ARC Analysis Summary of Case Files

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  • sparky1

    "Buy group. You won't hear from me again. And I am sure plenty of people will be ecstatic by that and good for them. I don't care anymore." - Richard Oliver 4 days ago

    I liked this Richard Oliver much better.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Have I said that any person on this thread is wrong? I have not. I just been looking for people's honest opinions on the numbers behind that 1006 number.

  • freddo

    Hi Richard,

    My opinion is that the most important number is the ZERO cases reported. To my mind God's sole channel should have always been leading the field in its way of protecting children and dealing with abusers and that includes ensuring they are reported to the proper authorities.

    ZERO means that the organisation is institutional in not reporting and I believe that up until this commission started to reveal their way of dealing with these cases they not only didn't report but they suppressed those who wished to with coercion, guilt-tripping and even threats of disfellowshipping.

    I believe their prime response to an accusation of child abuse has been the preserving of their authority/image and the preserving of their money above all other considerations.


    I bring up the numbers because of a number of issues.....RO

    Yes there are a number of issues..
    The 956 pedophiles you`d like to disregard..

    I didn't highlight the contention that Watchtower feels that they didn't have a duty to report or anything like that.....RO

    Then why bring it up?..
    It`s another diversion from the real reason you posted this topic "AGAIN"..

    Your post below,is where your attempting to lead the conversation..

    That leaves only 50 offenders since 1950 that were either an elder or an MS when the act occurred.....RO

    I just save you a lot of Dancing..

  • Giordano

    There was another important number that was brought up There were at least 1732 children who were sexually abused! At least that was the number of children who came forward.

    In reality Sex abuse is an under reported crime because of the shame and confusion and guilt a child might feel.

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    Dick Oliver the stats do not matter cause as the GB member from Tasmania said in defense At least we're not as bad as the Catholic church you nailed it Outlaw wtbts apologist

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Freddo, that number of 0 is certainly a very important number. Certainly, that is something that must be improved upon to get to 100%. Either that improvement is caused by internal changes or by adjustment of laws in countries or a combination of the two is up for debate. But certainly what is not up for debate is that number must increase massively and it should be increased within a short period of time.

    Giordano. That is absolutely true, not just in child abuse but even in the sexual abuse of adults it is under reported. There are a number of reasons that mental health experts and sociologist point to as that cause, but I personally feel that part of it is a stigma against reporting this type of crime to authorities. Unfortunately, stigma of the victims maybe the hardest cause to overcome from a societal point of view.

  • Hoffnung

    the number is important to demonstrate that the witnesses have a serious problem and they do not want to do anything serious about it. they had 1006 chances to report to the authorities and they reported ... nothing. so even if the number was 500 or 200, it still would be shocking, and the witnesses knowingly put a lot of their own children in harms way. You have kids? you should start worrying now if you're still attending meetings, and letting them go in service with congo members. good luck

  • cofty

    1006 opportunities to help make Australian society in general a safer place for Australian children

    1006 opportunities declined.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” - Edmund Burke

  • Sanchy

    The problem is not how many cases ocurred or wether the perp was elder or MS or even JW. The real problem lies with how WT deals with any such cases.

    Their policies protect the perp, puts the victim and others at risk and is completely inadequate altogether in dealing with the issue.

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