Anthony Morris the III has been FOUND

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  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I was interested in the idea that Tony deserves privacy.

    I then thought of the way the wt historically hounds/seeks out/ delivers unsolicited mail and many times pounces on former members at home and at work when they have tried to silently fade away..... make a good point!👍

    Karma is such a bitch!🤣

  • enoughisenough

    Ron W ...I appreciated your thought on privacy...I figured I would be hounded and hunted down if I just tried to fade so I wrote a resignation letter, asking not to be contacted and they did anyway. So from that point of view, Tony deserves "fan mail".

  • Teddnzo

    What about all the other Bethelites that were sent back to the field who didn’t get a house bought for them that could live in rent free forever?

    will people go there now that it’s known to ask him or watch him, even go to the local congregations to try to find out more info?

    is he still an elder?

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Let's not forget how vindictive & vengeful Tony expressed himself on soo many of WT's videos toward the exJW community...and now he's living among us. I'm wondering if he's in a gated & secured housing tract or if his house is easily accessible!

    The guy is going to be making numerous runs to the Kingdom Hall, grocery store, pharmacy, doctor's office, gas station, liquor shop on a daily/weekly basis...he'll even be taking out his own trash to the curb...I'd hate to be in his shoes!🤣

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    "What about all the other Bethelites that were sent back to the field who didn’t get a house bought for them that could live in rent free forever? "

    Lest we forget there is a different ''tier-ranking'' in JW Dublland.

    The holier or higher up you go in the Borg, the treatment is more favourable.

    More lucrative deals like,,we have just witnessed in that of AM3.

    The lower you go in the Borg,,,the more like rift raft you are.. Disposable, more expendible, useless or easily replaced.

    Henceforth, you get more pampered and treated lucratively amongst the 'holies' when you are 'expended' or fired.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Thanks for providing Tony's street address. Using Google street view, one can easily stroll down each street in that subdivision. As of now it does not appear to be gated so it's open to anyone who wishes to pay him a personal visit. I would not want to be in his shoes.

    I also would not want to be at the mercy of hate mail arriving in his mailbox. For that reason I, if him, I would elect to have all mail forwarded to a PO box. If I understand correctly he can make that happen for an 18 month maximum period. The following is a paste from the USPS site. Please forgive the poor formatting.

    2.0 Forwarding
    2.1 Change-of-Address Order
    2.1.1 Normal Time Limit
    Records of change-of-address orders are kept by Post Offices for forwarding and address correction purposes, as follows:
    A record of permanent change-of-address orders is kept by Post Offices for 18 months, from the end of the month when the change takes effect. Generally, forwarding is available for the first 12 months. (See 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7 for additional information.)
    A record of change-of-address orders from general delivery to a permanent local address without a time limit is kept 6 months.
    A record of change-of-address orders to other than a permanent local address is kept 30 days.
    2.1.2 Extended Mail Forwarding Service
    Customers may extend a permanent change-of-address order for up to an additional 18 months of forwarding by purchasing Extended Mail Forwarding service at a Post Office, or online through the Change of Address Application (Mover’s Guide) on Extended Mail Forwarding service may be purchased in six-month increments, or for an additional 6, 12, or 18 months, or any combination, not to exceed 18 months. See Notice 123—Price List for fees.
  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Whatever happened with AMIII he will have to have a better deal than did Raymond Franz. They simply cannot afford to have him writing articles and books or appearing on TV as an apostate.

    As the saying goes "He knows where the bodies are buried!"


  • greenhornet

    I guess this is the KH he is going to..

  • HiddlesWife

    While there are members who are living on fixed incomes nearing the poverty level (i.e., trailer parks, very-low-income project buildings, to name a couple), ANTMO (defunct and all) with wifey is living still large and in charge via the help of WT along with his own nest-egg from his own family's fortunes. In spite of that, he is classified (under the cuff) as a FAITHFUL SERVANT; and the cultporation is going to continue to support him and his spouse whenever they need help, I betcha. Other R&F dubs will have to "hunk it and bunk it" (an old Southern saying/ expression) on their own! #SADAF!

  • slimboyfat

    I think he has an alcohol problem and it simply got out of hand. He probably had offers of help and warnings over and extended period of time. Perhaps a drunken incident early this year was the last straw and the GB finally decided that keeping him on the GB was causing more problems than biting the bullet and telling him he had to go. But he’s still a believer and his family are too, and the GB feel sorry and disappointed as well as annoyed with him, so this was the solution they came up with. The house nearby is for family to come in and check on them and help them if need be.

    To me the type of house seems well judged for the situation of someone who served the organisation for decades but who had to be removed because they were causing problems. It’s about as cheap as it could be without seeming like a slap in the face. Some Catholic bishops and cardinals guilty of greater offences than alcoholism have been quietly retired to much more comfortable accommodations.

    The fact that Morris doesn’t have the wherewithal to buy their own place indicates the GB do generally adhere to the vow of poverty.

    I feel sorry for the man. He appears deeply troubled from his time in Vietnam and has been negatively influenced by some of the darker aspects of the JW worldview in terms of death and destruction of nonbelievers. His life-course doesn’t seem to supply any evidence for the thesis that GB members are generally cynical nonbelievers cashing in. He seems to have believed it all too much.

    I guess I kind of assumed that word of the video years ago of him buying tons of whisky would have reached the other GB members pretty sharply and that they either didn’t think it was that big a deal or they reckoned he could be helped to control his addiction. But perhaps the GB weren’t aware of it at the time and it only recently came to their attention. After all I think it’s fair to assume the GB don’t generally spend much time browsing YouTube or forums, and other Bethelites who became aware of it perhaps didn’t feel it was their place to bring it to the attention of the GB. So maybe word only reached the GB slowly about the embarrassing video, combined with their own awareness of his erratic drunken behaviour, and things only came to a head early this year.

    The GB are probably also taking into consideration that his wife and the rest of his family are loyal JWs who have a heavy burden of trying to help AMIII deal with alcoholism, war trauma, and probably depression now on top.

    I do think the GB could and should have said something about it on their broadcasting channel. Surely, while being sensitive about the personal nature of the situation, they could have found some form of words that acknowledged his service to the organisation over many decades, that there was a difficultly that has been resolved with his removal, and that ordinary JWs deserve some basic acknowledgment that the most colourful character the GB in recent years, a group they are instructed to view exclusively as the “faithful slave”, has permanently disappeared from their programmes.

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