All Secret Santa Paricipants sign in here please!

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  • Scarlet

    I like candles, christmas ornaments, cookies, something unique or your state, city, town or about it, I love to bake, cookbooks, I love things that are homemade, anything would do it will be truly special coming from someone here.

  • Gadget

    I must apologise, I had a problem over the weekend and was unable to sort out the secret santa draw like I had arranged. I've just finished doing the draw, and will start sending out details for people when I finish work at lunchtime tomorow, and everybody should have they're messages by wednesday. Sorry for the delay!

  • mouthy

    No need to apoligise ...It is swell of you to do it....

    Santa is thankful for you little elf((((HUGS)))


    I like ...

    Big butts! No, I cannot lie.

    I'm sorry for that. I hate that song. I didn't mean it. What I really like ...

    Fat bottomed girls!

    I didn't mean that, either. I once again apologize.

    It's a throwdown between what I REALLY like, and what my interests are! On pay-per-view ... er ... yeah.

    I feel like I'm a bratty 5-year-old ... "GEEFTS! NEIN, NERHOUSEN! I DEMAND GEEFTS FROM THE LOT OF YOU! Schlecken kerhouzcsen!"

    (A 5-year-old with an Arnold Schwarzeneggar-esque accent, of course.)

    Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind ... 'Love And Death' (Woody Allen-Diane Keaton film) ... Siiiingin' In The Rain(Actual title minus all the extra i's) ...

    I like "Shaun Of The Dead". Except that right now it's only released on region 2 DVD(at least right now), and I'm in region 1, and ... oh, blah, blah. I'm going to stop now because I'm being too specific and just plain stupid. "Oh, I want all of these things, and blah, blah."

    Sorry for that. I really need to stop this strange post ... it hates me.

    I'm not asking for ALL of them, except if they're those cheap bootlegs. Just kidding.

    WOOF! WOOF! I like puppies, too. And BABIES! REAL ONES! Not those dolls ... real, fresh babies. With long cords on their stomachs. And lots of goo. Do they have dentists in the womb? I like dentists. Correction: I like to kidnap dentists. I like kidnapped dentists ... they charge you way too much for clean teeth, and they're gonna pay. They cost $15 dollars to kidnap, right? Attack them with their own instruments! It's not that hard, you know! If you're going to the dentist anyways, then you're just being lazy if you don't send him to me. Do you want to be lazy? Do you want that hanging over your head for the rest of your life, to know that you have deprived an 8 year old boy of his own dentist-in-a-box?

    I thought so.

  • Englishman

    Righto, I'm in!

    I like books. Just a cheapy paperback. I like reading about antiques. I'd like to do something different BBQ-wise this year, so a BBQ recipe book would be nice. Or maybe a print that's rolled up ready for me to put in a frame. Or maybe a picture calendar that's local to where you live. I don't care. Even a tube of Smarties will keep me happy.


  • bem

    Hey! Gadget,, I am so excited about the person sent to me they are going to be so easy to get for.

    Yeah!!! Gadget for all your time and work spent on this project, your so cool....and I don't say that to just everyone. Thanks.


  • acsot

    okay dumb question: are the gifts sent annonymously, no card or anything? No JWD poster's name?

    (just to be clear)

  • Sassy

    it is only a secret up until you get it..

    When I sent my gift last year, I had on the tag both my screen name and real name, so they knew who it came from..

  • acsot

    Thanks Sassy .

  • qwerty

    Sassy......- ?

    Mmmmmm, meeez new to doing this- I though it was about being "secret"?

    No ! - I'm a bit confused now (easy to do with me)!!!!!!

    Someone ...........anyone set me straight please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! < toooooooooooo many!!!! - flippin eck I've finish another Whiskey!


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