Diversity is White Genocide

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  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    12 Apostates, your integration argument is something I agree with. As I've stated previously in this thread, I have no issues with individuals, no matter race, creed, or culture, coming to this country, legally, as long as they are here to benefit society, not pilfer and suck it dry, or worse, undermine and sabotage our society. You are right, there are far worse, much more important things to address. We dont need the bullshit plague that is illegal immigrants, and the ilk they bring, or legal immigrants looking to game the system, or the politicians and business leaders looking to exploit them, to add to the other issues we face. Build a wall. Secure all our borders. Overhaul and rebuild our immigration policies. Address those illegal immigrants who are already here. Give those who are positively helping our society, amnesty, deport all the rest, who are not. Problem solved. Move on to the next issue:

    Yes, there is a segment of our society that has a problem with white, heterosexual males. There's not really anything any of us can do about it without looking like a bunch of whiny bitches. What needs to be addressed is giving people anything based on the color of their skin, or their genetailia. No handouts. No breaks. No extras. No scholarships. You get what you get, based on effort and achievement. Sure, luck will always play a role, as will some other factors. But this is the only truly just, and fair way of giving everyone an equal opportunity, without discriminantely holding anyone else back. Punish those who do so. There... problem solved; next problem...

  • The 12 Apostates
    The 12 Apostates
    What this thread is about is DESTRUCTION or eroding of Western civilization.

    I'll respond to this part, since the rest didn't seem to make any real point. Western civilisation is certainly not at risk of destruction anytime soon, at least not from the outside anyway. Erosion though? Well, that's how life unfolds isn't it. A cliff doesn't stand for ever, time and tide take their toll. Things change and old certainties give way to new ones as people move around and ideas progress. The Roman empire eroded too, eventually to the point of schism, but that didn't stop humanity evolving culturally, and look where we are today in comparison to then.

    The real threats facing civilisation now are not so much cultural, but environmental. If climate change and the loss of vital habitat continues, then sooner or later there will be no civilisation left at all, western or otherwise, it's about priorities. Civilisation changing through the movement of people is not something that can ever be avoided, you have to deal with it. The environmental issues on the other hand might yet be averted, if we focus more of our attention on them.

    What this thread ultimately boils down to is this. The world is changing, and you're scared. If you want a round of applause for that, then you've probably come to the wrong place.

    Now go ahead and down-vote this post for not tickling your ears.

  • The 12 Apostates
    The 12 Apostates
    If you are FOR this happening, you do not deserve to live in Western civilization.

    Actually, I will respond to this part as well, as it raises an important point. What I (and I think all civilised people in the west) stand for is pluralism. Yes, there are people who migrate to the west who don't stand for that, certain religious types for instance, and this is a problem which hopefully can be addressed through better integration. Sometimes one has to lead by example, so that newcomers and see for themselves the benefits of a pluralist society.

    But for you to make a statement such as this, in which you argue that people who don't share your beliefs on immigration should not be welcome in your part of the world, or at least don't deserve to be there, suggests that pluralism has no place in your ideal society. Perhaps this is something you should think long and hard about. A pluralist society doesn't discriminate based on ideas.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Hi Introvert 2 - interesting paragraph about different minorities in Canada.

    I have a few anecdotes about ethnic minorities/immigrants where I live in Bolton, UK.

    In my apartment block, there's a real nice Kurdish guy.He's elderly and fled Iraq because of Islamic State. He's a nice fella, sometimes I greet him in Arabic to practise my Arabic. He told me his name but I forget it because it's a Kurdish name. I feel bad not knowing his name so I'll ask him again.

    Christmas 2017, he insisted that I eat a meal with him. I initially refused but he insisted. It was a nice meal - rice, sultanas and vegetables, with fruit juice (I don't think he's a strict Muslim but he doesn't drink alcohol). We talked a bit. He said he was from Iraqi Kurdistan. I said I thought the Kurds were doing great against Daesh and were very brave - I gave an example of Kurds fighting to liberate Kobani. I'm not sure this went down too well - he's from Iraq, not Syria. I did say that I hoped Kurdish people have their own country. I asked him if he wanted to go back to where he's from. He said to visit but not to live.

    I thanked him but I was in a hurry (I didn't do the washing up), I was leaving to visit family up in Scotland. I felt a bit bad for not doing the washing up. Anyhow, this guy is sometimes dodgy on his feet and I've regularly helped him move about and walk to a taxi. Recently he has received a mobility scooter and he seems ok.

    My local takeaway are British-Pakistani Sunni Muslims. They're real nice people.

    My local off-licence are Polish and Kurdish people. Again, they're real nice people.

    I'm ok with people of different backgrounds but there must be a sensible immigration policy.

    Keeping the UK majority-white should be part of that, IMHO.

  • The 12 Apostates
    The 12 Apostates
    Keeping the UK majority-white should be part of that, IMHO.


  • LoveUniHateExams

    Why? - because the UK is traditionally a home of white (northern European) people.

    Like Nigeria is black-majority ruled and the home of black people.

    Like Jordan is ruled by an Arab monarchy and the home of Arab people.

    Like Japan is the home of Yamato (Japanese) people.

    ... is the penny dropping yet? XD

  • The 12 Apostates
    The 12 Apostates

    No, it's not, because with the greatest respect you're not the enlightening sage you think you are.

    Change. It happens, deal with it. Nothing lasts forever. Didn't you learn that when you left behind the JWs.

    Why does it matter what colour people are on any given piece of land, it's irrelevant. We're all human and it's the diversity of ideas that makes the world interesting, not the spread of pigmentation.

    If it makes you feel any better, after a few generations here, the darker people's descendants will gradually become whiter anyway, as an adaption to the lack of sunlight. Unless of course everyone starts taking vitamin D supplements, but that's just progress I suppose.

    Try and look past people's skin, seriously.

  • cofty

    12 - There was a memorable post here a while ago from a poster from northern England with very high rate of immigration.

    He described the reality of life in his town. The vast majority of kids in his children's school came from families where English was not the first language. Many of the children had poor language skills. Getting an appointment with the GP was very difficult. All public services were under extreme pressure as a result of dealing with needy immigrants. But more than that, everything had changed suddenly and dramatically. Not the kind of inevitable change that happens over a few decades, not the nostalgic feelings about an idyllic past but dramatic transformation that nobody voted for.

    Now there is a significant percentage of people who don't share English values, who don't speak English, who have contempt for our culture and freedoms.

    And anybody who dares to point out how profoundly unfair this imposition is has to put up with self-appointed guardians of virtue telling them they are nothing but small-minded racists. THIS is why the liberal left have lost their way and ceded the floor to actual racists.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Try and look past people's skin, seriously - ok.

    We white people can en masse move to North Sentinel Island, and take over the traditional home of the Sentinelese people.

    If they object, you will tell them to look past people's skin ... I'm sure you'll do that and I'm sure the Sentinelese will heed your wise words.

    Look out, Sentinelese, the future could be white.

    Change ... it happens, Sentinelese ... deal with it.

    Just lie down and accept it. Bend over, whilst I f**k you up the ass with no lube.

    I'm white, and I'd love to move to your tropical island. C'mon fellow whiteys, let's all move to North Sentinel Island. Let's outbreed the locals and make the island white.

    I'm sure the 12 Apostates would be ok with this because he doesn't care what skin colour migrants have.

  • cofty
    after a few generations here, the darker people's descendants will gradually become whiter anyway, as an adaption to the lack of sunlight.

    By the way that's not how evolution works...

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