Diversity is White Genocide

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  • The 12 Apostates
    The 12 Apostates

    I've already expressed my thoughts earlier in the thread. At this point all I can add is that this is a load of hysteria over nothing. Let's not forget that this thread started as a polemic on 'white genocide'.

    Illegal immigration is a non-issue in comparison to the real problems facing this world, and it's a symptom of many of those problems in and of itself. Solve the real problems, and illegal immigration will no longer be an issue.

    As for the rights of legal migrants, they should have the right to fully integrate, and in fact should be encouraged to do so.

  • myelaine
  • LongHairGal

    Sorry about your hurt feelings SPOLETTA.

    I have lived in the US my whole life and I can definitely see that these newer immigrants (both legal and illegal) have changed the place for the worse. There is definitely more crime and it is dirtier and more expensive.

    You can go on and on indefinitely with your arguments and cries of ‘racism’. The original poster has a point and all White Western countries are affected for the worse because of the influx of huge numbers of all these non-White people bringing themselves and all their problems!

  • The 12 Apostates
    The 12 Apostates
    these newer immigrants (both legal and illegal) have changed the place for the worse. There is definitely more crime and it is dirtier and more expensive.

    Post hoc ergo propter hoc.

    all White Western countries are affected for the worse because of the influx of huge numbers of all these non-White people

    Yeah, not racist at all.

  • LongHairGal


    What should I have referred to them as? Stick people? Or is just the fact that somebody dares to point out that it is somebody of ‘color’ who is making trouble racist. This gets to be really ridiculous after a while.

    Bottom line whether you can deal with it or not:.. these recent (non-European) immigrants are a problem in whatever Western country they go to!

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    One if my machinist's in Moroccan, nicest most hardworking honest guy you'll ever meet. Hired him on ten years ago and never misses a beat. He's up for retirement next year and willing to stay on a few extra years. Sure his family has issues with Islam, himself PIMO does the bare minimum and rarely of ever goes to mosque. Does not do the Friday thing as most do not here in secular Québec. Put both his daughters through uni. Brings us Cous Cous when they come off Ramadan and we stuff our faces in the shop, invited all of us over to his place once when he first hired on. His sister in law dated my programmer and they'd hit the sack for a bang hehe. ( just like JW, pious on the outside and horny as hell on the inside, pork pork pork ) Anyhow he really changed my perception of immigrants here. That and the kids that work at the local Tim's and Subways's beside it are mostly honest, hardworking and personable. Staff made up of Haitians, Arabs, Asians and am on first name basis with the guys at the subway's Italians, Syrians and Lebanese. Well brought up and ambitious one wants to become a real estate agent, others are all in their early college years.

    Oh my neighbour is a 63 years old Haitian general machinist, one man show. Another great guy and hardworking to a fault. He's there right now at work on a Sunday as I am. He's been there 25 years.

    Flip side of coin is the 35 to 55 or so years old of same origin that have auto repair and body shops in the neighbouring building to our shop are not so stand up.. I'd say at least half are shady so my generational argument may have some merit.. or maybe a blue collar / white collar thing who knows

    Anyhow just throwing that out there as it's interesting

  • The 12 Apostates
    The 12 Apostates

    Their skin colour is irrelevant and doesn't need mentioning, what's wrong with saying immigrants? You know full well that mentioning the skin colour makes it seem relevant, which we know it isn't. It's just race-baiting.

    When Europeans migrated to America in the last millennium, I'd imagine the indigenous people had exactly the same complaints. People who move into a new area are almost always hated by those who already live there, it's a natural consequence of fear and tribalism.

    The problem with immigration is a lack of integration. And this cuts both ways. Immigrants often fail to integrate fully, which leads to issues, but there is likewise often a failure on the part of the natives to be all that welcoming and hospitable, which doesn't exactly give much incentive to integrate. The problems stemming from immigration are just as much the fault of the natives as they are the fault of the immigrants. Learning to accept this makes life a lot more peaceful and will allow the issues to be solved a lot more quickly and smoothly.

    When immigrants see threads like this, you can't exactly blame them for not wanting to integrate. How would you feel if the boot was on the other foot?

  • Spoletta


    So like many, you choose to ignore the true statistics. Like a certain politician. No point in arguing with you, just have to wait for the cognitive dissonance to kick in. If ever does.

  • The 12 Apostates
    The 12 Apostates

    Have you noticed how the anti-race mixing people here keep down-voting everyone who disagrees with them? It's a bit childish if I may say so.

  • LongHairGal


    Oh please! It was brought up because of the relevance of this particular thread. Anybody who came into the thread late would wonder what we were referring to.

    And don’t try to sidetrack everything by bringing up the Pilgrims and the Native Americans (or should I have called them stick people).. And don’t go on a stupid binge about people being anti-race mixing. There have always been people race mixing to some degree. What this thread is about is DESTRUCTION or eroding of Western civilization. If you are FOR this happening, you do not deserve to live in Western civilization.


    Please don’t get into a Trump tirade. I didn’t vote for him anyway. 🙄 Again, sorry for yours and any hurt feelings of anybody on the forum who may disagree. But, I cannot come to any other conclusions than what I have seen in the world around me. And it is not good.

    When and IF that changes, so will my opinion.

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