia against the MIS-QUOTE that is used in the Watchtower published 'Trinity Booklet'. I'm SURE his parents or the elders will make sure he knows about the MIS-QUOTES. Not!!

    See examples of the Watchtower Society MIS-quoting sources:
    Booklet: "The doctrine of the Trinity is not taught in the Old Testament."
    "In the New Testament the oldest evidence is in the Pauline epistles..."
    "In many places of the Old Testament, however, expressions are used in which some of the Fathers of the church saw references or foreshadowings of the Trinity."
    "...the minds of God's people (Old Testament) were being prepared for the concepts that would be involved in the forthcoming revelation of the doctrine of the Trinity. In the New Testament, the revelation of the truth of the Triune life of God was first made in the New Testament, where the earliest references to it are in the Pauline epistles."
    "Since the Son and the Holy Spirit are mentioned on a par with the Father, the passage clearly teaches that they are equally divine with the Father, who is obviously God."
    "...they testify, under divine inspiration, in the belief of the Apostolic Church in a doctrine of three persons in one God."

  • a friend in need
    a friend in need

    The plan was ... I would quietly fade away. Just want filip to see another side on this site.

    But .. NewLight .. Just have to say ... what on earth are you talking about? (Pauline epistles ?????)

    Hopefully your writing will impress your target ... sure isn't me.

  • NewLight2


    That was not MY writing, rather it was a quote from the New Catholic Encyclopedia which the Watchtower Society choose to MIS-QUOTE in thier 'Trinity Booklet' to make it sound like the New Catholic Encyclopedia agreed with Watchtower doctrine. My point being that the Watchtower Society is DISHONEST when they delibrately MIS-QUOTE a source!

    Example of mis-quoting:
    Sue to John: "I do NOT like onions!"
    John to Bob: "I heard Sue say that she LIKES to eat raw onions."

    John delibrately mis-quoted what Sue had said to him.

    The Watchtower Society mis-quotes sources all the time to 'prove' their doctrines have a basis in biblical history.

  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    By all means ... give the study a chance! Don't expect it to do any good if you are still posting here behind your parents backs. If you are so sure of the 'help' you are getting here, show your posts to your parents or an elder.

    you know exactly what will happen if he shows his posts to his parents. they will remove the computer from the house and be all over him 24/7 like a duck on a june bug. so he's a minor... but he is also a thinking person seeking answers, and he deserves them. us sharing our experiences isn't going to poison him against his parents. p.s. if his parents were here i would tell them exactly how i felt, by the way...

  • filip

    oh... im sorry i havent been viewing all the new replies... I thought that the post was dead.

    But thanks for all the replies. Heres four pages of advice here, so I cant really remember all of it... but in a lot of the posts, you desribe things and Im thinking that its exactly how I feel, I just couldtn describe it.

    All right, it seems many of you arent agreeing, whether or not Im being mentally abused. Well, for a long time of my childhood, I think that I WAS abused by my father. I understand he never meant anything bad with his actions, that was just the way he was raised by his psyco-dad.

    For many years Ive was afrasid of him. When I was younger he used to beat me when I was behaving bad. One time I was over playing with one of the neighbors, not knowing they were celebrating birthday. When I came back my brother told me that I was going to be in trouble, so I hid in some bushes in out garden the whole afternoon. Only to get my punishment when I got out. Or when were at the meetings, he would to take me out to the bathroom to beat if I was too noisy.

    He has never been a friend or father to me. He never had time. He was always working or doing something for the WT. Hes a lawyer, so the WT uses him to defend their cases too. (He has among others won some cases about child abuse.)

    The only time he had time for us ( I have a big brother, big sister and a little brother. My big brother and sister has left home? still in the troof), it was to discipline us, give orders and beat us if we were behaving bad.

    Its only for the past 2 years that my father have changed into the better, after my mom nearly had left him with a bangin divorce.

    So NOW he wants to spend time with me, be my friend, and be kind to me? but theres just something in me that can never love him? and he can feel that, so that sometimes leads to conflict where occasionally he goes back to his old him and loses his temper.

  • filip

    14011 Yes, I do skateboard, and I love it! It also lets me deal with these hard times I have at home. Its like, whenever I just hit the road with my skateboard I feel free. I dont care about the meaning of life, if JWs are right or wrong, or my f*cked up relationship with my dad. Did you ever skate some street-skating? Or did you only rode the ramp? I like the street-skating, jumping down some stairs or hitting a rail... uhhh, is it only me that likes the feeling of rolling down a rail and crush your balls on it? hmmm I love that... lol

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