All Secret Santa Paricipants sign in here please!

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  • Dirt Rocker
    Dirt Rocker

    Quick question, but how do you 'get in' to do this..? I want to..

  • Sassy

    for me... actually anything christmasy is nice.. since last year was my first to buy things.. either ornaments or something to place elsewhere in my home..

    I also collect porcelean humming birds..

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    I want a lump of coal. But if that's too much to ask, then just surprise me. I'll pretend to be easily pleased.

    Oh, and I don't mind mailing something overseas. i think it would be fun to mix our continents.

  • kitties_and_horses_oh_my!

    I just saw this post, if there's still time I'd love to sign up!

  • Valis

    Send Gadget your mailing address and name...I bet he will be glad to squeeze on I mean squeeze you in..


    District Overbeer

  • fairy

    i like all sorts of things......i would be happy with whatever you choose to get me as long as
    its not rude!
  • MelbaToast

    Oh wow, we get to choose! Oh goody!

    Um, first Santa, I want a pony. A pink one if possible. My own cotton candy machine. Or a old Pinball Game!

    but really, Im just excited about sending and recieving a present! It will be way cool to get a package in the mail! Don't pick out no girly crap like bath oils or candles. I get enough of them as is! ANd actually, I think gifts that are homemade are the best gifts ever. So bake a couple dozen cookies from that "secret" recipe that you have stored somewhere. If you live farther away, send me something that is indicative of where you are from (Like if youre from Maine, you could send me a couple of big crustaceans. Just a hint, incase you get me as a choice, Mulan ) Or vermont, you could send me some maple syrup. Wisconsi, if you could get some string cheese for me, I would love you forever!!!)

    I love this time of year.

    Anyone that recieves a present from me will enjoy it, I assure you

  • mouthy


  • bem

    since times runnig out!!!

  • Englishman

    Don't care. As long at it's in metallic paint with low profile tyres.

    Oops, I missed this thread, I guess I'm out of it.


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