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  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver


    I asserted that in those cases of family abuse that they did not get their victims as a result of the congregation. I did state that it would most likely occurred. I did not make my claim clearly, and for that I apologize. My point was that if they wanted to commit this crime that their access to the victim did not depend on what association they had, that their victim was part of their family and would have still been a part of their family no matter what associations they had outside of that family. Actually the research I have done, makes the 50+% of family abuse more disturbing. According to the DOJ of reported child abuse, only 30% is when the perpetrator and the victim is part of the same family.

  • Ruby456

    Well the triggers may have been different and could alter the dynamic either towards or away from abuse. In fact don,t jws argue this way - that the incidence of child abuse is lower and less extreme than in the world and so indicating how external factors can play a part? Dissidents say the opposite

  • Giordano

    I appreciate your getting us to think more about this issue Richard. Hopefully you are as well. It is not so much about numbers and reporting opptions.

    Important claims are made by the WTBTS and it's followers the JW's........ that they are the only one who has the Truth. That they are the most loving of people. That the Congregation is made up of loving decent believers. That the congregation MUST be kept clean of all forms of sin.

    Then there is this pedophile problem. The ARC gave them a serious spanking and brought attention to their incompetence, their deceit and inability to deal honestly with their pedophile problem.

    A JW believes that their God Jehovah watch's over the brothers and sisters. Jesus and Jehovah have intimate knowledge of those who worship them.

    It is well known that the higher a brother rises in the congregation and organization the stronger they are spiritually. In fact even the Elders are said to be spirit appointed.

    But then there is this pedophile problem so how could these brothers be spirit appointed brothers........... "65 of the alleged child abusers were ministerial servants; 42 were elders; 8 were pioneers; and 1 was a circuit overseer."

    So obviously they did not have God's spirit on them.

    Does the Society have God's spirit on it? Considering it's sins and omissions......that would seem doubtful.

    Do the JW's have God's blessing on them? No....... why would a God bless any organization that tried to cover up sexual child abuse.

    The WT should no longer claim that they have the truth because from the top down they lie, only they call their lies 'theocratic warfare'...................that means it's all right to lie, cover up and in general act in a reckless way with their followers.

    So as we talk about the ins and outs of the JW pedophile problem we are also talking about about a discredited criminal organization which will do anything to preserve their now completely unstable organization.

  • sparrowdown

    RO why don't you save us all alot of futile back and forth and just state clearly your position, for eg you think WT is being unfairly targeted by victims of child abuse.

    Then at least we will know which corner you're coming from.

    In your case I suspect it's "the stop picking on WT because they are not so bad nor are they to blame for everything that goes wrong within it's own congregations" corner.

    Come out of the apologetic closet already.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver
    I have a mix bag of how many of you guys believe. I think that Watchtower policy should change so that as long as elders are not barred from reporting it and it is a crime in that jurisdiction that it should be reported to the police even if they are not mandated to do so. I believe that would help future victims of the same person from being abused. But I don't believe in the way that many people characterize it as a pedophile paradise, where victims are groomed by other witnesses for molestation. Does it happen? of course it happens in the way that a child is molested that if the family wasn't witnesses they wouldn't have been a victim. But like the ARC analysis finds there are cases where it happens in the family, and that victim would be associating with that abuser regardless of their association with a congregation.
  • steve2

    Richard Oliver, your constant special pleading - then backtracking slightly and modifying earlier comments suggest your personality is one in which you absolutely need to have the last word. As I said earlier - a statement I would never modify - the Watchtower and its lawyers value people like you. You have the ability to explain away what should be exposed as egregious. Most of your arguments revolve around "Buts" and "At leasts". You remind me of men who start chiming in when women are posting about their experiences as women, with the men constantly protesting, "But not all men are like that!" Talk about stirring up a hornet's nest.

    Perhaps - just perhaps - this is not the forum for your special pleading. You've raised this issue in at least three threads you have started. Forgive some of us for concluding you've made your points perfectly clear and you now need let this matter rest in terms of continued arguments. Hopefully you can move on to other topics in which your need to have the last word is not as off-putting.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Yes steve. When new information is gathered one's opinion can adjust and change.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    And I don't believe that every case of child abuse in JWs is the fault of Watchtower. Yes, there are certain people where if the commit this crime Watchtower should be held liable. But just the the fact that they are in a congregation somewhere, then that means that they are financially liable for someone else's actions. And court after court in the US has said the same thing. You cannot be held liable for the actions of a third party who you have no control over.

  • just fine
    just fine

    The problem is the organization knew the molester had a propensity to molest and did nothing to stop it. Please see my last comment which you conveniently skipped over.

    The organization can't be liable for abuse they didn't know was happening, but every case in the ARC was documented by the Watchtower organization - so it was known to them, and they did nothing to stop it.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Just fine. If you look at the analysis that was prepared by the ARC staff. About a quarter to half of the list is where only one victim had accused an individual of abuse, about another quarter to a third is two or three accusations, which is awful that they were able to re-offend and hurt another one or two children. But a good portion is that only one victim was ever recorded either by the branch or by law enforcement in the ARC staff communicating with local law enforcement.

    So my point is just like yours, they shouldn't be held liable for what happened leading up to the abuse. They should change the way that they handle the accusation following the report of the abuse and report it to the police.

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