All Secret Santa Paricipants sign in here please!

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  • Gadget

    The details of who to send a gift to will be getting pm'd to you all either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning! According to the information I've found online the last posting day for standard parcels is Dec 11th for USA and December 15th for the UK/Europe, so you should all have plenty of time to select and send a gift, although sending sooner rather than later is prefered.

    Can everyone taking part post on this thread what things they like, what their interests are etc so that the person who is buying a gift for you has some idea what to get you.

    Last year we put a limit of $15 US, or whatever your local equivalent is, on the value of a gift so that it made it easier for more people to take part in. And if possible I'll be trying to make it so not too many people are sending gifts internationally so they can save on postage.

    And if there is anyone else who would like to take part in the gift exchange but has not contacted me yet please do so as soon as possible. Even if the deadline has passed and everyone has been sent their details I might still be able to include you, get in touch and I'll see what I can do.

    Have a great Christmas everyone!

  • Gadget

    I'll go first. As you can tell from my username I love gadgets.... I like any little quirky thing, logic puzzles, etc. I also love local culture, so something unique to your area would be lovely too.

  • LittleToe

    I'll just say that you can't tell from my UserName what I like.
    I'm not a foot-fetishist, for all that Gumby might claim I am!!!

    I'm easily pleased

  • Angharad

    As we haven't been doing Christmas that long we haven't got a huge amount of christmas tree ornaments, so anything like that would be nice

  • dorothy

    Hmmm....these are a few of my favorite things: cute or unique socks especially with monkeys on them, scented lipgloss, anything from the "Happy Bunny" line, or gift certificates for Old Navy or La Senza.

  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake

    Anything Happy Bunny, Simpsons or Hello Kitty

  • Fe2O3Girl

    I am a 33 year old married woman. I normally love booze, but that is off limits at the moment because I am having a baby.

    I love food, reading about food, cooking and eating food.

    I love music of all kinds except country and western, but including brass bands, metal, folk, classical and crappy chart pop.

    I enjoy walking in the countryside, and looking up what we have seen when we get back home. We have books of birds and plants, but are sorely lacking in books about British trees.

    I really like Lush toiletries.

    Is that enough to go on?

  • StinkyPantz

    I like office supplies: neat pens, mechanical pencils, markers, notebooks, Sharpies, etc.

    I also love to read. Barnes & Noble is one of my hot spots.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Books I love books. Any new book about the JWs would be super if it fits the $ limit. I don't have Father's Touch yet or anything published in the last year.

    Tree ornaments are always great to add to my collection - in blue, silver (the color not the metal), white or glass or even the great fake crystal ornaments.


    Oh and for those who do wind up mailing to the US they have some pretty strict rules about mailing food or plants or plant products across border

  • Emma

    I'm easily pleased, too.

    I cannot eat anything with gluten - wheat, barley, rye - though I'd love to be able to. I love dark chocolate; ornaments are fun, office stuff too and I love surprises, so anything will be appreciated. Please don't worry about what to send!


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