Urgent! Need help - I told my parents.

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    I&P ... see what I mean ... here we go again ... if he can't respond with reason ... delete ... delete ... delete ...

    Valis has responded with reasonable statements and arguments (as have others), unfortunately you have chosen not to respond to those earlier in this thread.

    This one will be next ... right ?

    Only if you want it to be.

    Again, think what you like, but unlike Jehovah's Witnesses we do not erase things that we don't agree with. This is a discussion board and a subject can, and will be discussed from all sides. Some can handle that, some can't.

    Not to be a nag, but this is filip's thread and if you want to discuss this more thoroughly, perhaps it would be best to do so on another thread.


  • a friend in need
    a friend in need

    Thanks again Chris ... you are right. Wrong place. No more from me (unless I feel I have to defend myself) :)

  • Odrade

    hmmm... you said Valis deleted one post, which by your own admission by silence contained only a personal attack. Where is this "keeps deleting my post?" I guess you intend to raise your paranoia and dodgy diversions by a false accusations.

    I think you'll find that I'm in Valis' camp on this one sweetie.

  • a friend in need
    a friend in need

    Actually, Odrade, I have no idea which post he deleted tonight. A few nights ago he admitted deleting a post where I asked NewLight2 if his elevator went to the top floor. But after some arm twisting he admitted it and posted what I wrote. So that makes two ... thus I used the word "keeps". Getting to be a habit with him.

    I was joking to anyway ... like 'make Valis play fair ... he won't share toys".

  • Bryan

    Wow, I've missed a lot.

    afin said:

    Bryan suggested a pm.

    Accually, I told filip he had a pm. At least two moderators on this board know me and my family. Though many people here are not known, I have no doubt it is one of the most closely watched boards on the web.

    Isn't it nice afin, that you can come here and are able to speak all you want, unlike the jw class of judges who won't even alow us to show our faces at weddings of our own families and other jw functions including jw boards.

    Where's the love Dude?


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • Valis

    Now the liar is you sir. I have only deleted one post of your's on this thread. PERIOD.


    District Overbeer

  • a friend in need
    a friend in need

    Valis ... tonight at 21:50 you made mention that you deleted a post of mine. It appeared that you meant you did that tonight ... Odrade felt you did too, as she mentioned I hadn't responded to you about it. You were not clear in that post that you were referencing the one from the other night. It looked like you were just doing the same old .. same old. Thus I didn't bother to ask what I'd said this time.

    "admission by silence" were Odrades words in reference to me not asking about you deleting my post tonight.

    I also said to Odrade "Actually, Odrade, I have no idea which post he deleted tonight."

    Thus you see where you led us to believe there were two deletes.

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    so, let me get this straight... you make an honest mistake and well, you are mistaken, but when i did, i'm a LIAR. and even after i acknowledged my error and apologized to you, you persisted with this comment:

    You are right ... there is a fine line ... but this is a serious accusation.


    Thus you see where you led us to believe there were two deletes.

    lol, there you go with that "us" and "we" stuff again...

    Accusing someone like you did is very serious ... that why I say ... groe up!!!

    you just wrongly "accused" Valis....

    p.s. i'm starting to feel bad, 'cause this thread is turning into a train wreck. i'm not saying another thing, no matter what. (apologies to Filip)

  • a friend in need
    a friend in need

    I&P ... Do you really not see an ocean of difference here?

    You accused me of a very deviant thing ... your response ...diversion ... diversion ... diversion.

    You learned something tonight.

    I did not make a mistake tonight ... Valis did ... he was not clear in saying which post he deleted ... haven't you been keeping up here?

  • Valis
    I did not make a mistake tonight ... Valis did ... he was not clear in saying which post he deleted

    there is no "which post he deleted"and I already stated long ago THE POST that was deleted and what it contained. . If you have further issues with me or the moderation on this board please send me or the other forum assistants a private message. You may also email Simon or private message him. Please don't keep this up or I will suggest to the other forum assistants and to Simon that you be removed.


    District Overbeer

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