Do ALL men cheat??

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  • zev
    But as so many already said.....there is commitment, love, concern about what you could lose, respect/self respect, etc.

    HappyDad......wishing everyone married or in a relationship a lifelong happiness.

    here here.....i'll drink to that.

  • Mac

    No...and even given opportunity I don't believe it to be so. mac

  • Mac

    No...and even given opportunity I don't believe it to be so. mac

  • upside/down

    I take issue with everyone who believes and propagates that "Darwinian, gotta spread my seed, survival of the fittest, looking for good breeding stock", BULLSHIT!

    Remember that bullshit when you come home and find some "guy" doing his best to pass on his admirable survival "traits" into your wife. You should probably thank him while you're at it for impregnating her and for "strengthening the strain", since yur sorry ass qualitites might have been passed on to the offspring instead- "God" forbid.

    Without EXCEPTION, every philandering,coward, f*ck face, dishonorable, lying, cheatin dog adulterer and fornicator I've encountered or heard of IS NOT THE LEAST BIT INTERESTED IN CHILDREN- the so-called "product" of "selective" breeding. The F'ers just want "ass".

    If any of you believe this shit you are either a philanderer yourself or one hell of a dumb ass! Ugly, stupid, sickly, weak and "inferior", peoples should not even be allowed to "breed". I think someone tried that around WWII.

    This human believes LOVE should rule, not so-called genetic superiority or other lame excuses for acting like an animal in heat.

    Here's to loving "breeders" everywhere and to honor and loyalty to ones mate!


  • orangefatcat

    BRAD, Brad , Brad.!! Me thinks that Inncense and Peppermints was referring to me. But thats okay, I still like you and all. Despite a bad hair day, I am the following.

    Just kidding....

    Love orangefatcat.

  • gumby

    I figured I'd wait for a whole buncha people to post and find out the answer so I didn't have to follow all 6 pages. Could someone just tell me what the final conclution was to this threads question?

    So yes or men cheat?

    Place answer right here------------------------------ ---------------------------------------

    yes no

    Gumby...thank you.

  • Valis

    I thought you were going to a football game

  • lonelysheep

    If given the opportunity, YES.

  • frenchbabyface

    no yes and no no ... (circunstances takes place - but then everyone have to take there part of responsability - if you are not happy in your marriage or did a promess to your partner even if not married : well just leave before !!! simple ...) but obviously some are weaker than others on the matter

    And Ballistic (I'm sorry for you) but yes women do cheat also of course !

  • AlanF

    No. I've never cheated and neither has my wife, although we've both had opportunities.


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