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  • OrphanCrow
    I know that some people will disagree with me and feel that there is talk about 150000 Austrian dollars per person should be paid out by the organization. I don't think that is right for all of those cases because many of them had nothing to do with Watchtower other than the fact that the perpetrator happened to be a JW. The victim was picked exclusively because they were part of the congregation and nothing could have been done to prevent that crime.

    Your Watchtower is showing, Richard

    Join the lengthy list of Watchtower goons that speak just like you (out of the side of the mouth) who don't give a flying f*** for the consequences of how the restrictive and harmful policies of the Tower have affected the victims of that crime you claim would have happened anyways.

    You display your ignorance brilliantly. Those victims did NOT get the help they needed and many of them suffered horribly for years and years - all because of the WT. It doesn't matter if the crime would have occurred anyways - what matters is how that crime was handled and how the mishandling of that crime by following WT policies resulted in further harm to the victim. THAT is why the victims deserve every penny they can get. For being denied a fair hearing and for not getting the psychological help they needed to heal and move on with their lives

    You are an idiot. Tell me...does your first name really start with a "G"?

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver
    BTW I am just reading that Watchtower is complying with the court order in San Diego to turn over the documents that Lopez has requested in the deposition portion of that case. They have requested a protective order for redaction of certain data and for it to be sealed but they are complying with the order.
  • dubstepped

    Should we give Watchtower a standing ovation for finally cooperating with the court, and still failing to be transparent?

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    I never said that you should congratulate them in any way. Just presenting an actual fact. Apparently, Watchtower has had the documents ready since November 2, 2016, but the plaintiff did not stipulate to the non-disclosure agreement as outlined by the first judge, Judge Lewis and the Court of Appeals. So the documents were not turned over till the current judge could rule on a protective order.


    My point is that it is not an easy thing to say that Watchtower should have done X or Y in order to prevent all child abuse.....RO

    "In order to prevent ALL child abuse"


    No one claims the WBT$ would be able to do that..

    Only an Idiot would present that Strawman Argument..

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver


    Do you know any other big terms other than strawman argument or is that your crowning achievement that you know that term.


    Do you know any other big terms other than strawman argument or is that your crowning achievement that you know that term....RO

    Big terms should be easy,for someone who is trying to teach this forum about Law..

    Rather than trying to create another diversion..

    Use your Giant Brain to address the content of my post..



    Is The Result Of a..

    Image result for I have a giant brain

  • steve2

    Wait...wait...What's that sound? It's Richard Oliver slipping and

    sliding (deft r

    eframing of his lurch into insult an individual he knew would affect posters - and still he asserts he's not a Watchtower apologist). Watch how this poster circles and recircles the same old airport even after other posters tell him he's already made his views perfectly clear. He will have the last word.


    What do Jesus and Jehovah think about all this? Child sexual abuse is not just an Australian problem, it's an epidemic.

    What do Jesus and Jehovah think about the WTBTS telling the ARC that reporting should be mandatory if the ARC expects the WTBTS to do so, but then actively fighting mandatory reporting laws under the guise of "Clergy/Penitent" confidentiality?

    Or, is Jesus watching while the WTBTS spends $4000.00 Jeehobucks (USD) per day, just to keep its Pedo-records from the courts?

    The events in Australia are just a symptom of the Pedo-cancer that permeates the WTBTS.

    Yes, it's disgusting that the "one true religion" would continually appoint pedophiles to positions of responsibility, but the overall track record of the WTBTS, when it comes to child sexual abuse, is even worse.


  • Hoffnung

    If the DOJ figures are correct, why is it that in every court case where a witness is brought before justice, he is found to be a reoffender already... usually this fact is well known by the elders and the service department. But he is allowed to continue. Until some victim or the parents are willing to swim against the stream and report it to the authorities.

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