Anthony Morris the III has been FOUND

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  • Chevelle

    The second house is probably for Rubber Face. Oh wait, Lett and his brother already own luxury properties. Maybe it's intended for Splaining Splane.

  • FFGhost
    Perhaps there was was a need in that cong. or maybe he requested it ?

    As an acquaintance of mine used to say (no offence intended )..."Are you on drugs???"

    There's a "need" in a congregation in Podunk North Carolina (have you ever been to Lumberton? "Podunk" is being generous), so they request, and get, someone to be removed from the GB and sent down to "help"?

    Or maybe the guy "requested" to be moved from the prestigious life of a JW elite, a life of ease, relative luxury, and prominence, he "requests" to be moved to Podunk North Carolina....and the WTS gratefully obliges, and shows their gratitude by furiously scrubbing their website of the dozens if not hundreds of video appearances by the guy over the past decade?

    In the words of John McEnroe , "you cannot be serious".

    All the evidence points to:

    -- He did something egregiously rotten - not quite so bad as to be DF'ed, but really, really bad (or possibly embarrassing to the org., or something that increases their legal liability)

    -- He was booted out of Bethel

    -- He was gifted, in exchange for signing an ironclad NDA, a reasonably decent house and a modest income

    Now that people know where he lives, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before someone tracks him down, in a Lumberton grocery store or post office or liquor store, and chats him up while secretly recording it.

  • Journeyman
    Incidentally that is a nice house , If it were around this part of the U.K. it could cost double what they paid.

    It might be ok, but it's a very bland and soulless development. Miles of cookie-cutting buildings and empty grass 'yards'. Not my idea of a desirable area, but then those kind of characterless American suburbs never did it for me.

    I agree with FFG. AMIII has clearly been expelled from the 'inner circle' for being a 'bad boy' in some way, and paid off with an anonymous property somewhere where he will feel personally comfortable (presumably, with those previous family links) in return for 1) staying out of the hair of the remaining GB, and 2) keeping his mouth shut.

    The other nearby property could be either for another family member (maybe a pad for his son to stay at when in the area), or even for another JW heavy to keep an eye on AMII and his wife and make sure they behave themselves?

    My concern is that with news of his location spreading, I hope no unhinged or angry former JW tries to track him down and confront him. These days, that sort of thing is always a risk.

  • dropoffyourkeylee
    My concern is that with news of his location spreading

    I agree. Former GB or not, and whatever the backstory may be, everyone has a right to privacy.

    He is alive, somewhere in NC, I say just let it drop

  • fulano

    How much is Tony the Turd's allowance ?

    Normally is the special pioneer allowance, in this case different because he got a home paid by the society so this is a special situation.

  • truthlover123

    Wonder who will be coming for dinner?

  • enoughisenough

    scenerio: someone invites him to a bar, buys a few drinks, get him to talking, report back to us! Inquiring minds want to know!

  • nicolaou

    I thought these guys signed a vow of poverty?

  • nicolaou

    w90 12/1 pp. 22-25

    How Jehovah Prospers His Work

    Do any of the Watch Tower Society’s officers or members make money from your extensive printing activities?

    Emphatically, no! By law, the Society is a nonprofit corporation. There are no stockholders, no dividends, not even salaries. Each minister at headquarters, including the Society’s president and directors, has taken a legal vow of poverty. He receives food, shelter, and necessary medical care, as well as a small reimbursement of money for out-of-pocket expenses. If a Witness travels on Society business, his travel expenses are usually covered.

    -End quote -

    So how is Fat Tony getting 'shelter' if he's no longer at headquarters? I'm sure there are plenty of struggling JW's who'd appreciate that kind of assistance.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    it would be great if he joined us on here.

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